How to Delete Fiverr Account? Permanently – 2022

In this blog post, I’ll give you instructions on how to delete Fiverr account. 

Contrary to many other websites as well as services Fiverr provides a user-friendly deactivation function that is that is built into the account settings.


After you delete your account, you may request that Fiverr completely erase all your data on their systems by contact their support department via email.

You must follow the steps below to delete your Fiverr account.

1. Sign in

Log in to fiverr website. You can log into your Fiverr account from any device, including a device, including a phone, computer or tablet.

It is not possible to close your Fiverr account if you do not have funds in your account and you have to withdraw the balance before beginning.


It’s not possible to open a brand new Fiverr account with an identical email address in the near future. 

If you believe you might need to set up another Fiverr account make sure you alter your email address first.

2. Click on your profile picture. 


If you’ve uploaded photos for your profile then you’ll see it in the top right corner of Fiver. If not there’s your initials there instead. By clicking this, you can open the menu.

3. Select settings from the menu.


It’s near the middle of the menu.

4. Choose one reason by clicking the menu. 


The “Account Deactivation” section is located at the end on the screen. Select the dropdown menu to choose the reason for you to deactivate the account. Fiverr account.

5. Write a brief explanation (optional ).


If you’d like to provide Fiverr more details about the reason the account is closed, you can type specific details in the “Help us become better” box.

6. Select the green Click Deactivate Account button. 


After a while, you will receive a confirmation message. This closes your Fiverr account.

7. Request for deactivating your account permanently (optional). 

Although your account has been closed but some of your data remains on the Fiverr servers until you request their support team to remove the account. Send your request at 


Within the text, you will see your name in the format it appears on Fiverr as well as an email address your telephone number, as well as the message “I have deactivated my Fiverr account, please delete my information permanently.”

FAQs – How to delete fiverr account?

Below are few frequently asked questions about how to delete fiverr account

Can I delete my Fiverr account and make a new one?

On Fiverr, your username and email id cannot be reused on a new account. If you plan to open a new fiverr account, make sure you update your email id before you close it. You can’t close a fiverr account when you have funds in you account.

What happens when you deactivate Fiverr account?

Once you delete your fiverr account, your account will be closed, but your account detalils like messages, public pictures and feedback comments will still be available on Fiverr.

How do I delete my Fiverr username?

To delete your fiverr username, follow the below steps
1. Select your profile photo on the top right corner on fiverr homepage
2. Select profile settings option, you will notice deactivate account section
3. Finally, choose the reason for leaving like “I have other fiverr account” or “I want to change my username”
4. Fiverr sends you email to confirm the account deactivation. You’ll receive an email to your current email address requesting to confirm if you want to deactivate your fiverr account. Click on the link in the email to confirm, your account will be immidiately deactivated.

Does deactivating your Fiverr account delete it?

No, a deactivated account is not deleted. Actually there is no direct account deletion option on Fiverr.

In contrast to many sites and services, Fiverr provides easy deactivation feature available in your account settings. After you delete your fiverr account, you can request Fiverr to permanently delete all your data from their servers by sending an email to their support team.

If you close your Fiverr account permanently, your profile will not be visible. You will not be able to reactivate your account again. You cannot use this same username and email address for creating a new account in Fiverr.

How to delete fiverr account permanently?

After deactivating your record, you can ask Fiverr to erase all of your data from Fiverr by sending email to their support team.

If you would like to change your fiverr username, check out this post – change fiverr username

Conclusion – Fiverr account deactivation

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Are you able to permanently delete your fiverr account?

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And you were able to close your fiverr account successfully after reading this post.

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