Are VPNs Worth it? Why do you need one in 2021?

If you’re a regular internet user and surfer, then you must have heard about the VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Are VPNs worth it?

One of the most beneficial tools for making your data encrypted and worst for other 3rd party trackers. Since 2018, the demand for VPN has increased drastically.

But how the hell does it work? We’ll talk about it later in the article.

One of the main reason for using VPN service is privacy. Would you allow strangers to see what’s going on in your home? No! The same applies to internet traffic.

Today data breaches and hacking are standard on the internet. But, no one wants to get their data leaked and shared by any other 3rd party service on the internet. In that case, VPN comes in the ground.

Through VPN, you can easily encrypt your data on the internet. So, no one can track your location, IP, or any personal data!

How VPN Works?

Now, the question that comes to your mind is how does this VPN work? In simple terms, a VPN acts as a secure tunnel between your Internet device (PC / smartphone) and the server you want to access.


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The primary function of this tunnel is to provide you with a secure and encrypted environment where you can communicate with your desired server in an encrypted format.

Your VPN makes this tunnel, and neither the hacker, nor the ISP, nor your local government can see what you’re surfing. Browsing or anything. Just you, your VPN, and the server you’re accessing will know what you’re doing on the private internet access.

Your actual IP address and the server’s request IP get changed so that no one can see where you’re sending the request and which website you’re trying to access.

The VPN server will change your requested server’s address and establish a secure tunnel so that no one, even your ISP, will not know what you’re accessing. This is how VPN service works!

Why do I need a VPN in 2021?

You might be wondering what the benefits of using VPN then are? Do I need a VPN? First of all, the leading service you’ll get is security and privacy.

It’s not wrong to say that VPN is one of the most secure and safest internet security tools. There’s no way in this type of tunnel that a 3rd person can enter your network and hack you.


However, since all your data will pass through the VPN server, the VPN you are using must be reliable and secure. If your VPN provider is not trusted, then you might consider it before purchasing their service. We suggest you use some paid and well-known VPN companies because they are charged, authentic, and secured.

Are VPNs a waste of money? Are VPNs worth it?

VPNs can provide encrypted tunnel between your system and the VPN secure server you are connecting to. They cal allow you remote access to otherwise inaccessible networks. They work effectively for me, are a great way to help secure your traffic on any networks you don’t trust, and in my opinion they aren’t a waste of money.

Is VPN legal?

You can use VPN services in India and U.S. Using an VPN is legal in U.S and India.

Are VPN useless?

good VPN Service (Virtual Private Network) – provides ample benefits. It will secure your internet connection, protect your online privacy and protect your identity, keeping you secure from hackers or anyone else who might be trying to keep a watch on your online activity.

Disadvantages of VPN

Everything has some drawbacks. The same rule applies to VPN. They do have some disadvantages that we’ve mentioned in this section. Number first drawback is that VPN servers usually have low speed as compared to the typical server.


It all depends on the load on your VPN server. The heavier the load on the VPN server, the lower its speed. It happens because VPN servers are not that efficient to handle huge loads.

That’s why you face low speed in most cases. Another drawback is that most freelancing platforms and apps such as banking apps or other payment apps do not allow VPN.

If they find out, they may block your account. If you can bear these consequences, then go ahead do whatever you want with a VPN!.

Myths regarding VPN

Just like everything on the internet, there are also some myths created regarding VPNs. Below we’ve busted them and proved to you why they’re wrong:

“VPN increases your internet speed.”

Some people think that their internet speed will increase with the VPN connection. Seriously? Such people usually don’t know much about networking and the internet. Of course, it’s never possible in any way. You send your request to the VPN server and connect with it.

Then, VPN connection provides you with a secure tunnel from where all your internet traffic will pass through private internet access. That’s it! It has nothing to do with your internet speed. If the server is slow, you might face slow speed.

“VPN protects you from Malware.”

A VPN does protect you from hackers, but it has nothing to do with your PC’s virus and malware. A VPN is only responsible for making your internet sending and receiving traffic secure. In these requests, it could be anything, even a virus as well. VPN will make your virus downloading secure but not protect you from it!

Suppose you download a virus containing an application or website. In that case, a VPN server will protect you from being attacked by any other 3rd party service between you and your hacker on the internet.

