Moosend Review – Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business in 2022

Moosend is a simple easy to use best email marketing software for small business that helps keep your clients engaged and happy. In this Moosend review we will discuss its features in detail.

Most companies using Moosend email marketing tool are more than satisfied with features like email services, lead generation features, reporting, and analytics, value for money which help raise their ROI.


What is Moosend?

No matter what the marketing environment is changing, email advertising remains the best and most effective method for nurturing leads.

How to optimize your marketing campaigns with email? E-mail marketing is important for enhancing client relationships, but only once per message per message.

The greatest challenge of utilizing email advertising is selecting a good service provider.

Moosend is an email marketing platform that offers simple email marketing services aimed at increasing lead nurturing strategies rapidly and successfully.

Why should you use Moosend Email Marketing Tool? Is Moosend Reliable?

Good question, right, because the below companies are happy customers.

Moosend Clients

Moosend has above average reviews on G2 and Capterra

Most of Moosend customers have stated the ability to use real-time analytics to boost sales. The advanced automation system also offers an efficient method to send emails and schedule them in bulk. Customers liked sizing customer profiles and integration with APIs.

Moosend is still working on improvements. Many customers complained to customer support at Moosend after switching from a pay plan. In the meantime, Moosend plans to update the CRM platform for better customer communication.

Mooseend is an email marketing and marketing automation software that is used by established businesses worldwide such as TEDx, Vogue, Ogilvy, and many more.

The platform is suitable for email marketers of all skill levels, since its top features such as AB testing and list segmentation do not require coding knowledge to use. 

Not only large companies but small businesses also like Moosend refer below.

Moosend Review

Your complete guide to Moosend

Whatever the landscape changes marketing, emails remain the best way to get new customers.

Currently few products on the market offer this kind of unlimited access to your users or customers. Using emails, a business can strengthen its connection with customers by simply writing messages.

This would be difficult without the solution. One of the biggest difficulties in using Email Marketing is choosing a suitable email marketing service. Email marketing has many different applications.

How does Moosend work?

Moosend enables you to manage email campaigns, build weekly newsletters, lists of newsletter subscribers & much more.

The company’s e-mail marketing platform Moosend also helps track the behavior of customers.

It also includes an easy email editing interface, as well as a number of email templates enabling you to customize a specific email campaign.

Using landing pages, Moosend increases the conversion rate on the website.

Moosend Landing pages

Moosend includes landing page builder that support your goal of high conversion rates.


With Moosend you will be able to create landing pages easily, which helps in better google ranking and are fast loading. The landing pages are adaptable to all devices.

Moosend offers many great features that will assist you in collecting leads. Built-in landing page builder has drag-and-drop capability, enabling easy creation of the user experience they want.

There are tons of customization options, from moving, adjusting, cropping or arranging functions, to a selection of templates for beautiful website designs that you can easily use.

Fast loading pages are also an additional bonus. Moosend has dozens of web pages designed to be easy to navigate and to attract visitors to your site.

Note that landing pages are available on paid plans.

Moosend Landing pages are worth the money considering the below tools and features that are available.

Bottom Line: Email marketing solution with easy-to-use features to help marketers successfully create, execute and measure their campaigns. 

  1. Google Analytics Pixel tracking
  2. Facebook Pixel tracking
  3. Anti-bot protection
  4. Custom javascript options
  5. WordPress Plugin
  6. Free SSL
  7. Create different labels for different clients or campaigns
  8. Page versioning
  9. Custom Fonts
  10. Built-in forms
  11. GDPR Compatible

Moosend Pricing

With robust email marketing tools and subscriber-based pricing plans, Moosend is an excellent solution to grow your business online with powerful email marketing tools and pricing plans based on number of subscribers.

Moosend pricing is based on pay peruse. It provides a generous free plan which allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 1000 contacts.

If you have a diverse audience and need to create multiple landing pages, then you should go for the Pro plan for the landing page editor

Moosend Paid plans are value for money when compared with most other email marketing providers.

Moosend Email Layouts / Templates

Like many of the leading email marketing tools on the market today, Moosend reduces the complexity of designing email campaigns by giving you a drag-and-drop system where you can simply pull the elements you want for your campaigns into the email page.

