Gotomeeting Alternative – BigMarker Review

Are you planning to host a webinar?

Setting up and running a webinar can be chaotic

You will need to juggle webinar software, landing page software and your presentation slide software all while presenting  in front of your audience.

This can be overwhelming

You need a complete webinar solution so that you can just focus on your content and not worry about the tech stuff.

That’s what BigMarker is all about, a complete webinar solution that takes off all the worries out of webinar. Bigmarker is a worthy gotomeeting alternative.

Are you looking for an all in one webinar hosting platform?

This webinar software solves most of the problems faced by companies like conducting live webinars, livestreams, webinar series, paid webinars, automated webinars, meetings, marketing automation and more.

And you also want to have evergreen webinars, so basically this is like jack of all trades.

This webinar tool does all the things and you do not need to pay for multiple tools.

If you only do sales webinars then there could be a better tool for you, if you only do group coaching then there could be a better solution for that.

If you just need the one webinar solution that does everything well.

And for power users of live events this is an ideal solution as its loaded with tons of features.

It comes with a variety of editable landing page templates.

Including engagement features like Polls & Quizzes, Chat, Q&A and even invite people on screen to engage with presenters face-to-face.

BigMarker Review

BigMarker promises to be the no. 1 video platform for virtual conferences, summits and webinars.

Its recent upgrade provides virtual event solutions which help to host virtual conferences, conventions and summits. Interesting upgrade considering the current  times of Covid-19 where businesses are unable to have live conferences or conventions in halls or in public places.

Despite its claims it is slightly behind its competitor which is WebinarJam.

If you are a power user and need an all in one solution for meetings, webinars, live streaming on facebook or youtube this tool is for you.

But it you are looking for the best tool say for coaching, or say best tool for sales webinar then you can look for any other alternatives which we will be discussing a bit later in the post.

BigMarker Pros

  1. BigMarker’s user interface is very intuitive and well designed.
  2. Easy to use and customizable landing page templates.
  3. Power packed webinar room with many engagement and interaction related features like timeline builder to create professional automated events.

BigMarker Cons

  1. Offers for which can be presented as pop up will ultimately be closed by attendees so that they can focus on the presentation, and once closed you have to re-launch them. So ideal way is to engage with the audience and provide them a link which is non intrusive instead of a popup.
  2. Lack of one click sign up.
  3. Its slightly pricier unless you are looking for an all in one solution.

The starter plan features are listed below which includes 100 attendees and 1 host. Note it does not include Evergreen webinars and Webinar Series, that’s available in Elite plan.


Apart from the plans BigMarker also provides consultancy packages for any kind of support you require for their services, details and pricing are mentioned in their advanced and enterprise services.

BigMarker : Features and Benefits

Live Webinars

The software supports multiple webinar types like live, automated, recurring or on demand.

You get 15+ templates for building branded landing pages, which allows you to host content and capture leads.

Allows pushing customized email invites, email campaigns, reminders and you can configure automated email sequence that your audience receives.

Another interesting thing is that it’s browser based hence no downloads required, and it works seamlessly on all devices like Mac, PC, IOS and Android.

To engage your attendees using this webinar software you can host chats, Q&A, gather data will Polls, push offers and you can even invite attendee on screen to present face-to-face.

If you have ever hosted a webinar, you know that it’s an amazing feeling to present your content in front of your audience without any tech hassles and just concentrate on your content delivery.

Interactive Video

If you are a fan of customization and branding then you will like the features this software provides in terms of video customization.

You can custom brand the video player with your logo and theme color. On the video itself you can have Polls, Q&A, Handouts and offers.

Complete video tracking analytics is provided so that you can track how and in what ways your audience is engaging with your content. This helps to optimize future engagements.

Webinar Marketing

You can create custom branded landing page for any webinar or video that you host with this software.

This includes customized email management dashboard, wherein you can configure, schedule the email sequence for your audience.

