How to Make a Bot For a Website? Best Website Chatbot

Do you want to generate leads from you website?

Are you frustrated that you do get traffic to your website or landing page but no leads get generated?

Even you are unable to collect the email of the visitor.

Who knows if he found something interesting on your website? And what he was looking for?

You might have the best solution for something the visitor was looking for, but alas one more prospect lost.

You say you have a contact form on your website.

why people do not fill forms or long forms?

There is a science behind this. The science of micro-commitments.

When you ask someone to provide you their details in the form, it creates a fear response.

So to avoid this you need to find a way to engage with your prospects with small byte size questions, like a quiz, without triggering a fear response. Then gradually ask the next small question and so on.

For this you need to learn how to make a bot for a website.

This concept is best implemented by Chatbot apps which have proven to increase conversion rates, and collect.chat is a good chatbot app.

Why should you buy a Chatbot App?

You have a fantastic website with high traffic or you have a competitive product or service, but no one wants to buy your product or service? Or you are getting traffic and click through rates but this is not converting to sales.

We are talking about conversions here.

Conversion can basically make or break your business.

Chatbot app can help to collect leads that visit your website.

It can help you set up meetings, bookings or appointments with your prospective client.

It can help generate enquiries from your website.

These bots are proactive and available 24×7, so they reduce your worries about losing out on your prospective customers.

Messaging with chat bot is 100% automated. It changes the flow of conversation, based on the way your visitor communicates. And it chats with each and every visitor on your website or landing page.

So, creating conversations which drive engagement can help to grow sales with minimal effort.

Collect.chat  Review

Collect.chat promises to be a very useful chat bot app in the market today for lead generation.

It replaces web forms with an interactive chatbot.

Even if you do not have a website you can use shareable link of the chatbot

You can schedule appointments/meetings from your website. Firstly you can set your appointment question and availability preferences, share your chatbot via URL or add it to your website. All your booked meetings will be added to your calendar, giving you and your invitee reminders before your meeting starts.

You can build your chatbot in a few minutes without any coding, just using a drag and drop builder.  Also you get multiple question templates which help to ask relevant questions to visitors.

The only drawback is that you cannot use Collect.chat with facebook. If you want an all in one chatbot which works on facebook and on your website, then you can check MobileMonkey. MobileMonkey is rated as the best chatbot platform as per Entrepreneur.

How to make a bot for a website with collect.chat

Collect.Chat Pros

  1. Easy to use and customizable landing page templates.
  2. Meeting booking is a unique feature which it offers and this is not offered by other competitor chatbot apps.

Collect.Chat Cons

  1. Limited in features compared to competitors.
  2. Its slightly pricier than its competitors.
  3. You cannot make a facebook messenger chatbot with this app

The Lite plan pricing comes to $24 if you pay monthly and $18 if you pay yearly. It allows you 500 responses/conversations,  appointment booking, logical jump (conditional flow of questions based on user’s responses) and webhook (this is a notification sent via web when a conversation is completed). For custom branding, custom domain and other advanced features are only available in the standard plan which is $49 if you pay monthly and $35 if you pay yearly.

You can view all the plans and features in the image below

Collect.chat : Features and Benefits

Meeting Booking

The book a meeting or schedule a meeting feature is a unique feature which is not available with its competitors.

As per collect.chat the top 5 industries that benefit from chatbot apps are Real Estate, Travel, Education, Healthcare and Finance.

So it’s logical that decisions regarding buying a house, a course for education or any health related query requires a visitor to book or schedule a meeting. Obviously, these decisions are not made over phone or over the internet.

As a consultant having this feature is very useful on your website. Imagine your available meeting time slots can be easily booked by your clients and you are immediately alerted regarding the same.

This is how the booking works

How to Make a Bot For a Website
Dashboard View – Appointment booking
  1. Select the design colors and the operator avatar.
  2. Select the script ie if you want to get email, phone number, question or appointment.
  3. Once you select Appointment you will get option to edit it. Here you can set the available day, time. Also there is option to integrate with your Google Calendar
  4. After that you get the embed code which you can embed to your website, wordpress site, any website builder like shopify or use it as a shareable link.

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Email Notifications

Collect.Chat bots get enquires from your website as chances
of users filling emails are higher with chatbot.

Once the chatbot completes the conversation with your
visitor, an email notification is sent to your email address. The email address
can be configured via settings.