There’s also a ton of ways to personalize your templates before they reach your audience.

Moosend has approx 70+ ready-to-use templates to choose from for your marketing campaigns, so you will find something useful no matter which industry you belong to. 

The most successful email marketing campaigns have to include attractive templates. Obviously, if you know HTML code, you could easily write a simple email.

Many customers prefer the simple route and simply pick a custom solution. Moosend template is a great option for simplicity and professional design.

Moosend has many Customizable templates that can be chosen according to industry or campaign you are sending. In addition to customization you can use templates for different purposes.

The templates include easy to use drag and drop editor that helps customize your email campaign without any programming skills.

If you know to program, you can also edit the HTML code alongside the visual template builder. 

Moosend Email Marketing Campaigns Creation

We already saw that you could create email campaigns with an easy drag and drop visual editor or Html using the various templates.

Below are some of the other cool campaign features

  1. Source your images from stock photos, google drive, Facebook, giphy, dropbox, or Instagram.
  2. Add e-commerce features like discount code, product block, cart abandonment, and product recommendations.
  3. Enhance engagement with personalization, using a countdown timer to create urgency, or by adding a video.

Manage Multiple Email Campaigns with Automation

Email marketing automation can help convert Power of the e-mail. It creates a relationship with prospects and consumers that allows you to become known.

The Moosend platform is a great tool to guide you along the right track by analyzing your customer journeys using advanced analytics.

It can also improve the effectiveness by employing powerful AI algorithms that will suit any marketing strategy.

The broad variety of features offered by this platform will help with the management of every detail in these lists, including the performance of their design.

It’s crucial to keep your audience engaged with messages at regular intervals in today’s competitive world.

Moosend marketing automation includes visual workflow builders that help create automated workflows like automated welcome email sequence, upsell/cross-sell marketing automation, and more. Depending on your requirement, Moosend provides marketing automation templates which in turn lead to higher conversions.

Just set up triggers, conditions, and actions to be performed. After that, sit back and enjoy the magic of automation.

Moosend: Email Marketing Automation Workflows

Moosend assists you with making remarkable marketing automation work processes that drive conversion rates. Below are some of the key workflows

  • Reminder Automations
  • User Onboarding Automation
  • Abandoned Cart Automation
  • Lead Scoring Automation
  • VIP Offer Automations

These marketing automation features help you to send emails timely and to multiple customer lists at once.


Moosend Subscription Forms

If you own a website or landing page, you surely know about the importance of a subscription form. It helps to grow your email list which in turn helps to grow your business.

Moosend platform allows you to create attractive and effective forms easily. Moosend form designer tool helps you to create subscription forms to engage your site visitors.

Below are the steps to follow for creating forms

  1. On the Moosend accounts page, click Lead Generation from the left menu bar.
    Moosend Form1
  2. Mouse over the Create New button to show the drop-down menu. After that, click on Create Subscription form.
    Moosend Form2
  3. On the next page appears, click on Create button displayed next to the type of form you want to create.
    Moosend Form3You have multiple form options as below
    1. Modal Pop-up
    2. Inline Form
    3. Floating Bar
    4. Floating Box
    5. Full Page Form

Moosend A/B Testing Options

What is Moosend A/B Split test campaign?

A/B Split Testing identifies the winning campaign by testing different versions of your design, content, and what your audience likes, which can get you better results.

How does A/B Split testing work?

With A/B split testing, you have below options to choose from

  • Different versions of the subject
  • Different versions of content
  • Other versions of campaign sender

Once you run a test campaign with different versions, you will find the winning version of your campaign which your audience likes. After that, you can send the winning campaign to your entire audience for maximum conversions.

Moosend Audience Management Features

Once you have started building an audience, you need to engage them with intelligent audience management features.

Below are a few of the features

  • Customize Your Opt-in Message
  • Target Specific Audiences with Tags
  • Faster, More Targeted Campaigns with Templated Segments
  • Manage Your Subscribers Individually Within Workflows
  • Stay CAN-SPAM Compliant With Suppression List

Moosend Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Moosend has all the analytical stuff on the back end that you need to fine tune your marketing campaign. The templates are super easy to use and look amazing. 

