20+ High Paying Flexible Part time Work from Home Jobs 2021

Are you interested in part time work from home jobs?

Companies offer work-from-home jobs to adjust to new workplace practices. This move towards remote jobs has been accelerated since COVID-19-infected countries became available.

Online part time jobs offer varying degree levels that fit your skills. You can stay at home with your loved ones and make some income on the side by working on projects that you like.

You get flexible schedule, working the low stress way, like 25-35 hours per week as per your preference.


These options are bookkeepers, support staff, computer software development, telehealth operators, transcriptionists, data entry jobs, teaching jobs and virtual assistant jobs, and many more.

In this post, we will be covering

How much does working from home pay?

Before you find jobs, you should understand the amount you could have brought home.

There are thousands of real online jobs available with verified employers to make good money while working from home.

Many websites promise to pay money online, but many are spam. But, don’t worry, many sites pay job seekers for time and work.


This is a pertinent question for how much work from home jobs pay seekers, who are looking for ways to earn and have some semblance of work-life balance.

How much work from home jobs pay can be pretty disparate, depending on the position you take on.

In the United States, the national average work from home salary is approx $40,000.

Your salary depends on the location, position, and market trends, i.e., the national average pay for the particular job.

Create a profile on Fiverr to get work from home jobs.

Part-Time work often involves an average of fewer than 25 hours per week. Fiverr users can create an attractive seller profile highlighting skills. Here job seekers can set the price for the gig and gig extras for additional works.

There are multiple small and medium businesses hiring job seekers on fiverr on daily basis.

Top 5 resources for flexible work from home jobs (part-time, remote jobs)

The below list of job search site provide legitimate work from home jobs. Just go for a job search and you will find various online part time job listings. On these sites you will find regularly updated available job openings, where you can find flexible jobs with competitive salary

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the largest online freelance marketplace where buyers and sellers choose to work online.

Part-Time work often involves an average of fewer than 25 hours per week. Fiverr users can create an attractive seller profile highlighting skills. Here job seekers can set the price for the gig and gig extras for additional works.

There are multiple small and medium businesses hiring job seekers on fiverr on daily basis.

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2. Indeed.com

Indeed is considered to be the largest job site in the world with more than 250 million visitors every month. Indeed provides free service for job seekers.

You can find work from home / part time home jobs on indeed. You can upload your resume, create job email alerts, search jobs, save them and apply to them.

3. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a subscription based service for job seeking individuals who are looking who are searching for remote work from home, flexible, home position.

Flexjobs is a legitimate job board which is popular for full time and part time work. It is rated A+ by better business bureau, if you are not satisfied you can get your money back.

4. Monster

Monster is a leading provider of jobs for job seeking individuals looking for full time or flexible, part time work from jobs. Monster provides listing of new jobs and is free for candidates.

Monster helps to connect companies looking to hire and candidates who are in search of new jobs.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers looking for jobs. Here clients post their jobs, interview and hire freelancers.

Upwork is trusted by small, medium and large companies looking to hire freelancers who are looking for additional income or full time income.

The above sites include live job postings. They are known to provide some of the best online jobs for part time workers.

Work from home jobs education and skills

What education /training is needed to work remotely will vary depending on each sector’s responsibilities/roles. Whatever the field of work for you, specific technical skills can put you into good positions with confidence, including: Are noise canceller headsets helpful? But ergonomic chairs can be effective in treating back pain.

Finding a remote work from home jobs can be a challenge. However, there are plenty of options available if you know where to look.

Here are 20+ high paying part-time work from home jobs to consider:

1. Web Developer


Web Developer Average Salary – $72,000 per year

Web Developer Job Requirements
If you are looking to find a job as web developer, it would be ideal to have a degree in web development. You can take courses to enhance your knowledge of web programming and graphic design skills.

2. Affiliate Marketing Manager

Affiliate Marketing Manager Average Salary – $70,000 per year

Affiliate Marketing Manager Job Requirements
Affiliate marketers require degree in computer science or related technology. Knowledge of digital marketing, eCommerce, lead generation, and performance marketing would be ideal.

3. Programmer

Programmer Average Salary – $67,000 per year

Programmer Job Requirements
Programmers require a bachlor’s degree in computer science or related technology. Knowledge of programming language and skills like problem solving, mathematical, and communication would be ideal.

4. App developer


App Developer Average Salary – $80,000 per year

App developer Job Requirements
The career for an app developer begins with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a relevant technical field. You need to have high-level programming skills. Some of the other skills required are a logical approach to problem-solving, analytical capabilities.

5. Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor Average Salary – $75,000 per year

Financial Advisor Job Requirements
Financial advisors generally require a bachelor’s degree in finance, mathematics, accounting law, or a relevant field. Candidates can take training under senior financial advisors. They can also look to get certified with certifications like Certified Financial Planner.

6. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst Average Salary – $80,000 per year

Information Security Analyst Job Description
A bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technology would be required. Suppose you have prior experience in the security field that would give you an added advantage. Certifications in the security field would also be ideal like Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

7. Sales Representative


Sales Representative Average Salary – $64,000 per year

Sales Representative Job Requirements
It would be ideal for candidates to have a high school diploma. Some of the essential skills employers are looking for are communication, active listening, rapport building, time management, organizational, and problem-solving.

8. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionist Average Salary – $16 per hour

Medical Transcriptionist Job Description
It is necessary to have a high school diploma to work as medical transcriptionist. Some companies require you to have training in medical transcription while other do not have this specific requirement. You can also gain a medical transcription certification to increase your chances of landing the job. Your key focus areas need to be typing, english grammar, computer skills, and accuracy.

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9. Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent Average Salary – $57,000 per year

Insurance Agent Job Requirements
A high school diploma would be an adequate qualification for this insurance agent job. The primary skills required for this job are problem-solving, customer service, communication, and negotiation.

10. Freelance Marketing Consultant


Freelance Marketing Consultant Average Salary – $56,000 per year

Freelance Marketing Consultant Job Description
Employers look for employees with a bachelor’s degree or diploma in the marketing field. Some of the critical skills of highly sought-after consultants are copywriting, communication, lead generation, knowledge of marketing automation software and social media.

11. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Average Salary – $18.20 per hour

Social Media Manager Job Requirements
A marketing degree is highly recommended for the social media manager position. You should have knowledge and experience in marketing. You need to have in-depth knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Critical skills for this position are content marketing, language, and writing skills.

12. Recruitment specialist

Recruitment Specialist Average Salary – $18.68 per hour

Recruitment Specialist Job Requirements
Employers look for bachelor’s degrees while hiring recruitment specialists. Candidates can also get certified with certifications like SHRM certified professional or SHRM senior certified professional. A few of the critical skills required in this field are communication, relationship management with human resources, Teamwork, and problem-solving.

13. Content Writer

Content Writer Average Salary – $18.94 per hour

Content Writer Job Requirements
Content writers generally have a bachelor’s degree or diploma. Various certifications are available for content writing, depending on the field. The critical skills required are writing skills, proofreading, SEO, and knowledge of writing software.

14. Online Tutor

Online Tutor Average Salary – $21 per hour

Online Tutor Job Requirements

To become an online tutor, you could have completed a professional course. For this, you need to be a subject matter expert in the particular subject you are teaching. Work experience and communication skills can be helpful in this field.

15. Interpreter/ Translator

Translator Average Salary – $46,200 per year

Translator Job Requirements
Ideal candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in the language of their choice. You can get certified by organizations that provide language certifications. The next step would be to build professional experience to your profile by doing volunteer work or internships.

16. Data Entry Specialist


Data Entry Average Salary – $15.90 per hour

Data Entry Job Requirements
Employers require data entry worker to have a diploma or college degree. They are looking for employees to have good typing speed and knowledge of office software.

17. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Average Salary – $19.39 per hour

Virtual Assistant Job Requirements
It is essential to have office work experience for administrative assistant job. It would be ideal to have a background in business administration. It would be helpful to know multiple office administrative software.

18. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Average Salary – $14 per hour
Customer Service Representative Job Requirements

You need to have a diploma or equivalent for a customer service rep job. Some of the skills you can learn in the on-the-job training. Essential skills for customer service jobs are communication and computing.

19. Blogger

Blogger Average Salary – $14.30 per hour

Blogger Job Requirements
Blogging might seem easy, but it requires professional writing skills. You would want to write creative, engaging posts to get more views on your posts. It would be best if you were good at proofreading your posts. To grow as a blogger, you can learn the SEO skills required for professional blog writers.

20. Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer Average Salary – $19.02 per hour

Graphic Designer Job Requirements
It is ideal for getting a degree or certification in graphic designing. It would help if you had a professional portfolio to showcase your designing skills. You can join work internships or agencies to get professional exposure in this field.

21. Accountant

Accountant Average Salary – $55,864 per year

Accountant Job Requirements
To get a job as an accountant, you need to have a degree in accounting. Most accountants join this field after earning a bachelor’s degree. To grow as an accountant, you need to get certified with certifications like CPAs (Certified Public Accountants)

FAQs about part time work from home jobs

What jobs can you do at the home part time?

There are many jobs that you can do at home part time. Some of the jobs are programming, blogging, medical transcription, data entry jobs, virtual assistant jobs, and more. You can refer to the 20+ jobs mentioned above in this post.

What kind of work can I do from my home?

You can do multiple jobs from home like customer service agent, online teaching, virtual assistant and more. You just need to be sure you have some prior knowledge, skills and experience in the relevant field.

What are the benefits of working from home?

Part time work from home jobs has many advantages like flexible hours of work, extra income while being with family. Working moms and dads looking to spend more time with family while making some extra income/ additional income.

Final Thoughts – Part time work from home jobs

Do you have a particular skillset or experience that would make you an excellent fit for one of these high paying part time work from home jobs? If so, don’t hesitate to apply. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start earning money from home. Good luck!