Top 15 AppSumo Black Friday Deals For November 2020

Yes, the best deal time of the year is here now.

AppSumo is a trusted marketplace for quality software’s, this is the reason why entrepreneurs, bloggers, digital marketers and webmasters visit this site for top tools with deals.

This year AppSumo Black friday deals will announced on 22nd and will run all the way till 30th November.

If you are looking for deals then better take them while they are available, or else you will have to wait till next year.

Because on these days the deals which are already at good prices, will be given to you at giveaway prices.

Few of our recommended lifetime offers can be grabbed right away, lets take a look at them

The best thing about these deals is that they are lifetime deals so that you don’t have to pay monthly recurring fees (which you have to for other Saas products)

Top 15 AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2020

The AppSumo Black Friday Deals are Live now and these are some of the best products with best deals, hope you are ready to grab the lifetime deals as they are only available for a limited time

1. Oviond

Oviond helps you to get all your client marketing data on a platform that is customizable and also enables you to automate unlimited white-labeled marketing reports.

Black Friday Offer – $59 for Lifetime

2. WP Reset

WP Reset helps you to instantly reset or delete sections of your WordPress site, plus restore hacked or damaged sites.

WP Reset’s dashboard is a central hub for controlling client licenses, sites, Collections, and Snapshots.

Black Friday Offer – $49 for Lifetime

3. SuiteDash

SuiteDash is a complete software solution that combines the most common business tools into a pre-integrated, white-label ready platform.

SuiteDash helps to access client portals, file exchange, project management, invoicing and more from one platform.

Black Friday Offer – $79 for Lifetime


4. DepositPhotos

DepositPhotos is a huge library of 100+ million royalty free stock photos and vector images.

DepositPhotos is best for Authors, bloggers, advertisers, videographers, and agencies for high-quality stock content.

Black Friday Offer – $39 for Lifetime

5. Frase

Frase helps to find exactly what questions your target audience is asking online.

Frase creates well researched content briefs under 12 seconds and it also uses AI optimization to boost your search rankings.

Black Friday Offer – $79 for Lifetime

6. FreshLMS

FreshLMS is a complete learning management platform which helps you to create, customize and sell your online courses, it handles everything right from landing pages to payment gateway processing.

Black Friday Offer – $99 for Lifetime

7. HappyScribe

HappyScribe helps to automate audio transcriptions with accuration, it uses innovative best in class speech to text technology to generate transcripts and subtitles in minutes.

Black Friday Offer – $69 for Lifetime

8. Ideanote

Ideanote is an innovative platform which empowers you and your team to capture, develop, track and prioritize your best business ideas.

Black Friday Offer – $59 for Lifetime

9. If-So Dynamic Content

If-so is a WordPress Plugin which helps you to personalize and display dynamic content in minutes using any page builder and you don’t require any coding.

If-So also helps you to track dynamic versions to your content with in-built statistics.

Black Friday Offer – $49 for Lifetime

10. MailPoet

MailPoet enables you to create and send emails from within WordPress using beautiful and customizable templates.

Black Friday Offer – $49 for Lifetime

11. Nifty

Nifty is a remote collaboration, project management hub to help you manage your projects tasks, goals, files and teams all in one place.

Nifty also helps to automate client reporting as the project tasks are completed, in addition to that you can customize each project dashboard to fit your workflow.

Black Friday Offer – $49 for Lifetime

12. Publer

Publer is a social media marketing tool which helps you to create, schedule, and track up to 500 posts across major social media channels.

Publer also enables you to collaborate with your team members and access detailed analytics.

Black Friday Offer – $49 for Lifetime

13. Quuu

Quu is your powerful source for daily hand curated, high quality social media content suggestions with upto 500+ interest categories to choose from.

Quu helps to customize content on all your social media channels, and integrates with your favorite scheduler to automate posting.

Black Friday Offer – $49 for Lifetime

14. VideoPeel

VideoPeel is an easy to use platform for collecting, managing, and sharing video testimonials from one centralized location, without any download or login.

VideoPeel also helps you to quickly share your video testimonials on your website or any other advertising platform.

Black Friday Offer – $69 for Lifetime

15. Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a one stop platform for referral marketing, create giveaways, contests and rewards.

Viral Loops helps to promote product launch, find new clients, nurture existing clients, and grow your newsletter.

Black Friday Offer – $59 for Lifetime

Other Top 15 AppSumo Lifetime Deals

1. Nimbus Notes

Nimbus notes is a useful platform to help you organize your online documents, notes, projects and projects from multiple sources.

This includes collaboration, which helps to manage workspaces and team members.

Checkout below video on how to manage all your information in one place with Nimbus Note


2. Swipe Pages

If you are looking to capture leads, look no further Swipe Pages does the job perfectly.