You can send the notification based on the question which
you select, like sales related question can be forwarded to your sales email id
and supported related question can be routed to your support email address.

Logical Jump

This feature makes the chatbot smart.

You visitor will be led to a particular conversation based
on the replies received, this is using conditional flow. This makes
conversation more interactive and interesting for the visitor.

Just see the below video which shows how exactly you can
implement the logical jump feature


Translate your chatbot

You get support for multiple languages. You can make a
chatbot in French/German/Spanish or any other language.

You need to take note that one chatbot will be available in
one language; if you want to translate the same bot into another language then
you will need to make a copy of it.

Google Analytics

You can track your chatbot conversations via Google
Analytics in real time.

First you need to login to Google Analytics and choose
Property settings, copy your tracking ID.

Paste the tracking id in the bot settings in the
collect.chat dashboard. Refer the below image

Tracking ID

After that you can test the event by chatting with couple of

On the Google Analytics dashboard, now you can goto REAL-TIME > Events to see the events live as you are testing. Refer the below image

Google Analytics – Track Event

Facebook Pixel

Like Google Analytics, you can track your chatbot
conversations via Facebook Ads Manager.

First login to Facebook Ads Manager and choose Pixels from
the main top menu, and copy the Pixel ID.

Now on the collect.chat dashboard, select settings for the chatbot you want to track, open tracking and past the tracking id, it will be autosaved. Refer the bot setting screen below

Facebook Pixel Setting

Now you can go to your website and start chatting with your
chatbot few times.

Under facebook, Events Manager you can see the events and track the particular events from the bot. Refer image below

Facebook – Event Tracking

Custom domain

The chatbot can be loaded on your custom domain when used in
landing page mode.

If you landing page URL looks like


Above can be set to load your site like


This can be set up in the following way from the dashboard.

Click on create and then share, also make sure your chatbot is in landing page mode at the top right corner. Refer the below image to see how to set example domain ask.chatbotfor.website

Custom Domain Setting

Now you will need to point the CNAME to the subdomain

ask.chatbotfor.website CNAME points to links.collect.chat

Once done you can load the chatbot from your URL.

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Collect.chat  Alternatives

Top 3 alternatives of Collect.chat are

  1. MobileMonkey
  2. Chatfuel
  3. ManyChat


Mobile monkey is a chatbot platform, which allows you to run
chatbots on facebook, your website, mobile app and more.

It is easy to use for a novice user and has features built
in for sophisticated behaviour.

It includes inbuilt chatbot forms, lead magnets, marketing
automation tools, you can use it for your wide range of marketing efforts like
SMS marketing, chat blasts, drip campaigns, list building and more.

A live human can easily connect the conversation and provide
the required answer with MobileMonkey.

Its free version comes with unlimited contacts and limited
features. The PRO plan starts with pricing of $19 per month ($14.25 per month
billed annually). It’s $49 per month ($36.75 per month billed annually) PRO
Unicorn plan includes all of the features except premium support.


Chatfuel is another widely used chatbot, which is easy to
use platform for building bots only for facebook.

Chatfuel uses Artificial Intelligence, so all text messages
which visitors send to your bot are going through your bot’s AI. By setting up
AI rules you’ll make your bot understand user phrases similar to those you
write and reply with some text or a block.

Chatbot is like a Swiss Army Knife, a multi-utility tool which
can help you with all kind of different goals and tasks.  It helps to cut costs, save time, boost sales and delight customers.

Chatbots by Chatfuel are used by big brands like Adidas,
Levi’s , T-mobile and more.

Paid plan of Chatfuel starts at $15 per month, this includes
unlimited users,  full featured bot, priority
support and more.


Manychat  is a great
facebook messenger bot for marketing, sales and customer support.

Manychat bots help you to get SMS opt-ins for your text
marketing, allow website visitors to subscribe via messenger, integrate with
your shopping cart with shopify.

Manychat also has a full video course on how to master chat

Its free plan has many features like unlimited subscribers,
two drip sequences, unlimited broadcasts, landing pages & web widgets and
more. Its pro plan for businesses with high growth plans starts at $10 which is
worth the advanced features it provides.


Collect.chat is a useful chatbot solution for websites. If
you need a chatbot tool for facebook messenger then this is not the recommended
tool for you.

That brings us to end of this Collect.chat Review. Hope you
found it useful and do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any other
questions about this chat bot.

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