10 Best Mini billiards table To Invest In

Are you looking to buy a Mini billiards table?

But not sure if it is worth to invest in a mini pool table.

If you are an avid pool player then you certainly need an outdoor set including mini billiard tables!

Pools are an internationally popular pastime but ironically, they don’t always go in the pool or pub for games. There are many pools here too. This would probably make saving time easier.

If you look at the functionality and value, you don’t have to invest much more. It’s worth getting some equipment if there’s no one available. In addition, no regrets about not playing at the same time travel will be avoided too! In fact, the small pool seats are compulsory for any pool fan.

List of our 10 Best Mini Billiards Table

Our full list of mini pool tables for a quick glance

Best RecommendedHathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool TableView on Amazon
Best SellerGoSports 6ft or 7ft Billiards TableView on Amazon
Bestselling Small and PortableMini Tabletop Pool Set- Billiards GameView on Amazon
Best Pool Table for KidsSrenta Mini Pool TableView on Amazon
Best For Full FamilyMini Pool Table Top Games: 36-InchView on Amazon
Best Durable Pool TableEastPoint Sports Billiard Pool TableView on Amazon
Best Multi GameTriumph 13-in-1 Combo Game TableView on Amazon
Best Compact DesignSereneLife 6-Ft Folding Pool TableView on Amazon
Best Pool Table for PartiesGiantex Multi Game Table, 3-in-1 48″ View on Amazon
Best Unique Pool TableAmerican Legend Kirkwood 90”View on Amazon

1. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table



  • Durable & easy to transport
  • Family friendly
  • Easy folding

Key Features

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT – This gorgeous table includes durable, steel legs that easily fold for transportation and storage. The included nylon carry bag is rip-resistant, keeping your table safe and secure while it’s on the go.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY – The Fairmont’s compact 6-foot frame is perfect for kids learning the game. Adults will appreciate its high-quality construction and simple space-saving design A perfect addition to any game room gym or office.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Every table ships fully assembled and ready to play. Simply unfold the legs and get the fun rolling.

2. GoSports 6ft or 7ft Billiards Table

GoSports 6ft or 7ft Billiards Table



  • Complete set
  • Heavy duty steel table
  • Midsize easy to store

Key Features

  • FULL SET: Includes a mid-size pool table with 15 regulation balls and ball rack, 2 57 inch cue sticks, 2 chalk and table brush
  • MEDIUM SIZE BILLIARDS TABLE: Great size for competitive games, but small enough to store anywhere; Assembled: 76 L x 43 W x 31 H inches
  • QUICK SETUP: Ready to play out of the box, simply fold the legs out and let the fun begin. Ideal for game rooms, apartments, offices, or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a full size table

3. Mini Tabletop Pool Set- Billiards Game

Mini Tabletop Pool Set- Billiards Game



  • Portable and small
  • Real Design
  • Great for all ages

Key Features

  • PORTABLE– This portable mini pool table set is the ideal space saving size and is great for places where you don’t have room for a full-sized billiards table, like the kid’s playroom or the family room floor.
  • REAL DESIGN – This mini pool table is made with wood and the same green felt that covers regulation sized billiards tables. Game balls and cues are the optimal size and weight for the table, making it easy to practice shots and perfect your skills.
  • FOR ALL AGES– This tabletop billiards game is ideal for all ages. Small enough for children to maneuver easily, yet sturdy enough for adults to enjoy

4. Srenta Mini Pool Table

Srenta Mini Pool Table



  • Portable Pool Table
  • For kids and family
  • Perfect gift

Key Features

  • Buy this durable miniature pool table to play with your friends. Everyone can appreciate this mini toy on family game night. Best interactive desktop game for kids and adults.
  • Features: This mini tabletop pool game set is a perfect choice for portable fun. You can easily set up this table on any indoor desk or table and it comes with everything you need for hours of fun for amateurs and pool sharks alike. Great for entertainment rooms, play rooms, kid’s bedrooms, basements, and more.
  • Portable Pool Table: This miniature pool table set is the ideal space-saving size, light-weight and is perfect for places where you don’t have room for a full-sized billiards table, like the kid’s playroom or the family room floor.

5. Mini Pool Table Top Games: 36-Inch

Mini Pool Table Top Games: 36-Inch



  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for all ages
  • Sturdy design

Key Features

  • PORTABLE- The size of this tabletop pool table is 91.6*50.8*20.5 cm (L*W*H), perfect size for those who want to enjoy the time playing billiards game, without taking up a huge amount of space. It is suitable for playing anywhere in the game room, living room, and bedroom.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE- Our pool tables are very suitable for children and adults over 3 years old. The pool tables come in four legs, and older kids can complete the installation within a few minutes.
  • GIFT FOR ALL AGES- This table top pool games is suitable for all ages. It is a great Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas gift for your family, kids and friends.

