How to make money on Fiverr? Top 10 Gig Categories

Do you like to know “how to make money on Fiverr?” Read this content, and you will be able to understand how to make money with Fiverr. In case you are new on Fiverr. And don’t have the foggiest idea of bringing in cash on Fiverr, then read this article.


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces for freelance services. It provides a platform for freelancers to provide services to customers across the world.

Fiverr offers both Buyer and Seller a carefully smoothed-out exchange platform. Fiverr is an online platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect so they can purchase and sell digital services. It takes its name from the $5 gigs, which is the pricing for basic work tasks.

The fundamental objective of Fiverr is to transform the way the world collaborates. Fiverr connects businesses with consultants that provide sophisticated services in more than 300 categories. Fiverr marketplace is for independent freelance services with low-cost providers from all over the world.

The thought behind their image is to smooth out the method involved with recruiting or getting employed as a specialist. The online platform removes the broker of recruiting, terminating, and HR divisions.

Small and medium businesses can finish things on a more made-to-order premise, and consultants have the opportunity of offering their services to any business.

Fiverr allows customers to pay ahead of time for Gigs, for any advanced assistance like WordPress development, logo configuration, writing services, video editing, to even voiceover work.

As a Fiverr seller, you basically sell your skills online. And how much do you get paid on Fiverr depends on the demand of the particular service and the price that you set for the Fiverr service?

Although all services were initially priced at $5 when the site was launched, experts may now charge whatever they like and provide bundle arrangements or Gig plans.

The next section will cover how Fiverr works.

How does Fiverr work?

  • Fiverr operates by letting customers pay in advance for “gigs,” which can include everything from website development to web-based media promotion to copywriting.

    At the point when Fiverr previously dispatched, all gigs or Fiverr jobs were starting and estimated price of at $5; however, presently, independent vendors can choose to charge more or offer different service plans having different work specifictions.

    Orders are usually finished within several days, but the delivery period is defined by the seller, and it may take longer if the seller has a queue of orders.

    When your order is completed successfully, the supplier will be reimbursed 80 % of the total request value. For instance, a $5 gig implies the specialist will get $4 for a finished request.
  • As an expert or as a buyer, you can see the site in two distinct ways. To begin, I’ll define the words they use on their website, and then I’ll explain how the interaction between the buyer and the dealer works.

What are Fiverr Gigs?

A small task offered on Fiverr is known as a Gig and is likewise alluded to as a ‘miniature work” that begins at $5. What that fundamentally implies is that the base cost for any task is $5; however, the request could be many dollars with any extra features provided (known as “Gig Extras”).

Creating your Gig on Fiverr is an opportunity to showcase your ability. The platform empowers you to furnish likely purchasers with the entirety of the essential data they need to settle on the choice to work with you.

Selling on Fiverr is not that difficult, provided you follow some steps which are discussed in this post.

Depending on the kind of service offered and the time required to finish the Gig, a seller can end up getting multiple orders in a day and bring in some nice cash. To get steady Gigs orders that compensate fairly, as a consultant, you need to be consistent with the rating and reviews that you get from the buyers.

If you are consistently able to deliver quality services within the agreed timeframe, the buyers will be happy to provide you with good reviews/ratings, which can help you to get regular orders.

How much do Fiverr Gigs cost? 

Fiverr specialists charge somewhere in the range of $5.00 and $995.00 per project. There is no membership or sign-up expense. The specialist/seller keeps 80% of every gig service fee.

Would you like to know “how to become a seller on Fiverr?” Below section helps you with this.

How to get Started on Fiverr

In this section, we have listed the steps on how to get started on Fiverr.

1. Register New Fiverr account

  • From Fiverr‘s landing page, click Join.
  • Enter your email address and snap Continue
  • Choose your username!
  • Choose your secret word and snap Join.
  • You are currently enrolled on Fiverr! If it’s not too much trouble, browse your enrolled email address, as you will get an email to initiate your record.
  • Within the initiation email you get from Fiverr, click Activate Your Account

2. Create a Fiverr seller profile

  • Select Become a Seller from the dropdown menu by clicking on your profile image.
  • Return to the page where you were routed and click Become a Seller to begin the onboarding process. These recalls viewing three videos on how to use Fiverr as a business. This should now appear on your screen:
  • After you’ve completed viewing the videos, you’ll be sent Fiverr’s advice on how to create a successful Fiverr profile and what to avoid as a seller. Then press the Continue button.
  • Complete the compulsory fields (as set apart with a mark). Make certain to finish your onboarding utilizing just honest and exact data with respect to your preparation, working experience, and abilities.

