Top 10 Best Fiverr SEO Services to Skyrocket Your Search Engine Rankings

Due to the growth of digital marketing, the importance of SEO has grown over time. This Fiverr SEO website strategy is an online marketing technique for increasing the exposure of your site by optimizing it accordingly.

SEO raises a website’s search engine ranking by calculating a complicated algorithm. However, there are many tactics that you must be aware of to achieve a better rank in search engines, especially when there are millions of other websites.


It is challenging to do SEO yourself unless you know keyword research, on-page Seo, off-page Seo, and many other elements. In the absence of professional help, it isn’t easy to do everything on your own.

An experienced team helps in improving the rank of your website and provides it with more visibility. So, if you are also looking for SEO services for your website, why not hire a freelance team?

Why should you use Fiverr SEO Services?

Fiverr acts as a great source to find affordable and effective SEO services through its SEO gigs. These services are essential to have a better search engine rank for your website.

Therefore, there are multiple gigs available on Fiverr for SEO that is affordable and user-friendly. Fiverr allows you to explore a variety of options before you select the best gig for your website.


Fiverr is an excellent platform for newbies who are looking for services at affordable rates. You will be able to find multiple SEO services that can be extremely helpful for website ranking and SEO-friendly designing.

Once you are satisfied with the services you availed of, you can quickly proceed with helping higher services. You can also see the seller levels of these freelancers to be sure of the quality of the service you are about to avail. 

How to work on Fiverr as a Buyer?

Freelancing marketplaces are a boon for you if you are a budding startup or if you require services on a project basis.

Advantages of Buying on Fiverr

  • You can select the best seo services from sellers vetted by Fiverr like fiverr pro sellers or fiverr Recommended Sellers
  • For project requirements you can hire sellers on project basis or retainer basis, like monthly or regular basis.
  • You do not need to hire teams for gigs that you rarely require.
  • You can hire gig sellers based on customer reviews and ratings.
  • You can hire an entire freelancing team to grow your business.

How to work on Fiverr as a Seller?

Freelancing has become a popular name in the business marketplace. Fiverr is an excellent source of finding online freelance services. Looking at this reputation and opportunity, you might as well want to register and start working at Fiverr.

To begin with, you must have a good profile. The profile should be well established and professional. The buyer should find your profile catchy and attractive. Use a catchy description and impressive pictures that will invite more buyers to your profile.

It’s all a matter of how promising your gig description is and why the buyer should choose you over millions of others of Fiverr.

Fiverr‘s strategy of displaying gigs is SEO-specific. Therefore, to have a good rank in Fiverr searches, you must use appropriate keywords multiple times in both title and description.

To maintain a good reputation on Fiverr and be among the top freelancers, you must continue working on variants of the same gig rather than transitioning to others. That is a good strategy of earning more from being a freelancer on Fiverr. With a good reputation, you must also have a good marketing strategy and deliver quality work to have an impressive seller level.

Best Fiverr SEO Gigs

Below are some of the best Fiverr seo gigs to improve your Seo ranking. Also explained is how each gig will help you to grow your audience

1. Monthly SEO Service

This gig placed by the seller promises to provide Seo services every month. Backlinks are also offered as a service to deliver high-quality optimization for the buyer. 

The service covers on-page, tech repairs, continuing off-page marketing, and the buyer pays for the services every month. The package begins with providing less popular keywords.

Your site can achieve a decent rank in 2-3 months. Under this gig, at least 4-5 months is required to achieve more popular keywords.

After analyzing your website and working accordingly, a strategy optimizes the site to gain a better rank and position in search engines.

2. On-Page SEO Service

This gig recognizes the need to gain visibility for your website on search engines and lists its services accordingly.

On-page services work on the overall appearance of your website. These services aid your website with better description, title, optimization, and keywords and are necessary to enhance the website’s appearance.

Other essential factors are the content, Footer, Outbound Links, Images, and content. Along with this, you also receive better title and description advice and many other services necessary for on-page SEO.

