Top 10 Fiverr Voice Over Talents for Hire on Freelance basis

The voice-over in a video aims to explain or detail a subject, an argument, or a logical progression. Fiverr voice over tends to facilitate the understanding of the message and capture the attention of the audience.

Concentration is increasingly diluted to the amount of content to which we are exposed every day.

In addition, this voice over talent is particularly used in the field of advertising for spots but also in movie trailers. Mastering the art of voice-over is essential for your content strategy.

However, anyone cannot become a voice-over announcer. Indeed, the voice-over artist requires a certain mastery of his voice and his intonation, something acquired.

But it is also an innate mechanic because some people have a more malleable voice than others. This makes it easier to exercise.

In the context of explanatory videos, the voice-over is often the primary issue for brands or content creators. This is why we must know how to choose the right talent for voice jobs.


If you have to work as a professional voice-over. This person will offer you effective audio narration in congruence with your expectations and your objectives, mainly for instructional videos. If you don’t have the time or the expertise, why not work with the best voice actors?

The Fiverr platform is home to some of the best freelancers and designers around the world. The site offers many profiles and provides access to talents from all over the world.


And above all, the freelance marketplace provides different pricing options, many freelancers are providing quality services at affordable rates.


Check reviews of the seller.

Are gigs on Fiverr safe?

What you need to know about gigs on Fiverr is that they are not gigs. They are just some people who offer their services online and get paid via PayPal money transfers.

Generally speaking, gigs buyers can be separated into two groups:

  • Companies who want to hire temporary freelancers to complete some tasks.
  • Individuals who want to complete some tasks but do not have skills.

So you should check the reviews of gigs sellers.

Check gig description and packages

These gigs are especially great for small businesses that need a service but can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars. It’s also great for companies who want a blog to provide updates about their product or services. As I said before, it’s possible to deliver good content in 1-3 days, rather than to wait several weeks.

If you’re not satisfied with the gigs on Fiverr, at least they will give you some valuable experience and help you learn new techniques to create future gigs with prices of your choice.

Try to check the gig description and packages to get safe services.

Clarity of service on Fiverr

If you’re willing to buy gigs on Fiverr as a service, you may want to consider looking closely at the gigs listed.

You may find that there are gigs with similar titles from relatively unknown sellers and gigs higher on the search listings than their competitors, even if they’re in different categories.

If you think about how most people use Fiverr (with a price limit of $5), it’s easy to understand why this happens.

The gigs of some sellers aren’t very clear, and this could drive potential buyers away before even getting the chance to look at the gigs’ fees or anything else.

That’s right! Clarity is important.

1. American Voice Over Service (Male)

In the same way that not all audiovisual formats are the same, neither is the practice of approaching each voice-over project.

The professional voice-over gives you the peace of mind of having the necessary tools and the most qualified voice-overs for success.

Next, we show you the usefulness of a professional voice-over service for different formats.

2. American Voice Over Service (Female)

The quality of American Female Voice Over is unique and different from other women.

Most voice-over companies use voice over the voice in India, the Philippines, and China or other voice talents outside North America.

Starting from the voice is one of the most important elements when producing a commercial film, video production, or short film in general. That’s why you should make sure to hire a voice over the voice that meets your expectations.

3. German male voice over service

There are specific benefits of hiring a german male voice-over talent You should consider when producing German language videos.

Hiring a german male voice-over can bring you a distinct touch to your german language production both in style and tone.

However, having a german male voice-over is not enough to produce the german language video desired.

4. German Female voice over service

There is an enormous market for voice-over. Many companies hire professional voice talents to record their advertisements and messages.

Voice-over artists are not only found in the country where they reside but can be hired worldwide with a click of a button; this includes German female voice-over talent.

Today, we will look at some of the benefits of hiring German voice-over talents.

1. GERMAN VOICE OVER FOR ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT: One benefit of using a German female voice talent is that she is more likely to have the accent needed for an English recording than voice over talent from other countries.