3. Create a Fiverr Gig

  • Click on Selling and then Gigs from your Fiverr landing page.
  • Make a new gig by clicking the button.
  • Create a Gig title, then choose from a variety of classifications and meta descriptors.
  • Set a price for your Gig.
  • Write a description of the Gig as well as a FAQ.
  • Enter the Requirements field.
  • Include photos or a video with your job.
  • Publish your gig.
  • Done. This is how you become a seller on Fiverr.

4. Send Offers to Buyers.

  • As a seller, log onto your Fiverr account.
  • Go to More – > Buyer Requests to see what’s available.
  • You’ll discover purchase requests on this screen. Move your mouse over the purchaser demand you’d want to apply for.
  • You’ll find the Send Offer button here. Simply press the button.
  • A new pop-up window will appear.
  • Choose the Gig that will be used to convey the buyer’s demand.
  • After you’ve chosen a gig, you’ll be contacted to fill in the details.
  • Featured in Explain in the Describe Your Offer box why you are the best candidate for the job.
  • Also, pay attention to the Delivery Time, Amount, Number of Revisions, and any other important details.
  • After you’ve finished writing everything, click Submit Offer.
  • You have effectively sent an offer.
  • The buyer may ask any queries via messaging or if he is clear then he will accept the offer and you can start work on the gig once you have the requirements.

How to make money on Fiverr – Top 10 Fiverr Gig Categories

Listed below are some of the most popular Fiverr gigs/categories. Here you will find some of the best Fiverr gigs to get started.

1. Video promotion services

Fiverr videos promotion gigs range from $100 to $10,000 per gig. Video marketing is one of the most profitable categories for a variety of Fiverr gigs.

Truth be told, interest in these types of services has increased by over 100 percent in the last few years, making it a profitable alternative for people with video expertise.

Preparing video recordings, video editing, advertisements, SEO for Youtube are all services provided in this category.

There’s also a sizable market for businesses looking to expand their presence via video marketing. You’ll find jobs looking for video management/promotion on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

2. Website Development Jobs

Fiverr web design services range from $50 to $2,000 per assignment. One of the most lavishly rewarded professions on Fiverr appears to be planning and creating a website.

Even though there are several ideas for site concept, design, and coding, you will have greater revenue flow if you can accomplish all three. The design of a website for a business on the internet is quite popular.

Buyers are searching for vendors who can develop their businesses using platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.

3. Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services generally range from 5 US Dollars to 1,000 US Dollars per order or more depending on the type of design services required.

On the Fiverr freelance marketplace, there is no deficiency of professional graphic design services. It is one of the most popular categories on the site, with more than 11,000 accessible gigs.

Regardless of whether you work in T-shirt, logo design, or business card design, animation, or any custom requirement, you shouldn’t have an issue.

If you work from home, are skilled, and know how to make money on Fiverr, there is no limit to how much money you can make on Fiverr. And your Fiverr earning keeps increasing as you get to higher levels of Fiverr.

With Fiverr, you as a freelancer can work from anywhere on the planet while putting your skills to work — and obviously, get compensated.

4. Copywriting Services

Fiverr writing jobs range from $15 – $900 per gig. You don’t have to be a techie to make money on Fiverr!

In case you’re a scholar, you also can bring in additional cash by offering your copywriting services.

There are several writing opportunities available, notably in the field of copywriting.

We can find varied services like sales email writers, newsletter experts, press release writers, bloggers, and even digital book authors, for example.

 5. Translation Services

Translation services on Fiverr range from $5 – $370 per gig. If you can communicate in more than one language, you can, without much of a stretch, make additional money by interpreting reports for other people.

Organizations usually require multi-lingual experts who can decipher various documents and articles.

On Fiverr, you may also find buyers who are looking to learn a new language. You can also find students willing to pay for a private language tutor.

6. SEO Services

Fiverr seo services range from $30 to $900 depending on the complexity of the job.

With the ever-increasing popularity of search engines, more and more companies want to rank on Google to get more traffic to their site and improve their online sales. There is an increasing demand for SEO services for Google and Youtube.

SEO services are itself a vast category, you can provide services like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, website audit, backlink services, Local SEO, and more.

7. Voice Over Services

Fiverr voice-over services range from $10 – $275 per gig. Voice over work is a well-known gig, for any event, advertisement, video promotion, and more.

All you need to search and select a wide range of voice-over services or gigs available.

You can find a number of Fiverr jobs for various types of voice-over services. American accent, British intonation, male, female, and so on.

