7 Best Bidet converter kit Reviews 2022

Why do you need toilet paper when you can buy an inexpensive, environmentally safe alternative that will keep you cleaner after your toilet use?

Yes it is bidet converter kit

Bidets are toilets that provide water for cleaning and storing your clothes after washing. And even better, today you can purchase bidet converters for your toilets, which will save you from plying or remodeling your restrooms.

A bidet replacement kit can be easily fitted and inexpensive, saving plumbing or remodeling. Initially bidet usage was limited to Eastern Europe and Asia. In Western Europe and elsewhere, bidets have become increasingly popular.

Why should I buy a Bidet Converter Kit?

For some individuals the word “bidet” invokes the imagery of an unfinished sink beside an empty toilet.

This classic bidet can be done with function, though it is heavy, costly, has restricted functions and is a headache to install.

We recommend classic bidets when replacing existing units or because you like their look.

Otherwise your best option is a converter and WASHLET systems. Contrary to standard bathtubs, bidet cleaning kits allow removing bathtubs quickly from your bathroom without any problems or costs. They are available in all styles, sizes and prices, so they are aimed at everybody.

Review of Bidet Converter Kit (Up To The Minute)

The following features can be found in our bathroom: Temperature controls Toilet warmers. This gives a refreshing and efficient cleaning.

Modern technologies and innovations result in 100% hygiene while maintaining excellent comfort. The washlet has two action spraying and oscillant options and is among most widely used bidet accessories in use. The bidet also features a front wash option known as a feminine wash.

Top 7 Bidet Converter Kit Review

Here is a quick glance at best bidet converter kits before we look at them in detail

1Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000Bidet-Converter-Kit-1View on Amazon
2LUXE Bidet Neo 320Luxe-Bidet-neo-320-bidet-converter-kitView on Amazon
3TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Tushy-Classic-Bidet-Converter-kitView on Amazon
4Brondell Swash SE400 SeatBrondell-Swash-SE400-Seat-Bidet-Converter-KitView on Amazon
5SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment SlimEdge-Simple-Bidet-Toilet-AttachmentView on Amazon
6CLEAR REARCLEAR-REAR-Bidet-Converter-KitView on Amazon
7Purrfectzone Bidet SprayerPurrfectzone-Bidet-SprayerView on Amazon

Now let’s view more details about the recommended bidet converter kits

1. Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000



  • Easy to install
  • Heated Seat
  • Air Deodorizer included

The Bio Bidet BB2000 is a premier class bidet toilet seat which includes lots of functions.

Its easy to install and includes bidet functions like dryer, heated seat, adjustable nozzles, adjustable water temperature and seat temperature, and energy saving function.

It also includes a responsive battery operated wireless remote that displays time.

Cons – It looks a little bulky and it is expensive.

2. LUXE Bidet Neo 320

LUXE Bidet Neo 320



  • Sleek Design
  • Hygienic nozzle guard
  • 18 month warranty

The LUXE Bidet Neo 320 includes water temperature adjustment features, so you can use warm water during winters and cool water in summers.

It includes retractable nozzle which retracts behind the protective guard gate when not in use, also the nozzle includes self cleaning mode.

The dual nozzle modes, one for feminine wash with softer spray and other one angled for rear wash.

It can be installed in 3 quick steps, remove the toilet seats and parts, position bidet & reattach toilet seat and connect water supply to bidet.

Cons – All users may not find it easy to install.

3. TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment 

TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment 



  • Water Pressure control
  • Angle control
  • Slimmer and easier to clean

This Tushy classic bidet seat includes knobs which are easy to grip (made of metal or bamboo) and turn to your preferred pressure. The angle adjuster lets you adjust to perfect angle.

This bidet is easy to use and easy to install, also you will get good customer service incase of any issues.

Cons –  not compatible with single pc. toilets.

4. Brondell Swash SE400 Seat

Brondell Swash SE400 Seat



  • Most hygienic experience
  • Easy Installation
  • Electronic Bidet Features included

Brondell swash electronic bidet comes with multiple features like heated seat, warm air dryer, an oscillating stainless-steel nozzle that washes both front and rear, gentle massage pulse option.

Apart from that it also includes power saving eco-mode, and a cool blue illuminating nightlight.

Remote control is solid, robust, intuitive, and with great mounting bracket and magnetic hold.

• Reservoir system struggles to keep water at consistent temperature.
• No wash jet width adjustment.

5. SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment 

SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment



  • Sleek and Sturdy
  • Exclusive Design
  • Dual Nozzle Spray Options

This SlimEdge simple bidet toilet attachment increases beauty of your bathroom, it’s 50% thinner than other similar products.

You can easily adjust the water pressure of the spray, also includes spray patterns for him and her. It is easy to install, comes with durable metal and includes stylish chrome water pressure control knob.

Cons – Does not include temperature control.


CLEAR REAR – Bidet Attachment for Toilet Seat



  • Non Electrical
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Self Cleaning Nozzle

The Clear rear bidet seat is easy to install. You can install it in 3 easy steps, remove the toilet seat, attach the buttler and connect the water supply.