6. EastPoint Sports Billiard Pool Table

EastPoint Sports Billiard Pool Table



  • Wood pool table
  • Traditional design
  • 7 ft pool table

Key Features

  • Hours Of Fun and Entertainment For The Whole Family With The 87″ Masterton Billiard Table! This Exclusive 7 Ft 3 In Wood Pool Table Features A Traditional Ball And Claw Leg Design
  • Designed With Professional K66 Rubber Bumpers That Provide A Consistent Bounce And Predictable Shot, Along With A Smooth Green Felt Game Table Surface And Parlor-Style Drop Pockets
  • Includes 2 Pool Cues, 1 Pool Balls Billiard Set, 2 Pieces Of Billiard Chalk, 1 Billiard Triangle, And 1 Table Brush. Featuring Built-In Leg Levelers For Balanced Play

7. Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table

Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table



  • 13 games in 1
  • Easy storage
  • Includes games accessories

Key Features

  • Keep your kids entertained for hours with 13 games in one compact game table
  • Includes multiple games like basketball, table tennis, billiards, push hockey, launch football and baseball, tic-tac-toe and skee bean bag toss
  • This pool tables come with strategy games: chess, soft tip darts, checkers, archery, and backgammon
  • It is easy to cleanup with built-in storage for smaller game boards and storage bag for small accessories
  • Includes all the accessories required to play the 13 different games

8. SereneLife 6-Ft Folding Pool Table

SereneLife 6-Ft Folding Pool Table



  • Trueshot aiming system
  • Folding design
  • Low friction surface

Key Features

  • TRUESHOT AIMING SYSTEM: Equipped with trueshot aiming system which comprise of 18 aiming points that enable you to line up your shots. Just right for beginners & intermediate players. Includes 6 foot pool table, billiard balls, cues, brush, ball triangle & chalks
  • LOW FRICTION SURFACE: Features top-quality building materials that allow for lightweight play & portability without sacrificing strength.
  • COMPACT: Its space saving design allows you to enjoy your favorite game in spaces you never thought possible. Designed for those that are tight on space and want to enjoy their favorite classic table game. Ideal for any game room or apartment

9. Giantex Multi Game Table, 3-in-1 48″ 

Giantex Multi Game Table, 3-in-1 48″



  • Multi-game table
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy steel rods

Key Features

  • Multifunctional 48 Inch 3-in-1 Foosball Table – This mini pool table has a size of 48 inches, can be directly used and it has a perfect design, ideal for regular use at home or game room and any other occassions.
  • 3 Playing Modes – Billiard – play the game as assembled using the billiard ball set, cue, triangle; Soccer – place the soccer table on the top of the billiard frame. Play the game using the soccer ball; Glide hockey – reverse the soccer table and then place on the top of the billiard frame. Play the game using pushers and hover pucks
  • Robust Steel Rod-Do you want to have a durable foosball table? This one uses sturdy steel rods with robot style players on the multi sports table.

10. American Legend Kirkwood 90”

American Legend Kirkwood 90”



  • Good looking
  • Classic unique design
  • Large dimensions

Key Features

  • RUSTIC LOOK: The Kirkwood’s classic finish and k-shaped legs puts a unique twist on a classic design.
  • LARGE DIMENSIONS ALLOW COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY – The Kirkwood is 90”, giving you good enough space to play like your living room is the billiards club.
  • LOOKS AWESOME ANYWHERE: The grey finish cabinet with the black polyester cloth is sure to spotlight any room.

Do Mini Pool Tables use standard size pool balls?

Generally, the larger miniature pool sets are equipped with 22.5 inch billiards balls. It is only common on 6 foot table. Typically four foot mini tables utilize 1.5 inch balls. The table will shrink so there’ll always be smaller balls. A standard set of ball-sized tableware is too small for the table. The smaller the tables the smaller the ball’s size. The more space there is in pockets the more space is. I think that’s an advantage. Once you get used to playing with smaller balls in larger games, this is not likely to lead to a full table at some point.

Are Mini Pool Tables Made With Slate?

Those that have full-length tables can have play surfaces made from slate that are rocks or other material. A slate has a flat surface which allows the ball to roll without friction. Slate table is impervious to warping due to moisture and humidity. Mini tables for pools are not made from slate though. Instead, a type of medium-density fiber board (MDF) can be made for playing surface. Despite the protective coating on the fibreboard, it remains wood. Wood is warmed in excess of the humidity.

Tell me the length of a pool table?

Usually mini pool tables contain shorter cues than the standard pool cues used on other tables. This makes it easy to operate so they fit on larger tables. As with all balls in diameter, the cue lengths vary by table size. Longer cues come with bigger tables; short cues come from smaller tables. The average cue length of full size tables varies from 59 to 68 inches. Some smaller table manufacturers don’t provide exact size cues. This is an approximate length of 1 inch from the cue length to the correct measurement.

