Top 10 Best Organic YouTube Promotion Services On Fiverr to Increase Views

In this post, we will be exploring top YouTube promotion services on Fiverr. There is no secret hack or cheat for this. These are natural ways to hire professionals (Who are YouTube Certified) to help you grow/promote your YouTube channel.

When a pandemic hit the world last spring, people turned to YouTube to adapt, cope and find community. During weeks of lockdown, we regularly check what trends are emerging and review the categories in which we are most likely to see change – fitness, well-being, diet, etc. The data points presented here are just one example of the many emerging trends at an unprecedented time. However, together they provide a snapshot of how human behavior and priorities are changing in the face of inevitable global crises.

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. More than 2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month. Every day people watch over billions of hours of videos and generate billions of views.


It is challenging to grow your YouTube Channel.

As YouTube’s popularity has increased immensely, everyone wants a share of this pie. And why not? Creating a YouTube Channel is free.

If done correctly, You can grow your YouTube channel without many challenges and quickly. For this, you need to follow the steps which we are going to discuss in this post.

We know it isn’t easy to do everything on your own. Why not hire a freelance team?

Work with Fiverr freelancers to promote your channel and grow faster. These marketers will help you promote your videos organically by accessing custom playlists, highlighting them in suggested or related videos, and more. They will also help you deliver targeted advertisements to target the right audience.

With the right advertising strategy, your YouTube channel can see significant growth within a few months. Use the Fiverr store on YouTube to find experienced freelancers who can edit your videos, create custom graphics, and promote your videos for faster growth.

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Why should you work on Fiverr?

With 90% of YouTube users discovering new brands and products, this is a powerful platform for growing your business. With the right strategy, you can attract more people to your channel and convince them to try the product or service you are promoting.


The problem is, there is still much to be done. There is too much to manage per person, from creating and editing videos to promoting your channel for better visibility. It makes business sense to outsource some of your work so you can continue to create great content and grow your YouTube channel.

With Fiverr, you can select gig providers who are experts in their respective professions. Also, you can check their level, i.e., level 1 seller, level 2 seller. You can check the reviews of the Fiverr sellers, which helps you in making an informed decision.

Further, if you want peace of mind and want to be sure about the quality, you can choose Fiverr verified pro service providers.

Here’s how you can make the most of it:

Your promotions may not always have the desired effect. As you may not be an expert in everything you do, if you organize too many things, you can’t always spend the time and effort promoting your channel.

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Work with our freelancers to promote your channel effectively and grow it faster. These marketers organically promote your videos by adding them to custom playlists, highlighting them in suggested / related videos, and more. They can also help you deliver targeted advertisements to target the right audience.

How to work on Fiverr?

When you go for any of the below ways, one common suggestion is to be clear about your requirements and better if you list the requirements.

Exactly you can then check what service the Fiverr seller is providing. If it matches your requirements, you can contact them and take the discussion forward accordingly.

The above simple step will save you lots of trouble later because it helps you clarify your requirements and put them across the seller upfront.

These clarifications will also help the seller, as the gig seller will be clear about your requirements and suggest the best gig suitable for your specific need.

Fiverr Organic Youtube Video Promotion Services

In this section we will be learn more about how we can utilize Fiverr YouTube promotion services to grow your Youtube channel views

1. Promote YouTube videos organically

With Fiverr, videos are promoted organically on YouTube. There are a lot of Fiverr gigs that will help you promote your videos.

Search for Youtube Video Promotion Gigs on Fiverr to Increase Views

Then, match your requirements with the sellers services.

Generally, this type of gig seller helps promote your YouTube video organically, and it helps you get more watch hours and increase in ranking on YouTube search.

The gig provider will provide you a complete plan on how you can grow your YouTube channel. You can also promote your videos by sharing them on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

2. YouTube certified SEO services

Fiverr service providers offer SEO services that are certified by YouTube. If you’re starting on YouTube, Fiverr is a great website to promote your videos.

Search for Youtube SEO Services on Fiverr

Optimizing your YouTube videos with SEO helps in better ranking on search results to maximize your user reach. This video can be yours, played before the user sees other people’s videos, or displayed higher in YouTube search results, which help get more likes, views, subscribers, comments, watch time and engagement.

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Below are a few of the services provided by Fiverr sellers who are expert in Youtube SEO optimization services

  • Keyword Research
  • Video & Channel tags
  • Ranking
  • Default upload settings
  • Description enhancements
  • Metadata alignment
  • Feature content
  • Hashtags & high-quality keywords
  • Banner links
  • Optional Custom HD Thumbnails (increase CTR)
  • And more!

3. YouTube Certified Ad Service

YouTube Certified ads service helps video promotion via discovery ads using Google Adword. These services boost your video in the following ways.

