Top 10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important in 2021

What comes to your mind when you first listen to the word email marketing? Outdated, right? Why email marketing is important? It is not only you who thinks that email marketing is an old-school marketing method; the majority of people still believe that marketing your business through email is an ancient form in digital marketing world.

Some other digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Marketing, social media, and paid advertising are excellent and highly effective,  but email marketing is no less than that. Even in some cases, it provides better results than those new babies.

According to the Hubspot survey, entrepreneurs who have used email marketing in 2019 saw a 78% increase in their overall sales, conversions, and traffic.

Is Email Marketing Effective in 2021?

There are about 3.5 billion people who have their email account, and 319 billion email messages are sent every day. So still, you think email is dead? No, because email is still considered the professional and secure way to contact your clients and businesses.

About 93% of Android smartphones have at least one email account logged in, compared to only 70% of Android smartphones with WhatsApp or Facebook logged in. Therefore, currently, in 2021, is email marketing worth using? If yes, then how?

In this article, we’ve written a detailed guide on Why is Email Marketing so Important in 2021? And proved to you why it’s still better than any other digital marketing strategy! So let’s get into it!

Why emails are so important?

Emails are important because it is a one-to-one communication channel. With the help of emails you can communicate with your prospect in a personalized way.

When any person is reading your email you have his full attention. This is the power of email and that’s the reason it is so important even today.

What is the future of email marketing?

Email marketing is here to stay and here are a few stats to prove that email marketing is going to get more popular: – There were an around 3.9 billion active email users around the world in 2019 and this is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023. – 102.6 trillion emails are sent and received every year, and this number is still rising.

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Below are the top 10 reasons why email marketing is important,

1. High conversions!

One of the most significant advantages of using email marketing is you get incredibly high conversion rates. It’s because you’re sending them personalized emails on the place which they open every day and take every response seriously: inbox! As long as your email isn’t landing on the spam folder, you’ll get extremely high conversion rates.

Performance Indicators – Email Campaigns – Image Credit –

Suppose you sent an email to the user offering them a discount of 50% on respected products. There are very high chances that once an email is received from your customer, he’ll indeed click on that.

On the other side, showing a pop-up or side banner ad of 50% discount to the same customer; click is far away, he’ll merely notice that. Because your customers are savvy, they know what is fabricated and what is personalized for them.

When you send them an email, they know it’s personalized for them. The chances get double when you use their name in the email. You can’t do this thing on social media accounts or in SEM!

2. People love email promotion.

Most consumers prefer email promotions instead of typical banner ads on their social media or different websites. It’s because the main reason why your consumers use social media is to get some entertainment and to chat with their friends. They are not on social media to see your advertisements.

For example, 99% of people hate to see advertisements on YouTube videos, even for promotion.

But if you send the same advertisement to them to their email, most probably they’ll show interest in it. Because then there would be no one to force your client to see your ad. If they like your promotion, they will purchase your product, and you get leads.


Email Users Statistics – 2017 to 2025 – Credit:

3. Increase your visitors

One of the main benefits of email marketing is that you can drive significant traffic to your website. Of course, if the customer has opened your email, it means he’s interested in your business. That’s why he’s reading your email.

Since you are not forcing the customer to open the email and read it, they’re reading independently. Therefore, if someone opens your email, then most likely, he’ll also visit your website if you’ve provided in the email.

You can use some engaging Call-To-Action (CTA) strategies to increase the chances of clicks to the highest probability. Some CTA strategies like showing a countdown or writing “Limited Time Offer” are among the best CTA strategies.

It prompts your customer to perform the desired action immediately or make a sale immediately before the offer ends. In typical banner ads, people ignore your promotion and consider your promotion as a spam message. In this way, you can quickly generate leads and develop customers for your business.

4. Reach your customers at the perfect time!

One of the main advantages you’ll get from email marketing is that you can easily send your promotional emails just before the campaign starts.

