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Choosing a Good Domain Name
We like some domain names, and they are memorable, catchy, and some are also weird. Choosing a good domain name is one of the most challenging steps of establishing your online presence.

You want this step to be perfect so that you do not buy a crappy domain name and mess up your online presence right from the start. Once you have a perfect domain name it will make you look trustworthy and your followers will find it easier to recall it.

I will be giving you some tips on getting some good discount while a buying domain name later in this post.

Below are the tips on choosing a good domain name

1. Choose a domain name same as your business name.

For your customers, it will be easier to remember if you have a domain name that matches your business. Having a domain name that reflects your business name goes a long way in establishing your brand name.

2. Use related keywords

If you are choosing a domain name for a blog or a SaaS website with a niche then you have the option of using multiple keywords related to your niche. Like Neil Patel’s kissmetrics.com, notice the two keywords kiss and metrics. Metrics relates to a SaaS website.Neil Patel is a very successful online marketing expert.

Another example is viralnova.com which has keywords viral and nova. Viral describes the viral nature of content on the site; the site viralnova.com boasts of 100 million unique visitors and makes $400K per month.

So having one related keyword is fine. There is no need to have keyword rich domain name with 3-4 keywords. This could help initially but, in the long run, the type of content the site produces is what matters.

3. Finding different words

If you are creative with names and are able to get the domain name with your words then it’s fine. Otherwise try synonyms with the websites http://www.synonym.com/ or http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/synonym .

If you want to use some online domain name tools you can refer a good article on this with 18 different tools which help you to with domain suggestion. It is http://mashable.com/2013/11/17/domain-name-research-tools/ .

4. Choose .COM available domains only

If building a successful website is critical for your business and your business depends on quality traffic then you need to go for a .COM. Below are the reasons

a. 100% fortune 500 companies have a .COM

b. 100% of the fastest growing companies have a .COM

c. 7 out of 10 .COM domain availability checks are successful.

Refer below interesting .COM infographic on the same from Verisign. Visit the full infographic here


5. Keep your domain name simple

It’s best to have a domain name that is simple. Just for the information below are two very long domain names that have been registered.

Probably their aim was to create the longest domain name; otherwise there is no purpose of such a domain. Even they would not qualify for Guinness record as there is no particular effort in creating the longest domain name, anyone can create it by adding +1 character to the longest domain name.

It needs to be not more than 12 – 15 characters long and not more than two to three words.
Below are the points to note in the domain name

a. Avoid Dashes and Numbers

Both dashes and numbers make your domain difficult to spell and hence difficult to remember. Adding them causes confusion hence its best to avoid them.

b. Easy to remember

Read the domain out in front of your friends or family members and see if they are able to recall it easily. If it is difficult to pronounce or a tongue twister then avoid it.

c. Extensions other than .COM

If your business is located in a specific country and you want to target only that audience then it makes sense to go for extensions like, .co.uk, .co.in, .ae etc. But do not go for extensions like .biz, .info, and .TV which will make your domain looks less professional.

d. Using your name as domain name

You can use your name as the domain name, showing that you are promoting yourself. In the blogging world, it can bring you trustworthiness as you are revealing your real identity. These domain names will not benefit you from search engine point of view, but they are a great way to create a reputed online presence.

Especially if you are an authority figure in your specific niche. Like for example, a very successful personal development blog of Steve Pavlina named as www.stevepavlina.com

e. Don’t rush – Take a day or two to select the domain name.

This will give you a fair amount of time to think and make a proper decision. First list the words you like to have in your domain. Check if a domain name with these words is available.

Make a complete list of domain names which are available and you like them and save the file. Take a break of a few hours or a day. Visit the list again and try to see if you are able to get a more appropriate name. Sometimes you might get a better name than you had chosen earlier or vice versa. But don’t take more than two days in deciding as you do not want to delay the overall goal of creating your website.

Hope the above has helped you quite a bit in selecting a perfect domain name. The next step is to go to the domain registrar and buy it.

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Let me know any other ways which you have found useful while choosing a domain name.And kindly share this post on your social network.

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