How to Secure a Website? – 4 Easy Steps to follow!

If you own a website, it is essential for you to know about how to secure a website. Although, you do not need to be a security expert but you need to know ways to keep your website safe and secure.


Reasons why website security is essential for business:

Now is the period when people rely entirely on websites to buy things regularly and provide personal information like credit card numbers, names, and social security numbers. This information is handy for a hacker’s malicious purposes.

The company protects the data by encrypting it before sending it forward to ensure safety. Although the hacker may not harm the customer’s information, they can eventually create and install a virus that affects the equipment’s operation. To compensate for the loss, the corporate would incur high costs to maintain its stability.


Sucuri is a company that works and invests in website security, which is beneficial when running an internet business. 

As a result, the corporation needs to safeguard its exclusive software and systems. If the firm wants to protect its website and business, it needs to be two steps ahead of the competition.

When competitors discover your company at the top, they threaten to reveal the information to harm your firm’s reputation to secure its business, and Sucuri provides these services to corporations.

Below are the benefits of making your website secure:

1) Protect your customer:

The first and foremost step is to protect the data and information of your customer-related to business. The time has come when the person relies on the websites for purchasing products daily and gives their personal information such as date of birth, credit card information, names, and social security number.


This information is very beneficial for a hacker’s ill intentions. The company should protect the data by encrypting it before sending it forward to ensure safety.

2) Protect your assets:

The website there is also the name of a company which manufactures physical machines and equipment. In respect to the fact that the hacker may not harm the customer’s information can ultimately produce and install the virus/malware that impacts the website’s working.

The owner should work and invest in website security, which helps run a business smoothly.

3) Secure your reputation:

Website security is a mandatory step to secure the reputation of the company and business. Poor reputation causes the drowning down of the business, and the company wants to achieve the faith of people towards its brand name.


4) Protect your personal information:

Some companies provide proprietary applications, information, or system hidden from the public but can be visible for the sight of a hacker. Hackers can use or expose this information because the irreversible harm of the company results in business collapse.

To overcome the loss, the company would pay a large amount of expense for its stability. So that company should protect the proprietary applications and systems to shield the business.

5) Prevent loss of sale and gets you competitive leverage:

Many companies suffer from the loss of sales. Hacker targets the company sales and interrupts the system. If your site is unprotected, it can be easily hacked.


The direct sales will be missing out and suffering the loss. The owner should take practical steps to protect the sale of the company to save the business from collapse.

If the company wants to secure its website and business, it should be ahead of its competitors. When the competition finds your company at the top, they threaten to expose the information to decline your company’s reputation.

About Sucuri 

Daniel B. Cid, known as a founder of a project named OSSEC, launched in 2010 started the company called Sucuri.

The scan will display all kinds of information related to the website’s security by whoever is using this tool.


In Delaware, the Sucuri Company appeared as a private limited liability company in 2010. Soon after, in 2011, the Suruci Company invited Dre Armeda as a co-founder of the company.

Furthermore, the third co-founder who joined the company team was named Tony Perez.

In March 2017, GoDaddy was another brand that acquired the Sucuri company but ran itself as an isolated brand.

They offer a website security scanner, and they provide the link for scanning, which is

In 27 countries around the world, Sucuri hires 100 or more employees.

Sucuri website security:

The system that monitors the malware on the website and provides security in the business aspect significantly prevents spyware for websites and appears as web-based applications.

Best for:

The tool is used to monitor website malware and hacks significantly to ensure website security for small and medium businesses by monitoring continuously. It shields your website from external attacks and prevents incidents.


Price of the Sucuri website security:

They have a lack of a free version. They do not provide a free trial facility. The cost of a basic Sucuri website security plan is $199.99 per year per site.

All their plans come with 30 day money back guarantee, so incase you are not happy with their services you can get a refund.

How to secure a website for free?

To secure your website, you need to follow a few steps which will protect your website.

1. Use Secure Web Host

So the 1st step is to use secure, authentic web hosting for your business. There are many web hosting services available, but you have to focus on using a reliable and authentic one because security is a significant element for any online business.

Finding genuine and dedicated web hosting is complex, but I recommend Sucuri to start with because it provides robust security, the best customer service, along with cost-effectiveness.

2. Install SSL Certificate

The 2nd step is to install an SSL certificate for your website. SSL is a secure socket layer that protects and safeguards the information and data of visitors who visit your website.

This data security can be made available through an SSL certificate. The good thing is that you do not have to bother about this because Sucuri provides you with an SSL certificate within your price range with total security and reliability.

3. Use Strong Passwords

The 3rd step is to use a strong password containing a combination of alphabets, numbers, and characters with a minimum of 15 characters.

For this purpose, you can take the help of Sucuri to generate a strong password. Sucuri generates and stores passwords for you.

4. Regular Backups

The fourth step is to set up a Backup system because you can recover your data through your stored information in case of any loss. Backup can be done manually and automatically.

I recommend an automated backup system because you do not need to think about it. For this purpose, I recommend Sucuri. It gives you a manual and automatic backup to your online business and website with excellent security and reliability.

Why is my website not secure?

Websites that contain HTTP are considered not secure sites, which means that data and information of your visitors are at stake and can be stolen, hacked, and misused.

To fix your website from insecure to secure, you have to install an SSL certificate for your online business website, which gives you a connection of your browser with a secure and authentic server that encrypts your data and information.

It should also ensure that both internal and external sites link correctly and effectively. For this, you have to convert an HTTP site to HTTPS. Next step is to update your XML site map to Google Search Console to help you navigate your website easily on the Google browser.


In addition, you have to collaborate with a cybersecurity provider who gives you security services for your website, which includes checking and removing virus and malware, susceptibility fixation, and building a web application firewall (WAF) to resist your website from malicious and malware traffic.

How do I change my website from not secure to secure? (Permanent and Recommended Solution)

You can secure your website by opting Sucuri because it provides plans that encrypt data and information of your customers and visitors by establishing an SSL certificate that builds a secure link between the customer’s browser and your server, which shows that every data will be safe, secure and private.


So, Sucuri is a digital security provider currently serving millions of customers for their website security requirements. The core features of Sucuri are listed below

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Web Site Protection
  • Website Performance (Speed) Enhancement
  • Support for Hacked Site Recovery
  • Backup Service for your Website

Apart from the core services, below listed are all the services covered in their basic plan

  • Malware and hack removal by security experts
  • Malware removal SLA
  • Post-cleanup Report
  • Advanced security scans every 12 hours
  • Blacklist monitoring and removal
  • SSL certificate Support & monitoring
  • Hardening and Patching to stop hacks
  • Web Application Firewall – Cloud based firewall that actively blocks malicious traffic.
  • HTTPS and PCI compliant firewall protection
  • Advanced DDos mitigation
  • CDN (Content delivery network) for website speed improvement
  • High Availability with help of load balancing and server failover configurations.
  • Support for all CMS (content management systems) and hosting providers.
  • 24x7x365 support.


Website security is essential for business because the price of $1.7 million is required to overcome and fix the damage.

If a person runs a small or medium business, the system breach or scam is the highlighted cause of the business collapse.

In this article, we’ve written some reasons to prove that the website’s technical security is essential.

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