What size room do you need for a mini pool table?

Small table space does not really matter for large tables; 4-foot table or bigger. Tables smaller than 4-foot and pool tables are designed for easy placement in the majority of room types. The best part about tables of a table is that you probably have enough room to play the game. Usually the tables you use are mounted against walls, and you might want to move them away to another place to place the mini pool table. Players need to have easy access from each side to take shots at a pool table.

How much do mini pool tables cost?

In addition to the vast variety in sizes, quality and styles is the wide range in cost and features. The more compact the table, the better the cost. In some smaller tables prices vary too. Mini-sized pool tables start at just $20. Generally the size is 20 – 20 inches in width. An average midsize table would cost $75 to $100. If you have a small 48-inch table and a 6-foot height, you can expect between $100 and $200. Most 6-Ft tables have a higher cost, from $300 to $500 in some cases.

How big are mini pool tables?

The term “mini” has incredibly varied shapes. A Typical pool table is 7 feet long or 9 feet wide. But the mini tables can reach as high as six feet. The advantage to doing it is finding the perfect sizes for your available space. Naturally the bigger the table the more authentic the gameplay feels. It is also not necessary to buy a large desk in an office. Instead, it is worth taking a look at the different types of mini pools available and see how different pool tables suit your needs.

How long do mini pool tables last?

It’s difficult to say for certain how long mini pool tables last. Our job is to provide your ballpark estimates. One thing will not last as much as an expensive full-size pool table. Table tops are built for a lifetime if properly maintained. Mini pools generally last for many years. The cheapest table in the market won’t last so much without proper cleaning. As with most things, the more money that is used the shorter the lifespan. And with a lot of attention the more they last.

Tell me the purpose of a pool table?

Mini pool tables really are not suitable for everybody. Some people who wish to play pool can get bigger tables or stick to the nearby billiards halls. Certainly these are excellent choices. Why Do You Need a Small Game Table? Usually parents have a plan in mind to avoid video games and phones. Mini pool tables are a great way of providing children entertainment. It is also ideal for anyone who wants a large pool table at home without having a large room for a table.

Are Mini Pool Tables Fun?

Mini swimming tables are fun for children of all ages. These are miniature variants of larger table-sized pools used in bars and in pools. On mini tables and large tables the basic concept is unchanged. The focus remains on achieving accurate angles, powerful and precise. Most of the games playable at a large table can also be played at mini pools tables. Games such as eightball, nineball cut-throat, 3ball and many others have plenty of fun to offer children as well.

How much do mini pool tables weigh?

When we talk about slate let us talk about what a small pool is. Slate is the key component making full-sized pools so bulky. It should surprise you not surprisingly if mini pools have surprisingly little weight. The smallest table top pool table weighs less. A standard small table weighs about 25 – 50 kilograms. The largest of these mini table sizes, which is 6ft, typically weighs about 200 or 200 pounds. Even a heaviest pool table weighs only 190 pounds.

Do Mini Pool Tables have accessories?

Each miniature pool table we have found includes everything required for playing pool. This is almost mandatory for table sizes, because they require fitting parts for the table. If you don’t have an extra table, you’ll probably spend more on furniture if you don’t even know which cube and what ball you want. The details of accessories avaible with the pool tables is available on amazon website.

Advantages and disadvantages of mini pool tables

It offers certain advantages as well as disadvantages for small pools. Features are also possible either way depending on what is your need. For example the small size of the miniature pool table may be a disadvantage for people looking to play seriously. Likewise if you are short of space then mini pool tables might be the right choice for you.

How to choose the best portable pool table this year?

In the search for a portable pool table a lot of things can go wrong. According to the table above, it consists of many different tables, each providing different experiences for your family or friend. Tell me the biggest question before buying the pool table and how you can decide which is the best for you.

FAQs About Best Mini Billiards Table

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about mini billiards table

What is the smallest pool table?

American 7ft or American 7 feet pool tables are the smallest American table. They are larger when compared to the British 7ft.

What are small pool tables called?

Bumper pool tables are smaller than the regular pool table. It is a smaller rectangular table with 8 pool balls, 2 cues, and 12 bumpers.

What is a 3/4 size pool table?

The full-size, tournament-spec table is 12 feet in length, and just over 6 feet wide. If you do not have space for a full-size table, there’s the 9ft option, which is known as 3/4-size table.

Are small pool tables good?

In general, having a mini pool table is better than not having a pool table at all. However, if you are used to playing on full-size tables you might find it hard to “downgrade”

Conclusion – Mini Billiards Table

Selecting one of the best small pools tables is tricky because of the vast array. When purchasing tables, ensure that they meet your requirements and meet your budget.