How to make money in India for students?

In the digital age that we are now

You can secure positions that don’t generally need a degree.

In this post we will discuss how to make money in India for students.

You can gain skills with online courses which are more practical and result oriented.

The fascinating thing is these skills can open opportunities for individuals in companies which are looking for experienced candidates, individuals can show their live project experience and success that they have gained in the project.

This builds confidence in your employer as you have proven your skills with results and you stand a better chance than any individual who does not have any practical experience.

A student in college can learn skills and implement them practically via live projects before going for their interview. They can gain practical experience while they are in college and once they complete their degree. They have a degree + practical project based experience where they can showcase their skills to their future employer.

This makes it a win win situation right!

If you are an Indian student, and you are looking for a way to earn money, while gaining practical experience on projects, below are the ways you can earn money.

If you do not have skills browse the internet, learn from YouTube videos, online tutorials, or learn with the help of digital marketing courses

Options – How to make money in India for students

Take-up an Internship

People say that ‘interns are made to work the most’ or ‘life of an intern is almost a living hell’. Being honest, that’s not true rather Internships are the only kind of jobs where you are paid to develop a new skill.

So, if you are genuinely looking for an internship then you can check these websites.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. It was originally launched as a mobile survey app for Android and iOS developed by Google. The app allows users to complete surveys and earn rewards.

If you are a students resident in India and you need some pocket money, this may be one of the most successful and easy ways to do so. You can procure some ‘google play credits’ by filling these surveys by google. It’s a truly straightforward cycle, introduce the application, hold up until you get a notice for the survey, fill it and acquire google play rewards. You can recover these in the google play store.

Teach Something

Teaching is one of the most widely recognized techniques to gain cash as an understudy in India. You can either turn into a low maintenance mentor at one of the neighbourhood educational cost classes or check answer papers for them.

On the off chance that you are too occupied or sluggish that you can’t visit the educational cost classes then, fortunately, you can do something very similar on the web. Simply start an online seminar on sites like Unacademy or Udemy. Become an instructor and you are en route to bring in some fast cash.

Write Assignments and Complete Projects of others

Have you at any point had an idea like “I would better to pay somebody to do my school tasks for me?” Following the most aspect of the present college understudies, you may have considered the plan to “get my work done for cash”, in any event once. In truth, there is not something to be embarrassed about.

Numerous understudies approach more experienced individuals for help. They utilize the administrations of expert composing organizations as most understudies don’t know enough of how to manage scholarly papers so their teachers will submit it. Or on the other hand, rather, most understudies need to attempt to bear the cost of learning at top universities. That is the reason there is no choice to consolidate the examinations and work effectively without depending on somebody’s assistance.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this need, the following website will help you acquire some work in this domain:


This is probably the best kind of vocations to seek after in our cutting edge advanced world. Each business on the planet needs realistic substance at some point and there are so numerous great opportunities for visual originators out there. You can fall in and work for a built-up configuration organization, start your own designs business or even apply your abilities on an independent premise.

Write an E-book

Composing a digital book frequently isn’t viewed as something youngsters could do, yet it’s probably the most ideal approaches to bring in cash as an understudy!

Obviously, you can compose a physical book, however, there are more expenses and different gatherings remembered for that cycle than making an online book and selling it all alone!

Whatever your ability or message is, you can expound on it for cash!

The most effective method to sell it: After completing the composition, planning and everything around that, it’s an ideal opportunity to showcase it.

You can show it on Amazon, as well as sell it all alone through your web-based media, blog or online shop.

To sell an advanced item all alone, you need a site since terms and conditions and security strategy pages are legally necessary when you acquire cash with your item or site as a rule.


With a touch of assurance, you can turn into a paid freelancer, giving articles, movements, applications, administrator backing or whatever else to the world.

The advantages are in abundance. Not exclusively will it be an extraordinary experience for your CV at the same time, with the correct undertaking, the compensation can be truly tolerable as well. In this way, right away, here’s our definitive manual for turning into a freelancing achievement.


Note: Investment needed

We have at long last gone to my preferred thought: Creating a lucrative blog!!

Whatever you are enthusiastic about, you can expound on it and tell the world! However, we should get into how to adapt it.

To begin with, you can acquire cash by setting promotions on your site. The more traffic you get, the more cash you procure.

Another path is with member joins. By advancing others’ items and administrations, you can get a little pay for suggesting it, much the same as I connect items in my presents on suggest something!

Become a YouTuber

Ever considered beginning Youtube? Same! Furthermore, I’ve done it. I didn’t generally go insane, neither did my supporter number, however, I despise everything made two or three hundred bucks with my perspectives.

So in the event that you can be devoted, predictable, and applicable with your station, it’s a great method to bring in cash as an understudy!

Step by step instructions to do it: Set up your record, pick a decent name (I realize that is more difficult than one might expect, however, take as much time as necessary with it. Additionally, don’t present your URL name yet. In the event that you do, you can’t transform it on the off chance that you choose to change your record name!

From that point onward, you should create great and significant recordings, use labels and catchphrases in the depiction, and reliably transfer new recordings.

When you’ve arrived at 1000 endorsers and 4000 hours watch time inside the most recent a year, you can apply for Google Adsense.

In the event that you aren’t 18 yet, you can without much of a stretch include a watchman’s data and still get paid until you turn 18, after which you can simply change the data to your own.

On the off chance that you’d like me to compose a different and more definite post about how you can bring in cash with Youtube, let me know in the remarks.

Coding/ Programming

This is one of the best way to make money as a student (especially if you are coding/programming student) and join the digital side of the world nowadays. The web is brimming with programming assets and exercises on different sites like Khan Academy, YouTube, and numerous different stages. You can become familiar with these aptitudes for nothing and you can purchase certain courses that have more modern showing strategies and activities. The exercises you purchase typically offer assistance from the teachers, so they are deserving of the venture.

You can figure out how to fabricate programming and answers for different client issues. You can fabricate an answer that would profit different organizations and sell it. You can likewise create instruments to improve existing programming.

Final thoughts

I know this article was pretty long, but as you reached here, I congratulate you my friend, it means that you have enough motivation to start. Motivation is like fire, if we don’t feed it, it disappears!

So this is the right moment to put this motivation in good use, and here I will give you the secret of success; it is KNOWLEDGE, gather the more information you can, learn, unlearn, fail, adapt but do not stop and believe me; You will be UNSTOPPABLE!


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