What do Capital Goods Jobs Pay? Best Paying Jobs 2022

What do capital goods jobs pay?

We will discuss about the same in this post.

Capital assets includes machine equipment, buildings and other machinery needed to produce things that people use everyday.

Investing in capital goods helps manufacturers provide the necessary parts for the production process. It involves various responsibilities such as best-paying employment in capital goods.

Capital goods careers are available with a competitive salary for technical skills, whether you need to streamline manufacturing operations for garment industries or design machines for the automobile manufacturing industries.

What are capital goods?

Capital goods are defined as durable goods used in other goods. It has a broad range of equipment, from machines and equipment, to structures to vehicle parts.

Capital is anything used for producing a number of products. The capital goods industry is a critical part of economic life and is responsible for providing diversified goods and services. It employs many skilled workers and has become a crucial economic sector.

What are capital goods jobs worth?

Capital goods have various jobs and pay can be very variable according to job role. Some positions, including assembly line employees, may be very low in salary, but many other jobs such as engineering or managers can earn considerably higher.

Pay is dependent upon experience, education and location. The capital goods sector generally has a good wage structure. Generally speaking pay is very variable according to the occupations and positions, and most positions offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.

Why is capital goods industry important?

Capital goods are important components in the economy because they produce machines, equipment and physical products used to manufacture and sell products.


Capital goods generally refer to goods that are purchased and used by companies to produce consumer goods or provide services. Big businesses buy capital goods to use them in producing customized products that are eventually sold in the market.

The sector is also a major source of employment, with over 12 million people employed in the United States overall.

What are the trends impacting the capital goods industry?

Various major trends impacting the capital goods industries include: – The rise of 3D printing.

The technology has gained increasing popularity in capital product manufacturing as it can offer a number of benefits, including less product cost and shorter lead times.

The growth of shared economy: The Shared economy is a financial system where individuals and businesses share resources, including cars, bicycles, and offices. These developments have significant impact on the capital goods industry, with companies offering products or services similar to others.

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What are the major sectors of the capital goods industry?

Capital goods include various sectors such as:

1. Construction industry: Construction companies are businesses building buildings, offices, roads, bridges, or other structures.

2. Transportation: The transportation industries include those producing and selling vehicle parts, aircraft, railways, and other forms of transportation.

3. The aerospace market involves companies whose products, services or products manufacture spacecraft.

4. Defense: Defense businesses include those producing and selling military equipment, weapons and various goods and services.

Examples of Capital Goods

Here is an example of the capital product used within the various industries. This includes a wide variety of machines used at factory such as

1. lathes and machines for drilling and injections.

2. Tools. It is an electric or handtool used in creating a product. This covers things such as fork lifting equipment, and conveyor belts.

3. Vehicle: Including car and bus. Transport companies would classify their vehicles as capital goods, but households would classify their vehicles as consumer goods.

4. Buildings include office building, warehouse, and factory buildings. There are numerous capital products which are used in different sectors. All have specific abilities needed to perform their jobs correctly.

Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods Industry

The capital goods business has a number of high pay positions. The job is available across several different sectors including engineering, design, manufacture & sale.

If you are seeking an exciting job with good earnings, it is likely that capital goods is the best place to work! List the most profitable jobs for Capital Good companies.

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Industrial designers

Industrial designers are people conceiving a design of products which are to become manufactured. This is important because it combines three different aspects, including arts businesses and engineering, to create products that we use daily.

Industry designers will earn at least $60k per annum depending upon their location and their employer. These are the most rewarding jobs in the capital goods industry, let me tell you how to choose the best careers in the capital goods industries.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers are people who work with organizations and are responsible for marketing products produced in their respective industries and also serve other purposes such as recruiting customers for marketing purposes and reaching the right people.

The average marketing executive earns around $100,000 per year, depending on the company he or she serves.

Business Development Manager

Generally speaking, business development managers are individuals who help identify business opportunities for the organization so that they can grow and improve the business profit and create more profits for the organization.

Responsibilities may include: Setting goals and developing plans for business and revenue growth. New target market initiatives are being researched, planned, and implemented.

Business Development Managers are expected to make more than $100,000 per year, depending upon where they are located.