2. GERMAN VOICE-OVER PROFESSIONAL’S MANUAL INSTRUMENT: German voice-over talents are known for being professionals who come prepared, especially when there is money involved.

 5. British Voice Over Service (Male)

If you need voice-over work done for you, then hiring a British male voice talent could be the best choice for your project. Here’s why:

British voice-over artists have a way of speaking that non-native speakers of English can easily understand in a short amount of time. They speak clearly and quickly with an accent that is easy to follow.

As native speakers of the English language, they have perfected their accents in a way that is never too thick or hard to understand. It may be difficult for a non-native speaker to master this style of voice, but for those who do, it’s a gift and one that will get you noticed

 6. British Female Voice Over Talent

There is no denying that people in Britain have an accent. As you may know, there are several different variations of the British accent, which vary depending on where you’re from.

When putting together a voice-over project for radio or television commercials, it can be not easy to select the best British voice-over talent for your needs. However, you have a lot of options in deciding upon who you hire to do the job.

The first thing that you must consider is what kind of project you are creating and what is required. If this is a television commercial, it may be easier to select an actual Briton with a strong accent to do your voice-over project.

This helps the viewer get an authentic feel for what you are trying to portray through your commercial. Sometimes, the British accent can be associated with prestige and wealth because of its high-class status. In these cases, it may even be best to hire a male British voice-over talent.

7. Male French Voice Over Talents

Wherever you are in the world, a male french voice-over can help your business make money. That’s because male french voiceovers are extremely versatile and often cheaper to hire than their female counterparts.

French voice-over is a type of dubbing that typically involves a french woman speaking french into a microphone, so it comes out of the speakers as part of french radio advertising, french tv advertisements, or french corporate videos.

But a french voice-over doesn’t have to be french. You can hire a french male voice-over artist to do a french male voice-over, and you’ll get all the benefits of french female dubbing, such as high-quality recordings, believable expression, and pace – but without the eye-catching price.

8. French Female Voice Talent

The French female voice over french woman’s french feminine french tone has a pleasant french sound which is musical! French is known to be the most french romantic language in the world.

French language has a french tone, and french intonation. This would be a great advantage with hiring a french speaking voiceover artist for your french production or any other project.

 9. Arabic Male Voice Talent

The Arabic male voice-over is versatile in switching from one type of Arabic accent or another at will.

Some Arabic male voice-overs have a smooth Arabic accent that does not sound thick or too difficult to understand.

For jobs meant for Arabic and non-Arabic audiences, this type of Arabic male might be the best option for you.

 10. Arabic Female Voice Talent

There are many benefits of hiring an Arabic female voice-over for your Arabic products. One of the main benefits is making your Arabic product more accessible to a wider Arabic audience (male and female).

Arab women have enormous purchasing power in their hands; therefore, they are always the key target for Arabic products, especially Arabic food products.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to voice acting jobs or voice over jobs

How to become a voice actor?

Like any profession, becoming a voice actor has its own learning path. Your first step would be to take voice acting classes from an experienced professional or hire a voice-acting coach.

Listen to voiceover artists and learn from them the voice-over skills. Get into action, record a demo, keep practicing, network with voice actors.

How to get into voice acting?

You need to get voice over coaching or training.

Practice till you are perfect. You need to read aloud using sample voice over demo reel scripts.

Record voice demos, volunteer for some non-profits to build your resume.

How to start voice acting?

Getting started with a good trainer or coach. Becoming a voice over artist takes time to learn the required skills.

Keep practicing till you feel you have a professional voice. You can record several demos which can showcase your voice over talent.

You can now prepare for voice over auditions. You can give multiple voice over auditions online. Keep networking and you will get there.

How much do voice actors make?

In United States entry level voice over actors earn roughly $18000 per year. An average voice actor can easily earn $30,000 per year and an experienced, professional voice artist can earn $90,000 per year.

Final Thoughts

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