To improve your email marketing efforts, you need to track your previous results. And Moosend provides analytics features to help you track your efforts.

Once you have sent your winning campaign, you need to track the performance. Mainly open rate, conversions, bounce rate, and more.

The dashboard Moosends platform appears straightforward and understandable. Having data is a problem even if you don’t know any good statistics.

Moosend Analytics Features
Moosend Analytics Features

Moosend provides an analytical marketing system to help marketers analyze all their marketing campaigns and track them.

The heat map feature shows the behavior of the consumer allowing for more intelligent decisions. It will allow you to build customer profiles that resonate with your target audiences.

Also, you can easily export or share reports with your team members.

Moosend Integrations

Moosend has the solution that will send unlimited email messages from the Salesforce database.

Moosend is supported as with most email automation tools however Zapier integrates seamlessly with any app on its platform.

There’s also a wide selection of integrated integration options to help you connect with other automated marketing tools.

If you are using a wordpress website you can use the subscription form plugin.

Moosend integrates with multiple categories of applications like CMS, customer relationship management, eCommerce, and more. Some of the well-known integrations are Zapier and Piesync.

Moosend Review: User Interface

Moosend provides excellent user-friendly interface that is easily navigable and easily used. You will find a template to use when registering an email account.

Template pages also offer the possibility to filter your available designs to specific requests. You can also use the Dashboard to check all your lists (customer list) or your campaigns you currently run.

Clicking a campaign will give you valuable insights about your business or to create a test strategy to improve it.

Moosend Review: Support

You should always check your Support page to be sure you get the right level of support for your email.

Although tooling such as Moosend works well for many people, it is always possible that things will go wrong. If the problem does arise, you need the best team.

Moosend provides excellent value for money. Variety of support services  are offered, such as email, phone, live chat and self-help knowledge base. You can access live chat regardless of what you pay by email. This functionality can be used for users using free Moosend plans.

Moosend Review: Additional Moosend features

Moosend provides many additional features that are interesting to explore, such as an intelligent ecommerce platform.

Other key features of Moosend are: Marketing automation tools – With these tools, marketers can specify which events trigger email sends or other actions.

Easily monitor and control contacts from a single platform. Get your customers who abandon your shopping cart by email or by using cart abandonment triggers.

Moosend Pro features

Moosend may personalise suggestions for up-sell and cross-selling. AI tools help you develop products that meet the needs you offer.

Alternatively, cross-sell offers may provide an opportunity to suggest similar products which go with a particular item. You can predict if people need more products.

Moosend Pros and Cons

Moosend is a simple email marketing platform , but the learning curve is a bit steep — but you should still be able to launch powerful marketing campaigns with basic knowledge.

However, Moosend isn’t the only or the top email marketing platform. Before we show you six alternatives to Moosend, let’s do a quick recap of the pros and cons of using Moosend in your online business. 

Pros of Moosend

  • Powerful real-time analytics.
  • Sending transactional emails.
  • Scheduling campaigns and adding countdown timers to emails.
  • Adding images and videos to newsletters.

Cons of Moosend

  • If you have more than 1000 subscribers you will be required to upgrade to the Pro plan.
  • Free plan users have limited customer support.

FAQs about Moosend Review

How good is Moosend?

Moosend is highly used in marketing by most marketers.

How much does Moosend cost?

Moosend’s monthly prices entitles up to 2000 subscribers. Moosend is available with free plans, in addition to an enterprise package which has customized pricing.

The company does not accept payment in advance. Moosend provides 22% discounts to customers with an annual contract paying upfront.

Learn More about latest pricing details

How does Moosend work?

Moosend works by enabling you to manage multiple email campaigns, create regular newsletters, mailing lists, and many more. Moosend provides you with top-level email and marketing services that will increase your marketing effectiveness. With the platform, you have access to incredibly rich information and can create responsive emails to surprise subscribers. And, Campaigns can also be created faster.

Where is Moosend located?

Moosend are European Email Marketing Services Company with offices located in London and Athens. This helps your online business ease sending emails.

Conclusion – Moosend Review

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