For example, if you’re launching a Diwali offer, show them a promotional advertisement on social media platforms through SEM. They would not notice it and ignore it like your brain ignores your nose.

However, when you send them a dedicated email with a valuable subject lines, they may find it interesting and buy it. If they were looking for that product, they would buy it!

Subject lines with 7 words performed the best – Image via Convertkit

Moreover, when using social media ads or search engine ads, you can never send them the message at your desired time. It depends on your advertisement network when it wants to display your advertisement. But in the case of emails, you can send them the email at the time you want.

5. Affordable and Easy to manage

Another main benefit of using email marketing for your digital strategy is that they are much more affordable than using banner ads or SEM. The only price you’ll pay is the charges of the email marketing tool that you’re going to use and the person who’ll design the email for you. Hence you can manage email marketing campaigns within your marketing budget.

The device will handle the rest of the work. You can use services like Mailchimp to collect emails, or you can use pre-designed templates to make newsletters, notification reminders, or any other source to collect email addresses from customers.

All you have to do is to add the emails to your email tool and send it at the desired time; that’s it! You don’t need to pay for any click or any impression!

That’s why it is considered one of the best affordable ways of digital marketing. Moreover, you don’t need to do any research like keywords findings and meta tags. Just pay a one-time charge to the designer, send it, and that’s it! All done!

6. Drop price | Increase sales!

The most significant benefit of using email marketing is informing your customers if something gets changed in your website or on the product.

However, in most cases, it has nothing to do with your advertising; you can inform them of any unavailability of products, price drops, or anything that you think is important to educate your customers.

Companies mainly use it to educate their customers about the price drops or freebies with the order.

Your users have already visited your site because, to be newsletter subscribers, they need to visit your site. They might be on your website to search for any product or service.

7. Collecting feedback becomes easy.

In every business, word of mouth plays a vital role in the sales of your products. Especially in online stores, all your sales are dependent on feedback from your customers.

Even we do the same! Because no one has enough time to cover the store and check for the delivery status or upload the review by themselves. The only way you can prompt them to upload a review is by contacting them personally, like by email!

You can send an email request for leaving feedback regarding their purchase. Getting them through SMS, phone, or social media could not be as effective as email. That’s why companies like Amazon, Banggood, and Aliexpress send you emails after you receive your product.

8. Tracking your Email Campaign

Email marketing can be tracked and measured effectively to show you how it has been developing your business.

Most email marketing softwares you use to create your emails, like Sendinblue, allow you to personalize, track open rate, click through and conversion rates.

With this data you can understand how your email campaigns are contributing to your overall revenue. Since you have invested your time and resources into these campaigns, you need to know your ROI (Return on Investment).

9. Level Up Your Game with Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is a technique that marketers use to send scheduled email marketing campaign to selected subscribers on their mailing list.

It allows online marketers to send out personalized messages to both prospects and customers on a schedule or when specific conditions are met.


Benefits of Email Marketing Automation – Image vie Getresponse

First, you segment your email subscribers based on their interests. When you send personalized email to the subscriber who is interested in the valuable content or topic you are bound to engage your subscriber in a positive way and this helps to build trust with your potential customers.

10. Engaging Regularly with Your Audience

In this busy world, it is difficult for marketers to gain attention of their target audience, even if you are sending relevant content.

The benefit of email is that when you send valuable content at regular intervals to your customers, they are bound to engage sometime or the other.

Your email messages acts as a reminder medium. This also helps to build your brand awareness.

Conclusion – Why email marketing is important?

With the revolution in technology, everything is getting changed. Mainly the services and businesses that have relationships with the internet and digital world. The exact change applies to digital marketing.

For the past few years, email marketing is getting less popular because some other digital marketing tactics like SEM and social media marketing occur.

But enterprises and digital business owners don’t know that this iconic marketing strategy is still one of the most beneficial and highly effective ways to get customers engagement and sales. That’s why this article proves why email marketing efforts are essential in 2021.

Hope you found this post useful and it has given you some insights about importance of email marketing!

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