Udimi Solo Ads Review 2020: How to Drive Instant Website Traffic?

So you want to up your marketing game this year.

And you want to earn some real money online.

There are many ways to do this and you will get tons of material on how to do this online.

But it all takes time. And you do not have this precious commodity.

You want that sale or opt-ins today or in a couple of days.

Is this possible if at all?

The answer is yes, this is absolutely possible.

This is possible with the help of Solo Ads Reseller. In this Udimi Solo Ads review 2020 we will discuss this step by step.

What is Solo Ads Reseller?

Solo ads are advertisements on other persons email list or database, you can buy or rent this list and post your advertisement to the email list.

These advertisements contain links to your website or your landing page.

Why should you buy solo ads from Udimi?

Udimi is one of the most successful online communities of paid traffic, which delivers results in terms of opt-ins and sales. We will further discuss about this in this udimi solo ads review.

If you are looking to grow your business, grow multiple businesses, or earn passive income off of referrals, udimi can deliver you results.

When you are looking for highly targeted audience for your particular niche, and an audience which is highly engaged, then you can go for udimi solo ads.

Udimi can help you get highly targeted audience which you can get as opt-in to your email list. Once you get emails of people, who are interested in your niche, then you can nurture the list and in future you can sell products which are valuable for your niche. You may get few sales also from the solo ad but your main target should be to get targeted users to your email list first. After that provide them value and then try to sell them products if they are interested.

Udimi Solo Ads Review 2020

Udimi solo ads reseller promises bullet proof traffic filter refined with over 11 years of analytics. Udimi has a rigorous verification process to ensure about the top traffic sellers. As an additional service they also provide done-for-you landing pages and ad copy that converts. Udimi is a market leader in the solo ads business, there are few other providers but no one is close to udimi.


If you want to build your email list or get sales for your products on steroids ie in the next few days, then solo ads is for you. Apart from this you also need to spend money to get subscribers or sales. You will need to do a check with the solo ads provider’s niche, conversions he provides, also discuss with the provider in detail before you order. Hence quite a bit of planning is required before you go ahead with the solo ads.

Udimi Pros

  • Exceptional solo ads sellers.
  • Immidiate traffic.
  • Many cases where people have reported email opt-ins and sales by using the udimi sellers.
  • Quality of Solo ads is much higher than other places.

Udimi Cons

  • Users get traffic but no sales.
  • Some email opt-ins but no sales.
  • Some sellers report inaccurate sales percentages on their profiles
  • For advanced filtering you have to pay extra.

 Udimi Features and Benefits

Udimi is like uber of solo ads. Ultimate aim of Udimi is provide a protected platform wherein buyers and sellers build successful relationships and both the buyers and sellers are protected. This enables you to get a secure environment for payments and quality traffic.

Udimi Protection

Below features guarantee you total safety on Udimi

  • Every payment is processed by Udimi
  • Traffic passes via Udimi filter
  • You as a buyer only pay for clean traffic
  • Seller gets the payment only after 100% delivery of the order
  • You as a buyer get instant refund for non-delivered traffic
  • Ratings can only be posted by Udimi and all buyers and all sellers and are verifiable
  • Malpractices like spam and unprofessional behaviour is strictly prohibited

Udimi Click filter

Udimi boasts of a complex traffic filtering mechanism that has especially been created for the solo ads. This safeguards buyers from junk traffic. Udimi traffic filtering automatically filters bot/junk traffic so that you as as a buyers do not have to pay for that.

You may be knowing about click fraud scams which occur on the internet, but udimi protects you from all such click frauds.

Udimi Payments

If any of your orders are non-delivered orders they are refunded automatically with penalty to the seller. Any buyer gets refunds directly if seller failed to deliver quality traffic within 100 hours. Hence seller only gets payment once all the visitor traffic has been delivered to the buyer.

Once banned any scammers paypal or credit card is permanently banned so that they cannot login again, to protect buyers. Name changes are also prohibited.

Any new seller will need to get 5 positive ratings, then wait for 30 days after they get their first rating. This prevents fly by night seller and scammers.

Udimi Prime Package

The Udimi Prime status is an option paid upgrade, when enables many more features like opt-in tracker and landing page builder.

It saves you money with the help of advanced filtering which filters additional 7% of worthless clicks in comparison to the basic filter.

Once you activate prime status, commissions of your prime referrals will double to 50%.

The new features include

  • Additional Technologies of Bot Protection
  • JS Redirect
  • Advanced Detector Of Useless Clicks
  • Convenient Interface

With the Prime status you get the tracker tool known as Udimi opt-in tracker. This tool not only allows you to track clicks but also number of email registrations and sales from each solo that you buy.

How to buy solo ads on Udimi?


Once you go to the Find Sellers link, you can use the filters at the top to find a seller which is best suited.

Udimi Seller Filters

Here you can filter sellers by price, niche, ratings, sales, location of seller, traffic source, list verification, language of seller and more.

Once filters are set you can review the results.

The results shows name of the seller, bio of seller, price per visitor, sales percentage rating and ratings from all solos sold on udimi. Below the seller you can see the latest rating the seller has got. You can select any seller which seems suitable.

Once you select the seller you will see sellers profile which shows sellers country and city, local time, all ratings and awards. You can directly message the seller via message button or you can add the seller to favourite.

Below the order form you can see the average traffic stats as per geography from the latest 30 solos of the particular seller.


The most important thing you need to do here is to read buyer rating.

Positive ratings on Udimi are divided into 3 types:

  1. Good rating from a buyer who got one sale at least
  2. Good rating from a buyer who does not track sales or has free site
  3. Good rating from a buyer who did not get any sales

You can filter your rating to see only positive ratings and who got sales, or only see negative ratings and refunds.

Now you are ready to place your order, you can select the number of visitors.

Order Completed. Now what?

Once ordered you need to wait for acceptance, the seller has 24 hours to accept or reject your order. If rejected your money will be credited back to your udimi account.

Order Accepted

Once accepted, you will get a notification and your solo state will change to “Delivery in Progress” state.

You need to wait for the start of the delivery, here the system will show you the approx start time.

Stats of Solo Mailing

Here you can see as per below the graph shows 100 hours time period allowed for delivery.


Udimi Testimonials

I surfed the internet and most often found positive reviews, hence it gives confidence when many users are getting good traffic from udimi

Refer below some testimonials.

Udimi Testimonials
Udimi Testimonials

Udimi Alternatives

There are two worthy alternatives to Udimi and they are listed below

  1. SoloAdsx
  2. Syndicateads


SoloAdsx is a directory of solo ad sellers chosen by SoloAdsx themselves.  Here you cannot see ratings from real customers based on their experience.

SoloAdsx includes solo ads sellers who are mostly in niches such as business opportunities, network marketing and make money online. Hence if you are looking for lists in other niche then SoloAdsx may not be the right solution for you.


Syndicateads is a directory of websites that offer newsletter ads and dedicated ads for a fixed rate. Here you can find many sites with active email lists.

Syndicateads is managed by BuySellAds, which is buy and sell marketplace for website banner ads.

Here you can find websites with large email lists, which you cannot reach via marketplaces like udimi.


Udimi saves you from scammers and fraud sellers this is the main reason this is a highly recommended marketplace of solo ad sellers.

The solo ad sellers ratings and unbiased reviews gives you a clear picture about solo ad sellers, and helps you to make informed buying decisions.

So if you are ready to buy some traffic

Click here to try Udimi

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