1. Custom video campaign: Customize your settings with skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, or video discovery ads.

2. Non-skippable in-stream: Share your entire message with up to 15-second non-skippable in-stream ads.

3. Outstream: Reach people on their phones and tablets using vCPM bidding with out-stream ads.

 This advertising helps to maximize your reach.

Below are some of the significant benefits of the YouTube Certified Ad service

  • Organic and certified promotion method
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Real exposure
  • It helps in ranking your video

4. Create attractive thumbnails on YouTube

There are two things people usually look at before deciding to watch a video – titles and thumbnails. The video title helps them understand the relevance, while the thumbnail provides them with insight into the video’s quality. So, if you want more people to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel, you need a thumbnail that displays and grabs attention right away.

Search for Youtube Design Gig Seller on Fiverr

Fiverr’s gig providers can design a high-quality thumbnail for YouTube to grab the viewer’s attention and get more views. It will also make your videos stand out from other videos that may have more views or be more popular than yours. Getting your viewers’ attention and get more Youtube views means more money/revenue!

You can also ask your gig provider to provide you revisions and give you full HD resolution quality thumbnails.

5. Create a custom animation for your logo

The folks at Fiverr are professional animation designers for intro logos and videos. As graphic designers, they love to combine art and technology to share ideas through logos, animation, and intro videos for company pages, websites, and other online sites.

Search for Youtube logo Design Gig Providers on Fiverr

They are not only here to make money but also to express their skills and make customers happy. The benefits you get from these services are listed below, depending on the package you choose

  • One custom flat intro with your logo or short text
  • 1080p
  • 4K
  • Music/Sound Effects
  • Tailored to your brand
  • UNLIMITED Revisions
  • Commercial use
  • Animation with transparent background
  • Source Files
  • GIF animation
  • Square video (for Instagram and FB)

6. Create a dynamic Intro and Outro for your videos

Is there a formula for making a fantastic video? My answer is YES! Anything’s initiation and conclusion are crucial because it creates a solid foundation at the beginning and a well-thought-out statement at the end. The same goes for videos to create a connection with your brand and make you more memorable.


Although some people believe that the intro is not an essential part of the video, we think video entry is vital to making a professional video.

So my formula is to hire Fiverr gig providers who can offer the best dynamic intro and outro for your videos.

You can use the animation for the below purposes

  • YouTube Channel Intro
  • For Instagram Stories videos
  • For institutional videos
  • For presentations
  • For promotional videos
  • For movies and series

7. Professional video editing for YouTube

Fiverr gigs provide you with the best video editing for YouTube. Are you having trouble editing your video? No problem!! Fiverr is here for you as a professional video editor.

Search for Youtube Video Editing Services on Fiverr

There are many services that you can get related to video editing. These services include trimming and merging, color correction/scaling, green screens, logo/title/title disclosure, subtitles, background music, sound effects, professional sound editing and mixing, voice over and much more. Professional editing can help you get more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel.


If you are looking to create a high-quality professional video ad for your business or brand, you can hire a film production house right from Fiverr. You will be amazed to know that these gig providers are flexible and willing to travel to shoot your ad.

Below are some of the pre and post-production services provided by short video ad gig providers


  • Understanding client needs and expectations
  • Delivering a proposal (creative idea)
  • Script and storyboard
  • Casting for actors
  • Scouting for locations


  • Directing
  • Lightning/Shooting
  • Editing/Color grading
  • Sound design and VFX

8. Create an attractive banner on YouTube

The first impression is crucial: it sets you apart from the competition. Delivering an excellent presentation on social media is the first step towards digital domination.

Search for Youtube Banner Design Services on Fiverr

A professional Fiverr gig provider can create an eye-catching banner for YouTube that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. It offers you the best quality of service. The design will inspire you.

If you are interested in work from home jobs check our this link.

If you want the best and most attractive banners on YouTube, you can browse and select the gig provider that interests you. They are waiting on the other side to take you to the next step you want.

9. Record professional YouTube video voice-over.

The professional voice talent pulls the whole project together. Hiring a professional voice-over artist saves you time and money as he has expertise in this.

A professional voice-over artist makes your video look authentic,  natural, Conversational, and professional.

And that’s why you need a professional voice-over artist to increase your video engagement and views.

10. Animate your video on YouTube

It is hard to capture the attention of your potential customer on any social media channel.  Animated content brings your product or service to life.

People stop to view your videos or posts, which helps to get more engagement and views.

Prepared expertly by creative directors and in-house animators and tailored to your needs. Fiverr gigs are here to help with all your animation needs!

Conclusion – YouTube Promotion Services

Thank you for reading this far. I hope you have found this helpful post. I have used Fiverr to grow my business and hire an extended team to rely on growing my business.

Do post any comment if you have any queries or comments? I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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