Swipe pages provides you 40+ awesome templates that are fast loading and optimized for conversions, and you don’t need to know coding for this its easy to use.

On top of that you get awesome features like A/B Testing, conversion tracking analytics that make it super easy to measure your campaign performance.


3. Deskera

Deskera is an award winning all in one platform for managing multiple tools like payroll, CRM, invoices, HR, accounting, marketing campaigns and much more.

Deskera makes it simple to manage multiple businesses with books module.

From the dashboard, you can take a look complete overview of your business, from invoices to leads to sales pipelines.


4. ElementsKit

ElementsKit is a WordPress Plugin for Elementor that includes high-quality widgets, templates, modules, and sections for increased productivity and site performance.

It is an all in one add on for Elementor, with ElementsKit you get 60+ Widgets, 30+ Templates, 7 Modules, 400+ pre-made sections, creative headers, footers, sticky sections, mega menus and parallex with no coding.


5. BigVU

If you are looking to make professional videos BigVU should be your no. 1 choice.

With BigVU, you get video editing, automatic captions, music, green screen replacement, teleprompter app for android and IOS, plus provides collaboration features.


6. helps you to simplify booking, and it is a smart way to automate scheduling of your meetings.

It helps you to schedule 1 to 1, group, remote meetings automatically with easy calendar synchronization.

With you can give your clients simple one-click booking method with scheduling links.


7. Connected

Connected allows you to securely send and receive files up-to 5GB right from your browser.

It combines powerful identity verification with secure file transfer and messaging that includes encryption.

It helps you to handle secure data communication reduce risk by enforcing compliance with data processing laws like GDPR and HIPAA.


8. WiserNotify

If you are selling any products online, you understand the importance of social proof, which helps you get credibility.

WiserNotify helps to build credibility via 10+ dynamic social proof notifications, which include conversions, reviews and YouTube views.

With WiserNotify you get 60+ notification templates, 150+ integrations, and tons of widgets like announcements and review feeds.


9. BerryCast

BerryCast helps you to record your screen, audio and camera at the same time to create engaging videos.

It helps you to provide personalized updates on important projects to your clients or give them detailed tutorial for your product or platform.

For teaching, BerryCast helps to deliver full lessons, assignment solutions and explanations, and offering visual and verbal feedback to students.


10. Insignal

Insignal helps to increase your sites conversion rates, it records and plays back user activity on your website with real-time analytics and detailed reports.

It uses heatmaps to track visitor eye moments and visualizes clicks, it also provides useful feedback with the funnel feature.

The app collects data and analyzes data to instantly examine which sections your visitors are spending most time browsing.


11. allows you to create awesome videos with feature rich video editor, hundred templates and 200+ stock photos.

With this app provides fast hosting with fully customizable landing pages, including automatic captioning toolkit.


12. ShortPixel

ShortPixel optimizes your images and improves site performance and SEO ranking, the image plugin compresses the images automatically.

It helps to smartly resize and smart-crop images with the ShortPixel Adaptive images plugin.

The plugin helps to reduce images sizes by up-to 90%


13. KingSumo

Do you want to make your brand or product or course go viral and generate tons of leads?

KingSumo helps you grow your email list by running giveaways for virtual or physical products.

You can make your visitors take action you want in return for the giveaway, like follow your social media channels, visit your website or more.

KingSumo helps you get leads at cost which is much less than spending on facebook ads, instagram influencers, and other marketing channels.


14. SendFox

SendFox allows you to send unlimited, scheduled and automated mails to your subscribers.

It helps you to created branded emails, including customizations, landing pages and in-built forms.

SendFox integrates with most of your favorite tools like Zapier, Sumo, API and more.

The best thing about SendFox is that you get all the above features for life with their lifetime deal, so you don’t have to pay them monthly like you have to with other email marketing service providers.


15. SerpWatch

SerpWatch helps you to monitor keywords, compare data with your competitors and keep your clients in loop.

You can monitor your clients keywords and provide your clients email notifications with the help of slack and Zapier integration.

With SerpWatch you can send multiple type of reports including Google Analytics, ranking and more.



1. What is AppSumo?

Appsumo a online marketplace for daily deals for digital products and online services, they provide amazing discounts useful for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, webmasters and bloggers.

2. Is AppSumo Lifetime deal really worth it to buy?

Yes, it’s awesome because if you are using any tool or app and paying per month for there subscription then you are spending a big amount but AppSumo lifetime deal you will get the same tool or app at very affordable price and that also for a lifetime.

3. When this AppSumo deal will start?

This deal will start from 22nd of November and will be available till 30th November.


I am looking forward to the AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2020 so that I can grab some tools at giveaway prices, and hope you are also eagerly waiting for the same.

So bookmark this page as we will be updating the upcoming appsumo deals in couple of days.

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