Engineering Manager

Your role as an engineer manager is to lead and supervise the engineers team. You’ve also got the duty to oversee design and development and to ensure the product meets all safety and quality requirements.

Engineer managers make around $132,000 annually, depending on the company and the places they work.

Senior Design Engineer

Senior design engineers earn tens of thousands / year. As an engineering senior, you are liable to design new products and develop them.

You’ll be tasked with ensuring all our products are in accordance with safety and quality requirements.

Electrical Manager

Electrical managers can be people who know about the use, manufacture and use of electricity equipment and can also be engineers with a degree. Electrical managers will earn around $80k per annum.

Manufacturing Engineer

It is the work group of engineers in the manufacturing sector that ensures the smooth working process of the products. Manufacturing companies need skills and qualifications.

Manufacturing engineer salaries average 71,880 annually, according to pay scales.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers provide innovative technologies for companies within the Capital Markets Industry. In the case of sales engineers, they use their technical knowledge to explain the advantages of the product or service to potential clients.

Sales engineer salaries are around $74,250 annually.

Quality Control Manager

Quality control managers supervise staff and manage product development procedures in an effort to maintain product quality. Quality controls managers also work in conjunction with customers to make sure the final product meets its requirements.

Quality managers make $72K a year yearly in the USA.

Research and development manager

Research development is an interesting career in capital goods. They are responsible for implementing research and development programs aimed at meeting organizational needs and exploiting potential product opportunities.

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A Research and Development Manager is someone whose job it is to put research and development strategies into action, decide what those strategies should be, and keep an eye on how well they are doing to support the organisation where they work for policy and research goals.

In addition, the RD staff develops and implements RD methods as needed. Currently the American researcher/developer’s salaries average $48,802 as of 2022. The price range is typically around $116,186 to $166,462.

Electrical engineer

Electrical Engineering’s responsibility is to design and develop electrical products, test, and supervise them including radar systems, communication and power equipment. In addition the engineers work in electrical design for vehicles.

Electric engineers are paid $78,017 annually in the U.S. However, the maximum is up to $200K annually. Electrical engineering jobs are among the most lucrative employment opportunities out there. Capital goods industries have an abundance of lucrative offers.

Senior mechanical engineer

Among the top-paid employment opportunities within the capital goods industry. The applicant must have a minimum of 10+ years of work experience.

A mechanical engineer has to develop and design the mechanical device or system, and test the machine tools / engines. Because mechanical engineering is a broad domain, they work across various industries and create a broad range of product designs.

Senior mechanical engineers are rewarded with average annual salaries around $115,000. Typical salaries at a engineering firm can exceed $200,000.

What companies are in the capital goods field?

The capital goods industry has a number of major players that have significant market dominance not only in the United States.

The Capital Goods industry is a great place for young people to develop their skills and stay relevant while earning a good living. Similarly, when looking for a job in the Capital Goods market, you have a lot of alternatives.

These companies recruit millions of people for their job search. This is a list of all the major capital products companies worldwide.

1. Union Pacific: Size: 10000+ workers.
2. General Electric – Number of workers: 10000+.
3. Honeywell International– Size: 10000+ people.
3. Lockheed Martin – Total of 10000+ employees.
4. United Rental Inc. – Number of staff: 10000+.
5. Boeing — size: 12,000+ staff.
6. Caterpillar. Number: 10000+ workers.
7.Northrop Grumman – Size: 90000 workers.

FAQs – What do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?

What is the highest payable job?

List the of the Best paid jobs includes doctors and surgeons, Data scientists, Machine learning experts, Blockchains experts, Complete Software Development, Management of products, Managing Consultant and Financial advisers.

What is the highest pay wage?

In traditional terms, anesthesiologists rank first in our rankings. This is the only job in which the salary is more than $300,000.

What companies are in the capital goods field?

Companies from the capital goods sector are UnionPacific, GE, Honeywell, Lockheed, UCL Rents Inc, Boeing, The cat-engineering company.

Conclusion – What do capital goods jobs pay

Thank you for reading this far. So we have answered the question “Is capital goods a good career path?” for you – now it’s time for you to choose!