Best eCommerce Marketing Automation Software 2021

If you are looking for the best ecommerce marketing automation software, there is no second option other than Omnisend. I can assure you that you will never regret your decision after choosing it.

Omnisend is an Omnichannel marketing automation platform for a progress-driven e-commerce business. It is an all-in-one email marketing platform. With Omnisend, you can reach your audience via email, SMS, push notifications, social media, and many more.


If you want to change your customers into visitors and enhance your email marketing without maximum workload, then Omnisend has got you covered.

It provides you with various templates and tools, which makes this process much more manageable. It works with all e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Magneto, Shopify, and many more.

What is ecommerce marketing automation?

The software performs repeatable manual tasks and campaigns automatically by various methods, hence called e-commerce automation.

Ecommerce marketing automation helps the business to grow sales and increase staff productivity using technology. It works best for the repeated task that needs to be run repeatedly with the same criteria and method.


If we use the manual process to perform such tasks, it would be time-consuming and reduce staff productivity. Automating these tasks will save time and reduce human errors. 

Features offered by Omnisend Ecommerce Marketing Automation Software:

Omnisend provides many features to reduce your workload and perform labor-engaging tasks with perfection in minimum time. It helps you to establish a good connection with your clients and customers.

Email marketing for ecommerce marketing automation:

Email marketing is the fastest way to impress your visitors. How your email looks tell a lot about your brand. But there is not enough time and human resources to personally design each email.


Now, this is the point where Omnisend‘s library helps you with their custom and predesigned templates. You can easily customize these templates according to your needs.

Shoppable Emails are the latest trend and gaining many popularities. Using these templates, you can send discount codes, scratch codes, and many more promotions to your visitors.

Its drag and drop content editor will help you create and customize the content of your choice, and it is easy to use. Once you have customized the template of your choice, you can save those and reuse them later. All these email templates are responsive on all devices.

Moreover, HTML coding is not needed. You can easily make changes in the content editor. With the help of it, you can create elegant and professional emails within no time.    

Ecommerce marketing automation workflows:

Through Omnisend, you can easily combine multiple channels and provide your customers with an individualized experience by reaching their preferred channels (email, SMS, push notifications).


With the help of it, you can easily drag and drop various channels into a single workflow. Omnisend provides you with pre-built subject lines and workflow settings.

If you need customization, you can easily make it through the drag and drop option. It offers various services through which you can interact with your customers.

Like welcome series, which help you welcome your new customers with an appealing email. Product abandonment and cart abandonment options enable you to reach out to shoppers who have viewed and left the products without purchasing through different channels.


You can also make the user experience better by letting your shoppers know about their order confirmation and shipping. Based on customer’s previous orders and search history you can advise them on different products also.

All these features boost your business, require minimum time, and, most importantly, save your human resources.

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Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence tools are deeply assimilated with Omnisend‘s multichannel marketing capability. It collects data and automatically generates it into an email, SMS, and push notification with one click.


These Omnisend tools are free of cost most amazingly, and there are no extra charges for these. They have predesigned reports which help you look through your customer engagement and insights on your products.

It provides you with various features to re-engage with your customer again.

Omnisend‘s Al-assisted customer lifestyle segmentation helps you where your customer has dropped during purchase. Omnisend‘s Al-algorithms provide you with dynamic segments called lifestyle stages which assist you about which value, product, and offer can be chosen while re-engaging.

It also comes with a lifecycle stage map that visually represents all the interactions and guides you about the segments which need re-engagements.

It also provides you with a visual representation of your retention rates, new customers, and customer behaviors presented in a single dashboard. It helps you to analyze your lacking areas to build a more substantial customer base. The customer lifestyle stages allow you to improve your retention numbers.

Built-in benchmarks help you to analyze your market value. It makes it easy to compare your retention metrics against similar businesses in the industry and lets you get a clear picture of where you stand to work hard and improve it.

Omnisend‘s help you to optimize your funnels. Where the customer has left while viewing and purchasing it gives you all details. It also tells you about your faithful and loyal customers vs. the ones who are only window shoppers and how many of your complete contacts have made a purchase within the last few days.

Hence it assists you while deciding your next marketing tactic and makes it robust.

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Pop-ups and forms

Pop-ups and forms are always the best option to gain more customers. When a visitor visits your brand website, you can lure him for purchase via different discount codes and these pop-up vouchers, which can sometimes behave like bait.


Omnisend has pre-built-in forms through which you can easily collect your visitor’s information and make him your subscriber. When marketing your business campaigns on social media and other platforms, instead of sending your visitors on the product page, you can send them on the landing page for that particular campaign they wish to see.

This feature provided by Omnisend is quite helpful and helps your customers get a precise and smooth experience that encourages them to buy and sign in.

If you want a more detailed pop-up timing, Omnisend also offers customizations. You can set the time or number of pages before the pop-up appears.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing uses traditional or modern channel means to send a pertinent message to a brand’s customer. It provides the customer with a seamless message based on the previous sales funnel, giving the customer a personalized experience.


This means that each channel works coherently to create a message for your brand.

Omnichannel marketing significantly differs from multichannel marketing. In Omnichannel, you are providing the customer with services through every channel based on their previous history.

While in multichannel, you are providing services, but there is no personalized customer experience. For today’s clever customer, you need to show what the customers want to see for your business to flourish.

Omnisend Pricing:

The features which Omnisend offers are pretty great as compared to its price. According to your needs, Omnisend offers several packages, among which you can choose.

  1. Free trial: if you are a small business owner and want help only in email campaigns, then the free trial suits you. It comes with 15,000 emails per month.
  2. Standard: it cost $16 per month and provides you with more services like SMS, pre-built workflows, and 24/7 email & chat support.
  3. Pro: it provides you with Omnichannel marketing, Google and Facebook sync audience, web push notifications, and SMS services. 
  4. Enterprise: if the above packages are not suiting you well and you want a deal of your own, this is the best option. Through it, you can customize a package of your own.

Why choose Omnisend?

Omnisend has got very popular in the past few years. It has opened a whole new era for ecommerce marketing automation software.

It is among the top-rated ecommerce marketing automation software of 2021. Why adjust for little when you can have it all. Omnisend offers you all the features which you can think of while running an e-commerce business.


It provides you with five channels for communication. It saves your time as a famous saying goes, “time is money,” and your staff’s productivity. Omnisend offers you a wide range of features which other ecommerce marketing automation software’s cant offer.

The most alluring is its Omnichannel marketing, which helps your business flourish by engaging more and more customers through different platforms.

Conclusion: Omnisend – Ecommerce marketing automation software

Indeed Omnisend provides you with a vast range of features and helps you save your time, analyze your lacking areas, and improve them accordingly.

Why waste your energy and time on anything that can be performed automatically within less time and is a hundred times better free of any errors?

It’s undoubtedly a wise choice to quickly adopt it and take advantage of all the features it offers. We wish you a prosperous and happy business ahead. 

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