Best WordPress Hosting Convesio – Convesio Review 2022

How do you get faster and cheaper hosting services? You have guessed correctly then you should look for WordPress Hosting provider. The selection of host may seem like an overwhelming challenge.


There are a multitude of options for blogs. We’re gonna talk about Best WordPress hosting Convesio, a very popular hosting provider. Why is it important to have a WordPress server that can be easily installed?

Google has announced the fundamental website technology that affects search engine rankings directly. Designed specifically for WordPress, it allows for the speeding up of websites and improves SEO ranking.

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Convesio. Introduction

WordPress Hosting is available for a variety of websites. Some of them offer excellent services. A similar supplier is managed wordpress hosting convesio. Convesio is a professional WordPress hosting service that offers fast and effective support.

It uses Docker Container technologies and scalable CDN network networks to distribute site content at breakneck speeds across multiple continents, ensuring fast loading speed for all your customers.

Providing a secure and reliable web hosting service ensures you can get your website up to date at any time. This feature also helps you protect websites from hackers.

What makes Convesio extraordinary?

Convesio is the world’s first WordPress-based website creator and developer. Convesio is very upfront about hosting your site unlike other hosting firms who offer centralized WordPress hosting for

Another host provider explains content delivery dynamics and mentions a few DDoS protection tips, whereas others can be less transparent.

Some WordPress hosting service providers also offer high-level customer tiers shared hosting accounts with shared servers (VMS), and high-level clients with virtual private servers (vps) without necessarily warning the client beforehand about this.

Best WordPress Hosting Provider

If you are looking for the best WordPress website hosting service, you have to choose the most reliable. WordPress Hosting platform provides the ability to host your WordPress website from any website.

The WordPress hosting company is also responsible for helping your site be easy to use and maintain by reducing your hosting costs. Additionally, with help from the WordPress hosting provider, the user has the server space to store the content of the websites.

When someone visits a site, the host gets the file from the server and displays the files in its website interface.

What is WordPress Hosting Convesio?

Convesio is developed in Docker container-based WordPress. Convesio was founded by Tom Fanelli as one of the world’s leading software developers in 2018.

The technology is specifically designed to allow the client to scale WordPress without the use of servers. Besides having an advanced WordPress site management system it is easy to use.

In addition, the installation of servers are relatively simple. Convesio offers hosting for highly responsive & highly scalable WordPress sites. Each site on Convesio includes a load balancer database cluster or reusable file system.

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What is Conversio?

It offers centralized services that target critical applications using Docker containers. Convesio is the latest development by highly professional programming programmers and entrepreneurs Tom Fanelli.

It was created for WordPress to be used in an online environment without any system administration. The application lets the web developer administer a WordPress site without technical experience.

In addition, setting up the server is quick and straightforward. Dedicated servers with WordPress are incredibly flexible.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio – Features

Below is the list of key features of Convesio web hosting

Scalable WordPress Hosting – Through a combination of open source software and proprietary code Convesio has solved the challenge of running WordPress in a high availability environment.

Convesio’s scalable WordPress hosting has been successfully deployed to Google Cloud, AWS, Steadfast and OVH. 

Convesio automatically scales up when you need more resources and down again when you don’t.

Resilient Hosting Design – All the Components of the stack are hosted in different containers. If one fails it is redeployed instantly. Hence the web hosting is resilient by design

Fast Web hosting – Docker containers are very efficient and our stack has been designed to minimize bottlenecks.

No Need for System Admin – Convesio dashboard is very easy to use. You don’t have to be technically minded to set up auto scaling.

Pay per use payment model – You don’t need to plan for peak usage and buy the most expensive option.  Auto scaling means you just pay for what you use.

Deploy High Availability WordPress Site – You don’t require to configure Load Balancers, Docker Containers, or Database Clusters, Convesio automates the entire process making it simple and seamless to scale your site up in the future.


Site Dashboard – The site dashboard allows you to check key metrics and get a sense of resources being used. You can view a live log stream of server requests too.


Easily Add Domain & SSL – You can easily map domains to your hosting while choosing which one is your primary one. Then, quickly install SSL certificates for each which will auto-renew.


Automated Backups – In just a few clicks you can set up advanced retention policies, choosing how often and how long you want to keep the backups.

Managed Auto Scaling – You can configure auto scaling by setting the minimum and maximum number of containers to scale between. You can also turn auto scaling off.

Fast Caching – Convesio caching is completely custom built and designed from the ground up for WordPress. No plugins required and 100% in-built into the platform.


PHP, DB, FTP and more – Convesio offers all the key settings you would expect from a WordPress host including SFTP, PhpMyAdmin, PHP Versions, and more.

WordPress Migration – WordPress migration is a tedious task, convesio has made it easy with the team of migration experts. They will move your site and do before after performance tests to show the difference.

Convesio PageSpeed Optimization Services

Moreover, Convesio provides speed optimizations for its customers as well as innovative features. If you want to improve website performance you should also optimize your photos or cache them for a longer time.

Convesio has it all covered, saving you time with a plugin. Its system uses default http/2 protocols. So it will automatically download the HTML code as well as the JS files and ensure secure connection with e.g SSL certificates. Convesio also provides website optimization and site speed optimization.

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What is Convesio Hosting?