What are the benefits of VPN for Small Business?

As we know small businesses do not have huge budgets to secure their business. They also do not have ample time to troubleshoot security issues.

Below are some of the top benefits which VPN can provide you and your business

1. Enhanced Security

As you are aware, no internet connection is 100% protected. A VPN is a separate secure server that can allow you to connect to your files and servers. A VPN service provides an added layer of protection to all the data on your computer.


When you log onto a VPN to search your files, every aspect of the server has a lengthy series of encryptions and security features. VPN protects all activity on that server, preventing viruses, hackers, and data leaks of all your information.

2. Remote Access

A VPN is a digital server. As such, anyone with the proper credentials and authority can log in from any area with the internet.

VPN allows company teams of all levels to obtain details and files they require from any place. This can give many advantages, such as saving on transport costs and office space.

3. Reduced Cost of Setup and Maintenance

VPN networks do not require physical infrastructure. Moreover, if you hosted the VPN server yourself, the setup is fast and easy to maintain.

Most VPN service providers that offer VPN will take responsibility of the servers themselves, allowing you to realize the benefits with only the expense of the VPN service.

4. Superior Network Performance

A VPN is a distinct network to your regular internet connection. As such, if your internet service provider has placed limitations on your network access, a VPN bypasses that by being anonymous to external viewers.

This allows you to expand your network usage, giving you a better network performance.

5. Better Management Choices

Using a VPN to access all your files or folders, you now have a single source to access vital company records. A VPN service will perform according to your wishes to limit access as per your requirements.

Ensuring you have sufficient control over your VPN requires a good VPN provider and computer support. To find out more about the best service providers, you will need proper research into companies that can work for you.

Which is the best VPN to buy?

There are tons of free and paid VPNs available on the internet. Some of them are free, whereas some are paid. However, using a free VPN is extremely risky.

Because in free VPNs, you don’t have any security, worst user experience, and limited data usage. For doing professional work, paid VPNs are the best.

Moreover, they provide a good user experience and unlimited data to use! We searched the whole internet, and after digging deep into the internet.

We’ve found that IPvanish might be the best and completely worth it to purchase the only VPN on the internet! Therefore, below we’ve reviewed the IPvanish for you.

What is IPvanish?

IPvanish is an online VPN provider that mainly focuses on your security and privacy of the users. We choose this company as the best VPN provider on our list because of the features and security protocols they provide; no one can beat it! One of the main things that we like about IPvanish is that they offer VPN servers in more than 75 locations worldwide.


Unlike other VPNs, their server never gets slower nor crashes. In only a few bucks, you can enjoy a fully-loaded flagship-grade VPN with all the features that you can expect from a premium paid VPN service.

Best Highlights of IPvanish

IPvanish provides a protected environment for your daily online activities. Once you are connected to IPvanish VPN all your online traffic like browsing, file-sharing, messaging or any other activity passes through their encrypted channel, keeping your IP address hidden.

Below are some of the key highlights of IPvanish VPN

Experienced VPN Service Provider

IPvanish provides reliable VPN service and they are in this business since more than 8 years. They provide 24×7 phone, email and live chat support. This is useful to troubleshoot any issues quickly.

Apart from that, IPvanish owns 40,000+ IP addresses on 1600+ VPN services across more than 75 locations.

VPN + Storage Protection

This solution by IPvanish provides double protection, at one level it protects all your devices, secondly it secures all the data on the devices.

IPvanish provides apps for all devices which makes it easy to access your data from anywhere.

When important data folders like documents, important photos are backedup and protected, you don’t need to worry about any ransomware.

This helps to keep away online hackers or data thieves.

Conclusion – Are VPNs Worth it?

There are several reasons for using VPN. You can either use it to access restricted content, make your data more secure and stay safe from hackers or protect internet data from government agencies or ISPs.

More than 50% of all VPN users use it to protect their privacy on public Wi-Fi..

However, VPN connection is also a great idea to protect yourself from hackers and ISPs on the internet. VPN encrypts your data. It works by creating a secure connection that safeguards your internet’s requests from both up and down.

There’re tons of VPN services, but we’ve chosen IPvanish as the winner in this article because we think the features and customization it provides, no one can do this in this price range!

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