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8. Social Media Services

The typical range for social media services starts from $10 and can go up to $1,250 per gig depending on the gig specifications. The trend for social media promotion is on the rise, as many companies start to emphasize digital presence.

Depending on your creative skills and professional experience, you can make a considerable amount of income by providing social media management services to start-ups or enterprises.

Buyers are searching for everything from social advertisement, social content creation, and creative social posts to boost their social media presence, to help build their brands.

9. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistance services range from Pay: $10 to $100 per gig. As a remote assistant, you’ll be able to work from wherever you choose in the world!

If you’re able to communicate, coordinate and work as per the timelines as per buyer requirements, working as a remote admin is a decent alternative.

Fiverr has a large number of remote assistance gigs. These include services like data entry, online research, graphic design, social media management, blog post, and more.

10. Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services could range from $10 to $800 depending on the type of gig.

Email marketing can get customers for any business if you are providing valuable information via your emails.

Email marketing services include b2b or b2c lead generation mail campaigns, autoresponder mail series, emails to get you more sales, and more.

Getting More Sales on Fiverr

Fiverr is quite possibly the most mainstream locale for securing on the web ranks and administrations. With these lines, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why there are a great many consultants searching for work — which could make discovering a gig very aggressive. Do you want to know “how to make money on Fiverr?” Read this content, and you will be able to understand how to make money on Fiverr.

When you want to sort out some way to bring in cash on Fiverr, you’ll need to follow a couple of fundamental stages to make yourself stand apart from the group and increment your odds of being recruited.

Pros of Fiverr

Freedom: As a Fiverr seller you have the freedom to set your price, your timelines, and specifications for the gig that you sell to the marketplace.

This freedom is one of the main factors that attract freelancers to this platform.

Confirmation of Payment: Because all purchasers should settle in advance, you’re 100% destined to be paid for your work. We don’t have to be concerned about dealing with suspect individuals or groups.

Potential to learn and get Tips: Fiverr permits, and even motivates buyers to leave a tip for their vendors. We’ve heard that more than half of consumers tip, with the average amount being about 20% of gig value.

Good for Beginners: Since most positions are simple, and valued low, you shouldn’t have an issue completing the gig tasks.

The best part is that you can enhance your skills while working on gigs, this helps to make some additional money while developing your Fiverr rating.

As you get more experienced and when you have more 5-star ratings, you can increase charges for your gigs.

Working with Different Clients great things about working with Fiverr is working with a variety of customers and tasks.

You truly will encounter various sorts and styles of work, which is extraordinary. What’s more, if some clients are happy with your work they can become your permanent customer on Fiverr, and regularly purchase gigs from you.

Cons of Fiverr

Fiverr Commission: Although it’s normal to take a commission per gig transaction, Fiverr’s 20% commission is a bit on the higher side. But, this is how Fiverr makes money. Note that this 20% likewise applies to tips you acquire from your purchasers.

Fiverr justifies this commission by saying that they have to maintain, service, and enhance the online marketplace which is also a fact.

High Competition: Compared to other freelance marketplaces, Fiverr is known for offering gigs at an exceptionally low cost.

The competition is high for services that are in high demand.

If a buyer is searching for an affordable solution to his requirement, they’ll discover a lot of vendors who can provide the task at the required rates.

What is Fiverr Pro?

Few years back Fiverr initiated a feature called Fiverr Pro which included the top 1% of freelancers on the Fiverr marketplace.

Fiverr Pro’s are verified by Fiverr staff, they have to go through a tedious application process so that only the highest quality service providers are approved.

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Fiverr Vs Upwork

If I talk about Fiverr competitors, the first name that comes to my mind is Upwork.

Upwork and Fiverr both are popular platforms for freelance jobs. But which one is better?

The key difference between Fiverr and Upwork is the way of working with clients or buyers.

On Fiverr, each gig describes a specific task that you provide for an agreed set price. You can offer different packages like gold, silver, and bronze that offer different sets of deliverables with their respective prices.

You can also offer Gig extras that allow customizing the services further. Hence the seller has listed his gigs like products he has to offer with the set pricing.

Hence on Fiverr, the buyer can straightaway buy any particular gig if it meets his requirement, without any discussion with the seller.

On Upwork, the seller has to constantly pitch for new jobs. If you want to work on more jobs, you need to proactively pitch to relevant jobs.

The choice between Upwork and Fiverr, depends totally on your personal requirements and convenience.


Hope you found this post useful and were able to find gigs that you can provide on this platform.

It could provide you with a second source of income, and help you to earn some extra dollars for doing some tasks which you love to do or enjoy doing.

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