You can optimize the angle of the knob and pressure for a gentle and effective wash. It also includes a feminine feature, back or front wash with the dual nozzle design.

The high quality durable nozzles self clean and retract to their original position.

Cons – May not fit in all toilets.

7. Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer



  • Easy to install
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Leakage proof

Key Features – The purrfectzone bidet sprayer provides efficient hygiene. It reduces usage of toilet paper.

Apart from that the material of the product is durable, leak-resistant and has good feedback from real users.

This handheld sprayer is made of quality stainless steel, easy to install and ideal for regular use.

Cons – Limited precision.

Tell me the meaning of Bidet?

Bidets is an appliance used for sweeping and removing the insides of private rooms usually when the shower is used. Bidets are equipped with hot or cold water faucets that provide fresh water streams that you can control easily.

The bidet has various functions in today’s market but the function is the same. Any person who likes to remain clean and fresh may use bidets.

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Best non-electric bidet converter kits

Non-electric bidet systems use water pressure in their pipes to complete the entire process.

Typically minus some complexity, the simpler attachment does everything for the job and doesn’t contain any fancy features like bellies.

Simply attach these to a circular toilet chair and adjust pressure to ensure that the toilet is clean.

Things to look for in a Bidet Converter Kit

Aside from these factors there are many additional things you’ll find in bidet converters. Tell me the answer? Some of the features were functional.

Yes, the appearance is important, but functionality must come first. What do bidets do and why do they not work? Below you can find some key information about a bidet.

Best electric bidet converter attachment kits

Electric bidet converter kit includes additional functionality which requires battery power. This section offers additional convenient features like power-removable nozzles, heated seats, unlimited heating water air deodorizers, as well as drying features for easier cleaning.

A perfect buying guide of Bidet Converter Kit for the Bathroom

What are good bidet converter kits? If you want to buy bidets, it helps to think about the price and if there is a portable one, a permanent one or a bidet that offers various temperature settings.

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Bidet converter kit. Buyer’s Guide

We are aware of the difficulty in deciding which bidet attachment best improves hygiene.

It is a big choice with a multitude of options that can be considered. So, we are here to help you narrow out your decisions and highlight key points.

Types of Bidets

Today bidets are available in various designs which can be used to accommodate modern baths. There are 4 different kinds of bids in the market.

Cold Water Non-Electric Bidet Converter Kits

Bidets attach nicely. Again, these are installed in the bathroom without any replacement parts.

The advantage to having attachments compared to spraying machines is it makes the cleaning easier rather than manual.

The nozzle also retracts easily to an outside door and can be located behind a security barrier if not used. This means the nozzle can prevent the inner-bowl spiking, thus becoming healthier compared with a bidet.

Compare seats, attachments can be used for wider selections of toilets since they avoid round vs. elongating differences. So a homeowner may have the ability to install the attachment on a new home or rental property.

Warm Water Non-Electric Bidet Converter Kits

There are several options to choose from: The bidet has a hot water system that uses electricity instead.

It makes seating and attachment devices which sources water from the hot water shutout valve beneath the bathtub sinks. Bidding is restricted.

Bidet conversion kit: Electric seats

This type of bidet kits transform the commode into the luxurious bathroom you want. The conversion kit can have all the technology of a $50k Super Toilet at just 50 years old.

It costs more upfront and usually saves more on an extended time basis. Electric bidette heaters reuse toilet paper completely. It will suffice to make bidet money for the rest of its life spans.

The Nozzle Oscillation has a large advantage over electrical bidets. The nozzles oscillate in motion like hoses when washing the car – imagine washing your vehicle with a water supply in your hand.

Handheld Bidet Kits

I’ll generally only recommend using spraying equipment when it is needed. The attachment is usually cheaper but costs about the same and is an improvement over sprayers (more convenient, hygiene, etc.).

They can easily be installed with just ten minutes of effort compared to the 30 minutes needed to install a new bideter seat. A few bathrooms are also unusual in size and mounting hardware, which is difficult for anyone to fix them themselves. You could even think of using handheld spraying devices for all these situations.

FAQs – Bidet Converter kit

Can you add a bidet to an existing toilet?

Bidet toilet seats are designed in such a way that they can be installed by anyone, no extraordinary skills needed. This type of bidet attaches directly to your existing toilet, so you don’t even need to worry about any extra plumbing.

Do you wipe after using a bidet?

You don’t need to wipe after using a bidet because the bidet’s water pressure will be enough to get you completely clean. However, some people still choose to wipe after using the bidet because that’s the fastest way to dry yourself off.

Do bidets spray poop everywhere?

No, bidets do not spray poop everywhere when you utilize them. Bidets use a concentrated stream of water specifically directed to cleanse your backside and genitals. The waste does not get sprayed all over. It is a safe, spotless wash for your butt.

Can I use my bidet as an enema?

The Modern bidets (high-tech bidet seats and attachments) do not give you an enema. It could be possible to introduce water into the rectum (knowingly or unknowingly) with this kind.