Top 11 Best Email Marketing Softwares, Platforms And Services 2021

If you have ever been into digital marketing, then you must have heard about email marketing. Email marketing is nowadays much popular because it’s way too easy to collect your user’s email address and send them custom promotional emails. You must have thought, why collecting email from the users is easy?

It is due to the fact when signing up on any website or page, the first thing everyone would ask is the email. Also, giving is email isn’t much riskier than providing a phone number, and that’s the reason most users provide an email when signing up on any service.

Just think if your website or service has a user base of around 1000-2000 audience, then you could easily collect about 500-700 emails and use them as a promotional victim by sending them promotional offers. To make your life easier, you can use a paid email marketing software that gives you all the tools you need for your email marketing. That’s why in this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best email marketing software for your business. So let’s get into it!

So let’s get into our review:-

1. Constant Contact


Sending customized promotional emails to the users is way better than showing pop-up ads. First of all, it would not disturb your users and provide extremely high conversion rates than website advertisement.

For doing proper email marketing, you need assistance that could help you to shortlist your targeted audience for your promotions. If you do all these things manually, it could consume a lot of time!

Using Constant Contact email marketing service is a solution to all of these problems.  This excellent service isn’t just an email marketing tool but a complete package for online business.

However, the most basic package of Constant Contact costs 20$, which is quite expensive. But you can get a one month free trial. It offers all the features that other companies offer in premium packages.

2. Omnisend


Omnisend is a cloud-based online marketing platform specially developed for automatic promotional activities.

Omnisend is suitable for delivering automatic responses, such as emails or newsletters, to your customers. For instance, you have seven promotions that you plan to take in a month, and you can automatically send your users the promotional email through OmniSend.

If you are interested to learn more about Omnisend, checkout our post Best Ecommerce marketing automation software

Moreover,  Omnisend makes it easier to design and organize all email updates for your promotions. In this way, you can save time and costs.

Try OmniSend Now!

3. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is an email marketing software that allows you to design custom HTML emails without any need for coding.

It uses a real-time interpreter that converts all your graphical commands into HTML language and HTML responses into GUI so that anyone can design his own custom marketing email templates.  If you don’t have a design for your promotional email, and you don’t know how to develop an explanation, then you can use the built-in templates for your emails.

Moreover, you can even use the pre-installed templates so that you don’t need to design a layout from scratch, which saves your time and effort.

Sendinblue also allows you to send emails to your users based on their activity and preferences.

4. Moosend


Moosend is one of the best services for designing custom email promotional emails and illustrations, and this tool is an all-in-one software for managing your email marketing campaigns.

You can keep an eye on the performance of your emails, links, clicks, and overall conversion rates as well. You can keep an eye on total clicks on the emails, sent emails, and on outbound links as well. Also, you can track the location (country) from where the link was clicked.

We know collecting each email and then entering it on your Moosend dashboard is a bit difficult and time-consuming. That’s why it offers their API to replace it with your newsletter forum. In this way, you don’t need to enter every email in your dashboard manually; the API will do itself automatically.

5. Drip


Drip is another powerful business software designed for email marketing. This software offers a wide range of tools to help you make your email marketing campaign more efficient. Not just that, it can even let you show pop-up ads for signing up so that you would have higher chances of getting emails from visitors.

Drip provides you with a visual editor to manage some minor tweaks into the illustrations you want to send. If you don’t have an image for your promotional email and don’t know how to develop a picture, you can use the built-in templates for your emails.

Moreover, drip allows you to send any product from your catalogue, behaviour-based recommendations, and more—no coding required.

6. Pabbly


Pabbly is one of the best email marketing tools that features many free tools for its users.

It lets users easily create some of the best promotional emails without any need for coding. The sender offers an entirely free-of-cost editing tool to make custom promotional emails through its built-in visual graphic editor.

All you’ve to do is choose a template on which you want to edit and design the custom email of your own choice. So far, we know that Pabbly is more closer to a graphic editing tool for emails than an email management tool.

You can manually select the emails that you want to use in your campaign and a custom. Overall, it’s the most accessible tool to design your HTML email message.

7. MailChimp


MailChimp is a WordPress plugin that provides a solution for almost any kind of digital marketing.

Whether it’s affiliate marketing, leads conversion, forum generator, or email marketing, MailChimp is the best! With this ultimate all-rounder software, you can easily show a pop-up window in your WordPress website to the user so that you’ll get better chances of conversions of emails.

Users who like your site or are familiar with your site will enter your email in a pop-up to receive another email for your marketing. Moreover, not just email collecting pop-up, you can even show a pop-up of the countdown for a limited time feature to let your users join a campaign, and you will get their emails!

8. AWeber


AWeber is an all-in-one powerful tool to manage all your emails and marketing campaigns in just a click away. 

The service allows you to use your branded custom email domain and send bulk emails in a single click. You can even categorize different emails according to their activities.

For example, for the people who subscribe to the newsletter in the fashion category, you can save their email in the fashion categories. This method will help you to send dedicated targeted emails to your users and increase the conversion rate.

9. GetResponse


Get Response allows you to send automated action based emails to trigger emails whenever the step is performed.

It allows you to easily send targeted promotional emails to people where they go every day: their inbox. Not just that, it also allows you to create custom email messages through a straightforward editor.

Its drag and drop editor allows you to create custom HTML templates for your promotional campaigns easily.

They also offer target-based products display in which the algorithm will automatically display the products based on the customer’s activity. But the feature will only work if you use their e-commerce builder.

10. Active Campaign

Active campaign is the most advanced email marketing software on this list.

It offers more than six features in an email marketing package that allows you to run your campaign effortlessly and get better conversions from your customers.

You can schedule your emails at a specific time, triggered emails when the desired action is happening. But for this feature, you need to install its tracking code on your website. It also allows you to create countdown emails that somehow force your customers to perform the desired action by showing them a countdown timer.

Design and make email auto-responders when a customer replies to your email. The service is the best email marketing tool for digital businesses.

We recommend you must try their 30-days free trial first before you purchase the paid version.

11. MailerLite


Forgot to recruit a designer. You can create high-quality and beautiful emails yourself with their drag and drop designer.

No HTML skills required! Mailer Lite is a tool specifically designed to create awesome email designs for your campaigns like special discounts, events, and limited-time offers.

Not just that, it allows you to create excellent websites for your business, landing pages embedded forms for your website.

The best thing we liked about it is that they offer pop-up creators. You can add anything you want in the popup-up, but make sure you didn’t spam it. Otherwise, your visitors may get irritated by it and leave your website.

Mailer Lite performs best when it comes to e-commerce campaigns. You can add a discount, gifts, or anything that attracts your leads.

Conclusion – Best Email Marketing Softwares

When it comes to digital marketing, what comes first in your mind? Pop-up ads, website ads, email ads,  search engine ads, or what? All of the above-mentioned digital marketing methods are great, but did you know email marketing provides exceptionally high conversion rates?

Because email is the only thing where people go every day. In this way, showcasing your brand is the best way to get user attention and increase your sales.

For doing proper email marketing, you need an advanced automated tool for handling email marketing campaigns. To make your life easier, we’ve mentioned and reviewed some of the best email marketing software for digital business.

Let me know if you have any feedback in the below comments. Looking forward!

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