The most reliable hosting provider of WordPress for WordPress is Convesio. It is a managed web server that focuses on your business, while not worrying about the technical aspects of managing your website.

WordPress offers a lot of functionality. Your website can be hosted by unlimited users. This feature has an affordable price for you.

Convesio offers a great solution for those looking for fast, experienced web site hosting. WordPress Hosting is available to the users of the site.

Tell me the difference between Conveio and the rest of the pack?

Convesio is one of the most popular WordPress hosting companies in the web due to their excellent customer service and high availability.

A security package that helps your sites be protected against possible threats is available. Convesio provides web hosting services for WordPress sites. It is the most popular hosting site on WordPress.

Convesio’s managed hosting service aims at supporting the business’s goals. Our company delivers flexible, secure and reliable services.

Convesio is a next generation wordpress hosting platform for hosting WordPress sites. Unlike traditional WordPress hosting solutions,

Convesio addresses limitations in shared and VPS hosting by providing a multi-tenant, redundant environment powered by Docker Containers.

Each site running on the platform is backed by a redundant file system, database cluster, scalable PHP Runtime, and self healing architecture.

What are Docker Containers?

As noted, server failures may cause catastrophic damage. Imagine that. You host your website clients on an identical server.


Eventually there will be hardware problems, which will cause sites not to be updated. What follows are several complaint forms, possible losses for you customers and a huge number of negative reviews. It’s not your intention.

The problem is addressed with the Docker container Convésio. Containers on the Docker platform utilize software virtualisation for configuration and creation of WordPress websites.

Contrary to VPS hosting containers, Dockers allows Convesio to immediately update your website if you encounter any problems.

How To Get Started With The Best WordPress Hosting Company?

Convesio offers no Domain Registrations. You must register an Internet address with an Internet domain registrar.

If you want the best domain names, check Namecheap. The company has the best price in the area and they provide excellent service.

Moreover the company offers an extensive choice of extensions. My name cheap customers have been enjoying it since 2005. Find a Namecheap domain name.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting are services aimed at implementing the technology for WordPress.

It also offers WordPress upgrades, data loss prevention, site access and scalability for websites. This type of web hosting reduces stress and saves time ensuring that you can run smoothly with WordPress specialists.

Many WordPress hosting services are offered but not all provide maximum convenience.

Tips and Tricks To Optimize Your Website

Getting a good looking website can be hard work. This requires lots of work. And the reward? It’ll make your websites more intuitive if it’s fast.

Optimizing websites is incredibly important. If your website is not optimized, its loading may slow it down.

This could cause low rankings on Google searches or loss of traffic. The easiest way to optimize a website are:

How To Set Up Auto-Scaling In Convesio?

Best hosting for wordpress convesio provides a range of services for managing and optimizing websites. One tool called Automatic Scaling can be activated by following this step. Click Settings at the bottom of your console dashboard. 1) Choose “ Auto-scaling “ in the dropdown menu.2) Pick the time to scale. 3) Check “Allow scaling”.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting provides a similar service to that provided to WordPress users. WordPress is mainly shared by e-hosted servers. The service allows a number of users to share server resources, such as storage or bandwidth. By using multiple sites on one site, the costs of the resources decrease and these types of servers usually get cheap prices. However, it could result in the service overloading and the performance dropping. Performance is often a major disadvantage for this service. You can also find freeware like SSL certificates or a good credit check.

Managed Vs. Shared and VPS WordPress Hosting

Managed website means fewer maintenance and management tasks are necessary to maintain an easy-to-use website. Hosting companies can handle all technical details, including update and load balancer, performance security, and much more. The hosting site may require no private server.

Hosting by Convesio: Comparing Managed, Shared and VPS Hosting

Convessio provides managed WordPress Hosting services. WordPress Hosting is managed and offers a host of hosting options for a wide range of WordPress users.

Convesio Managed wordpress hosting provider

If you host with a managed wordpress hosting provider like convesio your WordPress site is in safe hands. Their team has wealth of experience building, hosting, optimizing and securing 

Convesio hosting help with WordPress speed optimization, security, complex solutions as well as best practice operations.

With Managed wordpress hosting company like Convesio you get regular performance audits for wordpress, speed optimization, advanced wordpress security, complex migrations and consultancy.

Convesio Best wordpress hosting – Pros and Cons

Like every web hosting provider, there are some pros and cons. Lets have a look at them


  1. WordPress Hosting High availability – With convesio hosting there is no chance of any downtime as if any component is down it is immidiately redeployed.
  2. Fast WordPress Hosting – A managed wordpress hosting provider like convesio can optimize the performance of your wordpress site. Like improve the speed of your website which is an important SEO ranking factor as per google.
  3. Trouble free hosting – Once you are with convesio hosting you don’t need to worry about server issues or wordpress issues like malware or hacking. Convesio team will take care of all the server administration and wordpress site related issues.
  4. Convesio provides free trial without credit card. This way you can try their services and if you are happy you can host with them.


  1. In comparision with other managed wordpress hosting providers, convesio hosting can be on the expensive side.

Final Thoughts – Best wordpress hosting convesio

If your WordPress site is mission critical, you need zero downtime or you are a business person and don’t want to be bothered by system admin issues or website issues, then convesio managed wordpress hosting is the right choice for you.

Hope you found this review useful. If yes, share it with your friends.