Embeddable Lead forms and pop ups can be created to generate leads.

All the marketing features come with tracking so that you can optimize and analyze any aspect of your marketing efforts.

Webinar Automation

With this you can run pre-recorded webinars as if they are live, this helps you to market your one time effort to multiple audiences.

With automated webinars you can play pre-programmed presentations, send programmed chats, polls, offers and post handouts.

This frees you from manual presentation and you can just focus on your audience engagement.

Summits & Series

This feature allows you to host video based single summit, multi-day series or a course.

Instead of juggling with multiple tools, here you get all features like series microsite, landing pages, custom registration forms, email sequences with follow-ups, automation.

Also you can stream your summit or series directly on Youtube or Facebook live.


Channel is like a specific destination or area where you can load all your upcoming and recorded webinars.

It’s like your organizations web conference hub where you can engage with presenters and attendees in between the webinars.

Channel includes bulletin to post announcements and send private messages, shared calendar, and conferences page to register for the upcoming web conferences and watch recordings. Emails and share options to invite others to your webinar group


This webinar software integrates seamlessly with majority of CRM, marketing, email and course platforms.

The integrations include CRMs like ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Salesforce. Email integrations with Calendly, ConstantContact, Drip, Eloqua, Keap, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Mandrill, Marketo and Moosend. Landing page builders like instapage and unbounce.

It supports live streaming on youtube, twitter and facebook

Analytic program integrations, Course builders, payment gateway integrations and more.

Selling & Monetization

You can sell your products and services and also convert prospects into customers with webinar and video content.

This can help to build an automated funnel to drive business without additional efforts.

Integration with payment gateways makes things easier to convert your prospects to paying customers.

Partner On boarding and Training

This tool can be a useful tool for company training and partner onboarding.

Interactive training can empower customers to become experts in your product or service.

New users, employees or partners can be sent through right sequences of engagement to help transfer knowledge, access their progress and lead then to the next steps.

I have been searching the internet to see if I could find some reviews and many of the ones I found are positive


I searched the internet and found some reviews which seem to be positive. Refer below testimonials


BigMarker Alternatives

Top 3 alternatives of BigMarker are

  1. WebinarJam
  2. Zoom Meetings
  3. Crowdcast


WebinarJam is the best tool considering the sales and marketing features among the tools that I have tested.

It includes strong call to action during a webinar, you can add a scarcity timer or limited quantity of items available, with live updating whenever a new purchase is made.

Email marketing which includes sophisticated segmentation and follow-up marketing is way above the competition. It also includes tagging if someone left early, or watched till the end, whether they purchased the offer or not and more.

Pricing is also affordable, the only drawback is that you need to pay for a full year in advance instead of monthly.

Zoom Meetings

Zoom is basically a online meeting and group calling app which can also be used to host webinars.

It requires desktop to start the meeting and it is required to download and install zoom. Its user interface is a bit dated and not very user friendly.

There is a polling feature but you cannot time it, also you cannot create a offer or call to action to pitch a product.

You can record your webinar but there is no marketing focussed webinar replay feature, nor does it have any automation or evergreen webinar feature.

Zoom starts with a base price of $14.99 with limited features and if you add the webinar features then your monthly cost would be $54.99/month.


Crowdcast is mainly a live streaming and webinar solution. It seems to be inspired by social media networks.

It is easy to quickly schedule and start a live event, its user interface is very easy to use.

Crowdcast offers useful monetization features like selling access to your webinars, make webinars exclusively for your Patreon supporters and it also allows pay what you want donations during the webinar.

This app has very limited customization features, another drawback is limit of 2 hour webinar.

It comes with a good entry level offer with limited features.


BigMarker is an all in one versatile solution. If you need one tool  for live webinars, livestreaming, automated webinar and more then this is the best tool for you.

That brings us to end of this BigMarker Review. Hope you found it useful and do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any other questions about this webinar tool.

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