Squarespace vs Weebly Compared: 9 Key Differences You Should Know!

You have finally decided that it’s high time and you must have a website.

But you don’t want to get into technicalities and want to manage it on your own.

You have zeroed down between Squarespace and Weebly but between Squarespace Vs Weebly, which one should you choose?

Which is the right one for your requirement?

We rate Squarespace slightly higher than Weebly when we compare the design and e-commerce features provided by Squarespace.

Ultimately it depends on your specific requirements. You can try out both Weebly Squarespace website builders and then make the final choice. 

1. Design Editor

The two Squarespace and Weebly create incorporating components and text a cinch using non-technically-friendly editors. After selecting the most appropriate theme, employing the editor efficiently to personalize your site is going to be an important step to placing your site apart from the competition.

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Squarespace and Weebly have comparable editors which enable you to incorporate text and components like pictures to certain pieces of every page. Weebly‘s editor is much more beginner-friendly compared to Squarespace‘s but equally may be figured out with a little practice.

Weebly has more of a drag-and-drop system with marginally less liberty to move things around than Wix

For the comparison of the three best website builders check out Wix Vs Weebly Vs Squarespace

Squarespace also lets you drag and drop elements but just to specific areas of the webpage. You are restricted by Squarespace‘s special markup and ”content blocks” system which simply allows elements to be lost on particular areas of the webpage. This content cubes system is reminiscent of WordPress that restricts the user in what places components could be added to your webpage.

Main Points: Weebly’s editor is much more intuitive and beginner-friendly and wins within this class.

2. Templates

Templates or themes are crucial for the look and feel of your website. The theme selection is an important decision as your site’s look and features depend on this.

squarespace vs weebly

Squarespace has 110 templates while Weebly has 50 templates. Squarespace has different themes which you can select as per your business category, all the themes of Squarespace are modern and professional which are bound to attract your potential visitors or clients.

If you know a bit of technical stuff then an added advantage with Squarespace is that you can edit HTML and CSS to craft your site look and feel to perfection.

squarespace template

Weebly has 50 themes that are professional and curated so as to serve your requirements.

You can select from a range of business or blog themes that fit the requirements of your website. All the themes are responsive and look professional on any device.

Weebly Themes

Main Points –  Squarespace is rated slightly higher because of the number of options of themes. The overall quality of both Squarespace and Weebly themes is good.

3. Features

Squarespace and Weebly are necks in the neck if you compare the features. Both Squarespace Weebly provides a free domain, custom domain, free SSL, SEO options, email marketing, and mobile apps. They also provide options so that multiple editors from your team can use and update your website.

You can also export Squarespace and Wix websites to another platform. Although it could be a difficult process to move the sites to the new platform as many customizations will be required.

The only difference in the features is that Squarespace allows you to restore deleted pages & blog posts up to 30 days after deletion. While Weebly allows you to undo the changes, but once you exit the editor or publish your website, you cannot undo any changes.

If by mistake you deleted the website or pages, you will have to email Weebly & wait for their team to restore the deletions. So unlike Wix or Squarespace, you cannot restore your deletions immediately.

4. Pricing

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace plansMonthly Cost ($/month)Annual Cost ($/month)
Basic Commerce$30$26
Advanced Commerce$46$40

Weebly Pricing

Weebly plansAnnual Cost ($/month)
Ecommerce Pro$12
Ecommerce Business$25
Ecommerce Business Plus$38

You can check out the below Weebly vs Squarespace comparison video via our YouTube channel All Digital Talk.

5. Apps

If you would like to add new attributes or integrations to additional services on your eCommerce site, you can use Squarespace or even Weebly‘s apps marketplaces. Squarespace offers only over 50 apps, a lot of which are e-commerce related.

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

Weebly provides over 360 apps that help with a wide range from aesthetic adjustments to advertising skills.

Weebly‘s apps like Icon permit you to incorporate special icons into your website and Popup enables you to better attract new visitors with popup messages using a call to action.

Squarespace also provides design and advertising integrations with platforms such as Noun Project that provides free icons and Mailchimp, an email marketing program, to make your life as a website owner a bit easier.

Main Points: inside this area, Weebly provides a larger choice of programs that will be of more use to your website however Squarespace will probably add more later on.

6. E-Commerce

Squarespace‘s Business plans make it effortless to begin an e-commerce store. There are no transaction fees so that your earnings are greater.

There is a vast variety of integrations you may take advantage of, such as (but not confined to) tag printing, stock + taxation plugins, accounting integrations, abandoned cart retrieval and also the ability to make client accounts.

Weebly provides some fantastic e-commerce features, perfect if you would like to begin a small online store for a side venture.

It supplies a fully-integrated Shopping Cart, which is actually suitable for shoppers, in addition to a secure checkout therefore customer details remain secure. Weebly even has stock monitoring tools so that you can manage your store down to the previous sale.

Main Points – Squarespace is a better option to host your professional online store. While Weebly is ideal if you are looking for a small online store as a side business.

7. Blogging

Squarespace enables you to schedule when to publish your blog post (so you may write beforehand). In addition, it can link & automatically publish your post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Squarespace has built-in integration using the Disqus commenting system (in case you are not interested in using Squarespace‘s commenting system), also contains multiple writer support for guest postings.

Weebly makes it effortless to produce a great-looking blog site, enhance its search engine optimization (URLs, descriptions, etc), schedule your blog posts, incorporate Facebook or Disqus remarks, as well as manage comments to prevent spam. You receive a reasonable bit of flexibility when blogging with Weebly.

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Main Points – both Weebly and Squarespace have similar capabilities for blogging.

8. SEO

Being able to control your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps to enhance your site so as to improve its visibility online and in search engine ranks.

Having more control of your site’s SEO is a terrific way to enhance your search engine positions, increase traffic to your site, improve sales, and increase your site’s online reputation. It is an essential part of the internet success jigsaw puzzle game.

The two Squarespace and Weebly offer excellent search engine optimization features and resources at your disposal and supply useful details for you to begin optimizing your site and brand new blog content that you write. Squarespace incorporates all SEO tools in your own site whilst for Weebly you need to download SEO apps to completely optimize your site.

The advanced features that are especially beneficial in Weebly‘s SEO arsenal are the definition of distinct vital terms in their editor and their supply of editing of titles, meta descriptions, and URLs for SEO purposes.

They also offer you an SEO Starter checklist feature that will assist you to follow keyword research and monitoring best practices. One disadvantage of Weebly SEO is the restriction of header tags to only H1s and H2s. More header tags out of H3s are optimal for your website’s SEO.

Main Points: inside this case, Weebly website builder has marginally better SEO skills and options compared to Squarespace.

9. Support

Squarespace and Weebly both provide support features like email, live chat, forum, and knowledge database.

Main Points: The main distinction in this category is that Weebly provides phone support for its paid plans whereas Squarespace does not provide phone support. Phone support is an essential requirement hence Weebly is rated higher in this category.

Squarespace vs Weebly: Conclusion

Thank you for reading this far. Overall, we rate Squarespace slightly higher than Weebly when we compare the design and eCommerce features provided by Squarespace.

Ultimately it depends on your specific requirements. You can try out both the best website builders and then make the final choice

Hope this review has helped you make an informed decision while choosing the right site builder for your requirements.

Do leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts! Thank you.

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