WPX hosting review 2022 – Is it the fastest WordPress hosting?

We now use WPX Hosting for our website, first of all. Well, in this WPX Hosting review post, you will get all the real data about WPX shared hosting and our experiences with it.

WPX Hosting is among the fastest providers of organized WordPress hosting. They believe only in offering quality services for WordPress hosting. That’s why they sell just three plans tailored for WordPress.

WPX Hosting Review

For our various websites, we’ve also used several hosting services. However, a few of our websites use various high-quality hosting services. But WPX hosting services are the last host that we have chosen. And their amazing characteristics are the reason.

We will speak of every functionality of WPX hosting services in this article and learn when not to use a WPX hosting service.

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Features of WPX Hosting

Here, with all of the other WPX hosting services, you can find all the WPX hosting functions that you’ll get.

  • Host up to 5 Starting Plan Sites
  • As they have their own WPX Cloud CDN, there is no need to use an external CDN provider.
  • Switch all the websites to cost-free WPX hosting
  • SSL Certificates Unrestricted
  • Region of Staging
  • Fast customer service 24/7 (no waiting more than 5 seconds)
  • Ensure security against DDoS attacks
  • Scanning and elimination of malware
  • Backups of an automated website (they keep backups of the last 28 days)
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.95 percent
  • Simple single-click WordPress installation
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days

High Performance WordPress Hosting

If we speak about WPX hosting’s efficiency, we have carried out a test on my site using Pingdom web-page test method and found my page load time 659 ms that is under 1 second and the same results we found using GTMetrix.

Quality Test of WPX Hosting

When testing website page load time, it is a very significant factor. For a different hosting supplier, the first-byte time is not the same.

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WPX Safe Hosting

WPX Hosting gives free enterprise-level DDoS protection, regular malware scanning and free removal (this is a paid service throughout the case of other cloud services), spam protection, and WHOIS security.


If your website has been compromised, you need to send a ticket, and the WPX hosting team will fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Refund Policy on WPX Hosting

If you try operating WPX, then I guarantee you will be 100 percent happy. But if you want to change the hosting, users can revoke it within 30 days of purchase. You will offer a full refund for your lodging.

Data Centres for WPX Hosting

In Chicago (US) and London, WPX Hosting provides two data centers (UK). Still, as WPX hosting has its cloud CDN, one’s website would load quickly around the world. Users don’t need to use external CDN services, or you shouldn’t need to build WPX Cloud CDN.

WPX Hosting Support

If you test the customer support for WPX hosting, then you will be rewarded. I have WPX hosting help several times, and then within 4-5 seconds every time, they responded to me. Via live chat and email, they provide 24/7 client support.

Plans for WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting provides three WordPress hosting plans, and the starter package begins with a price of $20.83 per month. The starter package cost is higher than other WordPress hosting providers, but it is worth it as per their features.


WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

 Pricing for WPX Hosting Plans

Get Hosting from WPX Now

1. Business

You can manage up to 5 websites on 10 GB storage, including 100 GB bandwidth, in the Business Plan. This package also comes with many of the features listed above.

2. Professional

You can host up to 15 websites with 20GB of storage and 200Gigabytes of bandwidth throughout the Professional package.

3. Elite

With the Elite package, 40GB of storage and unrestricted bandwidth will host up to 35 websites.

The most vital point about hosting WPX is that you can get all of the functionality with every hosting package. If you verify this with various hosting providers, you can find different characteristics with every hosting plan.

Web pages, storage, and bandwidth are the key variations among all 3 WPX hosting services.

Pricing for WPX Hosting

Below image shows the pricing for their 3 plans



WPX Hosting’s Pros and Cons


  • Control unlimited traffic to your website
  • The fast and strongest support for support
  • Low pricing relative to many other similar providers of WordPress services
  • Setting up a website and anything, including SSL, databases, CDN, backups, etc., is really simple.
  • DDoS Attack Security and Malware
  • Quite simple and simple dashboard governance

The Cons:

  • No support number service is available.
  • Fewer features in the interface

True Clients’ WPX Hosting Ratings

True Users’ WPX Hosting Ratings

Don’t believe me, that’s fine. Checkout what industry experts have to say about WPX hosting.

WPX does have a total of 203 ratings, as per Trustpilot, and are all positive. 203 is not a tiny proportion, so all reviews can’t be fake.

Available Discount Offers for WPX Hosting

WPX hosting offers a 50% flat discount for the first month and two months of free hosting with an annual subscription. They also deliver a flat 95% discount on special occasions such as Black Friday, New Year, Cyber Monday sales, etc.

Get Reduced Price for WPX Hosting

Best Alternatives for WPX Hosting

You can select WP Engine or Kinsta hosting as an alternative to WPX hosting. But the comparison to WPX hosting, their price is higher.

WPX Hosting versus Kinsta, Flywheel, and WP System

An ongoing competition in the world of managed WordPress hosting is Kinsta vs. Flywheel vs. WP Engine. – business has its advantages and disadvantages, each has a somewhat different atmosphere, and each seeks to attract a very different kind of customer.

Have you chosen Kinsta, Flywheel, and WP Engine for the site? Let’s take a glimpse.

Kinsta vs. Flywheel vs. WP Engine 

Let’s quickly summarise what managed WordPress hosting stands for and what gives our contenders a good choice once we’re in the nitty-gritty, as well as take a glance under the hood of any of these hosts, particularly if you’re searching for a trustworthy host about your next WordPress site.

BTW, these days, the phrase ‘Managed WordPress hosting’ gets spread around a lot as well as, in some instances, in reality, it doesn’t mean much.

Several hosting companies have realized that using the ‘WordPress’ name in their advertising material adds extra eyeballs to their mostly usual shared hosting deals. Essentially, this has resulted in a little watered-down of the managed WordPress hosting space, and many customers are no longer sure which one to trust if they see a hosting platform promoting itself as ‘WordPress optimised.’

Based on a bunch of key factors, here’s how these businesses match up against each other:

With any of these three providers, there is no such issue: These three are the complete package.

WP Engine is one of the pioneers of the managed hosting market for WordPress, providing customized WordPress services from the very beginning. Their product has grown to the point that they strive to act as some ‘WordPress digital experience hub’ (more on this below), and it’s not just a hosting service for their terms.

Kinsta are entrants to the hosting market for WordPress, with plenty to sell! Their approach reminds me of when they first initiated the WP Engine.

Flywheel is the lowest cost of the three controlled WordPress hosts (and the company we’re currently using to host this website). Specifically for artists, they provide a range of unique features.

But they also attract site operators who may otherwise have preferred a cheaper shared-hosting project because of the small entry price, welcoming them at a very low cost to both the world of controlled WordPress hosting.

WPX hosting Final Thoughts

With WPX hosting, I have many sites hosted, as well as the experience has been fantastic.

There was only one major problem with downtime in the previous year, and it did not last for too long.

It was impressive how they treated it. I was free for a few months, migrating to a newer host, and their creator was super open about what was going on.

And my sites are much faster than they used to be with the previous hosts.

That is the only significant problem that I have had with them. It was a struggle with past hosts only getting a response from help.

But since they keep adding fresh features without contributing to the cost, it gets much better. They offer free malware clean-ups, for instance, and a complimentary CDN built-in.

Unlike a lot of the major web hosts out there, they seem to care for their clients. And the load times on their website are incredible, and they have the support to match.

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