5 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube (Freemium/Free/Paid, Mac/Win,Online)

YouTube in recent times is the largest video sharing platform or video search engine on the Internet that hosts massive videos.

YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users, and these numbers are on the rise.

To share your video on YouTube, you need to edit them and make them error-free. Suppose you want your videos to attract the attention of millions of viewers.

That’s the reason I’ve compiled some of the best video editing software for YouTube that you can use on Windows and Mac OS, some free and some paid that can help you produce interactive content that meets professional quality standards.

YouTube has progressed beyond just being a simple streaming video site to become a phenomenon. And that’s because there are individuals who are now watching YouTube rather than traditional TV.

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If you dream of becoming a YouTube sensation or want to share videos with your mates, developing Clips on YouTube can become a rewarding process.

However, you will need the right ability to make and modify YouTube clips. And with that in opinion, here are all the best video editing apps on YouTube.

In this post we have selected the best video editing software for YouTube.  These Apps are readily available and easy to use with many new features that can make any YouTube video worth watching.

Part 1:  Best Video Editing Software for Youtube for Every Creator: Wondershare Filmora review

1. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Platform: Mac,  Windows

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video editing software for youtube with cool highlights about other contending video altering Software.

This product has decent media and a broad framework that helps keep media records, such as Audio, Titles, Transitions, and Effects and Elements.

Also, availability of free example brief snippets and test titles. So on and another component I like in this product is downloadable addons and media records which is instant.


What’s more, another element is a simple sound administration include in altering video cuts. It can detach sound from recordings and adjust independently.

Pre-made components are too cool to use in any high-level venture. We can settle recordings with a solitary snap.

When I do super-quick delivery for my YouTube channel, I need to insert my logo and video recorded and afterward blend it with few layouts that accompany Wondershare Filmora.

How to use Wondershare Filmora?

Here is a manual to assist you with learning and use Filmora video editorial manager like a genius.

Stage 1.After you have downloaded the product and imported all media records, you would now be able to alter them in your video project. Select cuts in the media library. You can choose one, various, or a grouping of media documents. You can find the media record straightforwardly via looking through its name in the search bar.

Stage 2.You can erase any clip from the library, nearly right snap on the video clip, and select erase. Add video clips to a video/PIP arrangement in the timetable. Pick the target, right snap to ADD CLIP, or APPLY TO PIP.

Stage 3. Access tone and video layouts from the client collection

Filmora likewise gives a few example tones or introduction videos. To access these assets, click “Client’s Album” and pick SAMPLE COLORS or SAMPLE VIDEO.

Step 4.Trim video cuts.

You can manage the video from the earliest starting point or the end. Drape your mouse at the front/back of the clasp until it shows. Drag it forward or reverse to release it in the position where you need to manage an undesirable part.  You can likewise cut a segment from the center of the video. Drag the slider to the beginning point and the end purpose of the unwanted part. Press the scissor symbol to position the video first, select the undesirable element, press Del to eliminate it.

Stage 5

Utilizing Filmora supervisor’s highlights, you can Split video, Rotate or flip a clasp, Crop and join recordings.

In the Editing board, click the four catches on the top to pivot or flip your clasp and check the preview board’s outcome.

Stage 6.

Upgrade video cuts by changing brilliance, Saturation, Contrast, Hue, and Tint. Double-tap the video or picture clasp to improve on the Timeline. At that point, drag the sliders to change the Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, or Hue of the clip.

Stage 7. Effectively change the video playback speed.

Double-tap the video cut in your Timeline to open the Editing window. At that point, drag the speed slider to change the playback speed of the video cut. Likewise, you can enter the exact playback speed you need in the speed field or change your speed by changing the video span. You can make your video up to 100x quicker or 0.01x slower.

Stage 8. Rework the request for cuts

Zoom in or zoom out. Resize the video. These highlights are effectively accessible.

Stage 9. Add watermark to the video

Import the video record and the watermark picture to the library. Drag both to the video track. Change the size and position of the image. At that point, change the watermark picture’s span to a similar length as the video by hauling the picture document’s edge.

On the off chance that you are dependent on making images and offering them to your companions, Wondershare Filmora Free Meme Maker is the spot to go. There is no compelling reason to enlist. It can make conventional picture images just as video and gif images. It permits you to change the video over to a gif. Check it out and have heaps of fun with your companions.