3. Off-page SEO Service

Off-page SEO services provide content marketing, social media shares, and link building.

The next gigs ensure and promise high-quality off-page SEO services including white hat backlink services and guest posts outreach.

It analyzes your entire website for you and suggests areas that need improvement.

The gig ensures that users will not be presented with fake expectations and receive a hundred per cent efficiency and services necessary for better site ranking.

4. Advance SEO Service

The advanced SEO package provides both On-page and off-page SEO services. Both on-page and off-page optimization are necessary for your website to reach the required ranking on Google search engine.

That is what this gig promises to deliver. Everything is covered, from content optimization to website audit, under this monthly package.

The package also repairs any broken links and increases the speed of your issues. It fixes all of the technical errors to make your website SEO-friendly.

5. Ecommerce SEO Service

Following gig is an excellent package for an e-commerce website. Ecommerce websites involve marketing sales and transactions.

These online shopping sites are in desperate need of visibility to increase their sales. The Ecommerce marketing experts analyze your website and create a suitable eCommerce marketing strategy for your it.

Through this strategy, your website ranks better in google searches and is more visible than before.

Among the long list of promised services, you avail of both on-page and off-page services; Competitive keywords, title tag, link building, website audit, technical SEO, and much more.

6. Shopify SEO

If you are looking to generate more traffic for your Shopify site, then the following package is the ideal package for you.

It promises to enhance your Shopify site with the first given opportunity. After analyzing the site, the gig aims at providing you with the best keywords and suggestions to improve the overall appearance of the site.

It acknowledges the errors preventing your site from achieving better ranks and works to optimize your site. What’s best is that the freelancer also provides you with a video and written report of the work done to your site. 

7.YouTube SEO Service

This gig is specifically for the optimization of your YouTube channel. If you are looking for original views, subscribers, and watch-time for your YouTube videos, then this gig is the right one for you.

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It promises to deliver the services with the period of 3-5 weeks. The optimization service is an excellent booster for your channel provided by certified experts.

Order the gig immediately to make your YouTube videos and channel more visible.

8. SEO Audit for Website

The freelancer creates a professional audit for your website. Under the gig, you receive a well-analyzed strategy for your website via a zoom call with the service provider.

Rather than confusing you with technical advice, the service provider details step-by-step- analyses and guidance to audit your website. The gig ensures delivery within the mentioned timeframe, and your website will be among the competitors and doing even better than them.

9. Local SEO Service

The local SEO services are to generate more leads and traffic for your website. Both off-page and on-page services are provided under this gig to create colossal traffic for your website.

This optimization is necessary to attract more website consumers. The aim of the local SEO services is to rank or enhance the ranking of your Google my business page and Google maps. This helps to drive targeted local traffic to your business and helps generate more sales.

You can avail of the benefits from experts that do not just concentrate on a single element. Instead, they create a strategy to work on optimizing the entire website.

10.SEO Blog Post

The central part of your website that is responsible for traffic generation and SEO optimization is the content.

This gig claims to provide you with search engine-friendly content. The content delivered will be compelling and authentic to increase the percentage of your website’s visitors.

The service provider creates the content after detailed research of the relevant topic. Along with content, the service provided also provides quality images and relevant links for your website.

The gig delivers efficient content at affordable rates and promises delivery within the timeframe and with the agreed number of words.


Now that we have listed 10 Fiverr SEO gigs you can find online for your website optimization. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best among them. The variety of gigs allows you to explore and pick the most suitable gig that is most apt for your custom requirements.

I have been using Fiverr for more than 2 years and taking the advantage of my virtual team, on whom I can depend for the functioning of my regular business.

These packages are appropriate for any services necessary to make your website more visible and SEO-friendly. There is a lot of competition online, and there is a high chance of overshadowing your site by millions of other websites.

Therefore, it is better to avail the best SEO services for your website and make it more prominent.

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