How to Cancel an Order on Fiverr – Complete Guide – 2022

It is a difficult situation when you need to cancel an order, but occasionally things do not go as planned, and there’s no other option than to cancel the order.

This is also true for Fiverr. There are such circumstances when canceling orders is your only choice and If you’re reading this article, it means you’ve made the decision to stop your order through Fiverr, but you don’t know what you need to do.

Don’t worry, and I’ll walk you through step-by-step in canceling an order placed on Fiverr regardless of whether you’re a seller or seller.

So, without further delay, we’ll dive right into it!

How To Cancel an Order On Fiverr?

No matter if you’re selling or buying, I’ll detail the cancellation procedure in both cases:

  • Cancel an Order on Fiverr As Seller
  • Cancel an Order on Fiverr As Buyer

First, let’s look at how sellers can cancel an order.

How To Cancel an Order On Fiverr As a Seller

For cancellation of an order placed on Fiverr for sellers, comply with these instructions:

Step 1: Go to The Order Page

Navigate to the order you would like to remove from your Fiverr account.

Step 2: Click on Visit the Resolution Center

Within the order form on the order page, select on Resolution Center.


Step 3: Select Issue

Choose the issue and how you’d like to address it concerning your order, and select Proceed.


You’ll have to pick one of the three options:

1. Extension of delivery time If the reason behind the cancellation of your order is due to time, you could request that the purchaser prolong the delivery time to ensure that you don’t have to cancel.

If you choose this option, you will need to select the number of days that you want to extend the delivery time and provide the reason you wish to extend the time.

2. Modify the order The scope that the purchase is being made has been altered. You are able to modify the order. Choose what you’d like to change in your order, and then explain the reason behind it.

3. The buyer should be asked to cancel the order: When you click this button, you’ll be presented with additional reasons why you should ask the buyer to cancel your order. As you’ll see below:


However, choose the most suitable reason if you didn’t find the reason to cancel the order on the list. Please select the last choice, ” Other,” and provide the reason for your cancellation.

Final Step: Add Details & Submit Cancellation Request

The last step is to inform the customer why you’d like to cancel the order and then click “Send.


That’s it!

Your dispute is submitted, and it’s now the buyer’s choice to either accept or deny your request.

If the buyer accepts your excellent, however, if it isn’t and you can prove a valid reason, you need to contact the Fiverr Customer Support team to request cancellation of your purchase.

If the buyer did not respond to your cancellation request within 48 hours, The order will be canceled automatically by Fiverr.

How To Cancel an Order On Fiverr As a Buyer?

To cancel an order made on Fiverr as buyer, take these steps:

Step 1: Go to The Order Page

Visit the page where you placed your order you’d like to change or cancel.

Step 2: Visit Resolution Center

Click your order page, select the Resolution Center on your purchase page.


Step 3: Ask The Seller To Cancel The Order

Choose the option to Ask The Seller To Cancel This Purchase on the following page. Choose an option listed in the list. Then click Proceed.

Final Step: Request Cancellation

If you choose to cancel the order, you will also need to state why you seek to cancel. After you have completed the form, then hit send.

All that’s left is it!

The cancellation request you make will be delivered to the seller, and the seller will be informed that you have requested cancellation. The seller must either take or deny the request in 48 hours. If the seller does not complete the process, your order will automatically be canceled within 2 days.

If the seller refuses to accept your cancellation request and has a legitimate reason for it, you must contact the Support Team of Fiverr.

What happens if my order is marked as complete and I do not connect to Resolution Center?

In this instance, you must discuss your request for a refund with the seller before contacting the support team, but you should be able to provide a reasonable reason to cancel the order. For instance, the seller used copies of materials that violated copyrights in the purchase.

If the seller isn’t cooperating and there isn’t any progress with the buyer, you must contact Fiverr Customer support.

Note: As per Fiverr’s TOS, Orders can only be canceled in the 14 days of the date the order is marked as completed. After that time frame, the order will not be canceled.

Resolution Center

Both our buyer and seller must work together on disputes relating to the purchase of the item and thereby avoid cancellation. You can resolve any dispute with a buyer using this section.

Types of Order Cancellations

When you cancel an active order through Fiverr, you’ll face three kinds of cancellations.

1. Mutual Cancellation

With mutual cancellations, both the buyer and seller will not have any difficulties regarding canceling an order as both parties agree to mutually cancel the order.

2. Buyer/Seller Requested Cancellation

The seller or buyer can ask for cancellation with an acceptable reason. For instance, the buyer requests cancellation when an order is marked exceptionally late, or the seller may demand cancellation if the customer isn’t responding.

When you’ve submitted a request, then it’s the buyer’s or seller’s turn to approve or deny your request.

3. Order Cancellation Through Fiverr Support:

If either side of the transaction between seller and buyer doesn’t accept order cancellation or if your cancellation is denied, calling customer support at the Fiverr customer service team can be your second and final option.

They will look over the case and decide to cancel for you if you have a legitimate reason to cancel the order. You must provide as many details as you can in your request to cancel the order on fiverr.

Reasons For Order Cancellation

The decision to cancel an order made on Fiverr can occur in various ways. Still, this article will discuss some of the most plausible and accepted reasons that allow either the seller or buyer to cancel an active delivery, completed, or order.

Active Order

If the purchase is marked late and the seller fails to reply within 24 hours.

If the user displays undefined behavior towards the other party, or if threats of low rating are made or using personal information against one another.

The service provider included copies of trademarks and copyrights infringing materials with the contract.

If the user is no longer in existence due to account deletion or the Fiverr Conditions of Service infraction.

Delivered Order

The seller did not provide the necessary service and marked the purchase with the status of “Completed.”

The seller provides documents that aren’t related to the agreed upon requirements.

The seller is asking for additional payments for work included on the job.

The seller has to delay the delivery without reason, which does not increase the rating.

The buyer asks for revisions but requests services that are not under the specifications.

A buyer may threaten a seller to drop a bad rating to obtain additional benefits from the vendor that is not in line with the agreed requirements.

Completed Order

The buyer has complained about trademarks and copyright-infringing materials within the purchase.

If the seller is using the trademark or copyright-infringing material but did not purchase commercial use rights.

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Canceling an order on Fiverr isn’t a difficult or complex process, especially when the buyers and sellers agree to cancel the order.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a customer or seller. When you’ve got an acceptable reason to cancel your order, then all you need to be done is go to The Resolution Center from your order page.

Choose the issue or reason for the cancellation of an order.

Tell the seller or buyer the reason you’re canceling this order. Submit your request, and then wait for the request to be accepted or rejected. If the buyer or seller doesn’t respond within two business days, Fiverr will automatically cancel the order on your behalf.

However, suppose a seller or seller rejects your request for any reason, irrespective of the reason. In that case, you can take the option of contacting the Fiverr customer support to settle the issue that you have with your other party.

I hope that all your questions about Fiverr cancellation of orders were addressed. If you have further concerns or wish to share your story, please let me know in the comments section.