  • The user interface is super easy to use.
  • Straightforward color correction and audio editing features (audio keyframe included)
  • Delightful effects, royalty music, and sound effects
  • Advanced features like Video stabilization, PIP, Green Screen, Tilt-shift, Mosaic, etc
  • Compatible with the most commonly used video formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc


Filmora is a freemium video editing software. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay to remove the watermark, which shows in the free trial version.

Filmora pricing

Filmora offers three categories of pricing for individual, business, and educational.

Part 2: Best Video Editing Software for YouTube on Mac (Free and Paid)

The top three programs to use for YouTube video editing for Mac are

  • iMovie,
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Final Cut Pro X.

2. iMovie: Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners for Mac Users

While the better-remembered YouTubers have migrated to software for more editing features, iMovie remains the primary source of many content creators. It’s great for learner YouTubers who come to grips in their first introductions, transitions, & filter selections. iMovie provides several pro-level skills like adjusting the color of two clips and smoothly adding visual elements or transitions. It’s comparable to Final Cut Pro.

Platform: Mac, iOS


  • A shaking video can be easily fixed for YouTube editing.
  • It offers background music and extraordinary visual effects.
  • You can completely change audio over a video clip.


  1. It’s only available for Mac and IOS users.
  2. Various importing formats are supported.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Best Video Editing Software for Youtube for Advanced users

Premiere Pro CC is a skilled video editing software. Together with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, this is the accepted standard for film and TV production. Pro YouTubers want to use Premiere Pro for its adaptability and the hundreds of editing tools and services. Adobe Premiere CC is also a member of Adobe’s broader family of creative programs that open up far more opportunities to combine unique video content.

Platform: Mac, Windows


  • Enhanced Mercury Playback Engine for editing YouTube video
  • The latest editing tools admired by the YouTube community


  1. Very expensive, hence many Youtubers might not be able to afford it.

4. Final Cut Pro X: Best Video Editing Software For Youtube for Mac ( For Professionals)

Final Cut Pro X is richer in features and more complex than iMovie. It’s still intuitive to use, particularly for people who know how iMovie works. It’s the video editing program of choice besides two million content providers. Most of the Youtubes popular videos are developed using Final Cut Pro X.

Platform: Mac, iOS


  • Convenient to use for YouTubers
  • It’s regularly updated. If you don’t want an update, you can turn it off.


  1. It only supports Mac operating system.

Part 3: Best Video Editing Software for Youtube for Online Creators 

5. Flexclip – Filmora Alternative

FlexClip is a simple to-utilize and video creator that assists everybody with making proficient glancing recordings in merely a question of seconds, regardless of whether it is a promotion video, a land video, an instructional exercise video, an organization video, or an individual life video.

Join or union various recordings and photographs into one single video.

FlexClip permits organizations to arrange text properties, join business logos or energized subtitles to activities, and add ambient melodies in video cuts.

The application allows clients to record voice-overs for video instructional exercises, combine numerous media documents, and improve slides utilizing intuitive usefulness.

Hence we can say that it is one of the best video editing software for youtube.


  • FlexClip is free with no concealed charges.
  • You can manage your recordings without trading off the quality and premium render.
  • You can even consolidate different video or photograph resources in your exhibition in only a couple of clicks.
  • FlexClip has a voice recording usefulness to help you record your voice in a hurry and the portrayal in your video cut.
  • Easy and snappy to mount video of shifting intricacy.
  • Support famous document designs for download.
  • Users don’t have to dominate the essential information on video altering and different expert abilities.


  • It lacks undo button.
  • The free version has limited features.
  • Add text feature needs improvements.
  • Limited amount of templates.
  • Video output duration is low.


The above listed are the best video editing software for YouTube videos available in the market, from some free video editing software for Windows and Mac to the paid solution to edit your YouTube videos.

Few video editing software programs are best suited for video editing for beginners, such as iMovie, while others are creative professional software like Adobe Premiere.

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If I’ve missed your favorite YouTube video creating and editing software is not listed, share your youtube software in the comment below with us if you like to know how to empower your imagination with Filmora YouTube Video Creator quickly.

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