What is Data Extraction? Bright Data the No.1 tool for Data Collection and Proxy Management

Bright Data is a network that provides an Ip proxy for data collection. It is considered one of the best proxy provider networks.

It enables you to extract data from any website that you want. This platform can be particularly used to get data that can help you to grow your business.


In other words, it allows the collection and scraping off any website data. It provides impressive features for proxy requirements. It gives about 72 million active IPs that can be utilized to get the required data.

What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction is the technique or process to excerpt data that is not predefined. The data may also include information that is not systematized.

If you run an organization and want to share data with peripheral associates, this process will help you share the limited data. Data extraction is also used to tie the unmanaged statistics to have multiple data sets.

Data extraction is the first step of both ETL and ETL processes. ETL stands for extract, load, transfer.


As the name represents ETL involves three processes. The first process extracts. Here the word extract refers to the data extraction, which has been explained briefly.

The second step is the transformation which means changing the already copied data into different sentences and contexts.

Last but not least, loading implies the transfer of data to the desired destination. We should use the ETL technique for data extraction because it is accommodating.

ETL allows companies and organizations to

  • fuse data from diverse bases into a suitable location.
  • Espouse unalike types of data into a communal arrangement.

Steps in the ETL process

ETL process has three phases:

EXTRACTION: Data is mined from one or more sources or systems. Then the data is prepared for the process of transformation.

This process will help you collect data from various sources and then change it if you run a business.


TRANSFORMATION: after the extraction of data, it is ready to be refined. During the conversion, data is sorted, prearranged, and gutted.

This process will automatically delete the duplicated files. Also, this process will perform the function of examination and inspection of audit files.

LOADING: lastly, this data is delivered to a single, aimed location for the process of loading and analysis.

Types of data extraction

Data extraction is a robust process that can help you fold many statistics relevant to your occupation. Firstly we have to identify the data. Types of data include:

  • customer data.
  • Financial data.
  • Use, task, or process performance data.

Once you decide which type of data you want to extract, you have to determine the following.

  • Finding out where you can get the data.
  • Deciding where you want to store the data.

Types of data extraction tools

Here are the data extraction tools:

  • Branch processing tools.
  • Open-source tools.
  • Cloud-based tools.

Why is Data Extraction Important?

There are few benefits that why data extraction is essential to speed up and automate workflows.

  • It can increase employee thruput.
  • It can save you and your business time.
  • It can assist in diminishing costs.
  • It can progress visibility.
  • It can improve exactness and confiscate human error.

How to Collect Data using Bright Data?

By ensuring the following points, you can collect accurate data from any desired website according to your choice.

Data collector code editor

This method is provided by Bright Data software app. This website helps you in web spidering and web crawling, which will be discussed further. The website will provide you with the crawl code.

Write the code, and here you go in the imaginary biosphere of customization. You can customize data, tell the site where to store it and how you want this step to happen.

Data collector browser extension

Data collector browser extension is the other method of the extraction of data.

In this method, you can have access to your desired data within 5-10 minutes. You have to search the desired data in your chrome browser.

Chrome browser will automatically collect data for you as you have chosen. Once your crawler is set up, you can send millions of requests, and you can see your data sets according to your desire.

Once you are done with the browser extension, hit the button named CLICK AND COLLECT, and here you go. You can use it for the following:

  • Screen the page.
  • Index elements.
  • Understand page hierarchy.

After learning this technology, you can have your desired data set.

Data collector ready-made templates

This method is the easiest and the reliable manner. In this method, you can have the already prepared data from any of the desired websites.

You can use the ready-made collectors or existing collectors for this purpose. Input the domain, and you can see the results according to your search.

Use filters or the words “Most popular” in your searches. It will allow you to get more focused data.

Web unlocker

Bright Data, formerly Luminati, is the first automatic unlocking website. In this, there are no problematic steps you have to follow.

You only have to send a request with the powerful unlocking technology, which will get you the most accurate data available.


100% success rate:  This website is more than 100 percent accurate. On this website, you pay only for successful results.

Fingerprint imitation: This website will provide you the fingerprint intimation feature

Content verification: this will verify first which type of content has been written. It also includes data types, request timing, and more.

Search engine crawl:

Crawler is a computerized browser that views your webpage and carpets out the HTML text content. After that process of indexing takes place.

This process is a record of files and websites that the spider browser has used. When you hit upon the search button, the search engine shows the database. Google the main crawl is called google bots.

Crawlers play a vital role in search engine optimization techniques.


Search engine crawling means that you must ensure that your content is ranking.

Keeping the discussion short web crawling increases the user experience, and it will help you appear in the suggestions of google searches or on the first page of google searches.

Tell search engines how to crawl your websites.

Sometimes there may be some glitch in the chrome search engines that will cause a lot of chaos.

The main glitch which most people face is the order of the pages. Sometimes chrome or any other search engine shows the web pages on the front that are not even important.

Some unnecessary data files appear on the front pages. However, this can be solved by automated robots. robot.txt is present in the deep areas of the website that will help you to tell about the content which may rank or not. You can guide your browser on which content should be on the top page.

A search engine crawler is a powerful tool that enables you to get the data set you need. Search engines provide you with all the SEO tools, regardless of your request volume.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use a crawler to correctly index downloaded pages so that users can find them easily.

Without web crawlers, you will face difficulty telling them that your website has fresh and new content. Here are some search engine crawlers:

  • Google bots.
  • Bing bots.
  • Slurp bot.
  • DuckDuck bots.
  •  Baiduspider
  • Yandex bot.
  • Sogou bot.
  • Exa bot.
  • Alexa crawler.

Why bright data?

More than 500 companies use bright data as it is reliable for the techniques discussed above.

I found that their network and proxy managers are automated and provide excellent possibilities in terms of data extraction.


The website offers unsurpassed data without any ambiguous content.

This website gathers the most precise data. IP rotation management and IP addresses have lot more perks that appeal to every user.

Bright data compliance

With the use of anti-scraping measures, you can prevent youR IP address not to be blocked.

Rotating residential proxies is the critical factor of this technique. You can also view the left-over volume of public data concealed.

Rotating proxies


Rotating proxies is the key to any successful data gathering method.

The high number of IPs

A large proxy pool ensures block-free target scraping.

Ethical usage:

No person can access the network of bright data until approved by the complaint office. It has the highest privacy policy standards.

It also keeps the privacy of users. First, you have to send an application and approved it by the complaint offices.

The bright data upload the unique content. Uploading the exclusive content is the main motive of bright data

Bright data use cases

These are the cases related to bright data:

  • Web data extraction.
  • Price comparison.
  • Ad verification.
  • E-commerce.
  • Travel aggregation.
  • Brand protection.
  • SEO monitoring.
  • Market research.
  • Search engine crawler.
  • Stock market data.

Best free proxy services

Here are the best free proxy services:

  • kproxy
  • Proxy site.
  • Hide.me.
  •  Hidester
  •  Megaproxy
  •  newIPNow


Bright Data ensures your problems and certifies that the result is 100% reliable.

Your request is rotated through the nodes of the Luminati peer-to-peer network, which is real residential IPs.

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